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February 6, 2009

America needs a Smoot-Hawley Tariff

Source: Pat Buchanan of Human Events
The Distemper of the Times

Source: Jon Fine of Businessweek
Will Carlos Slim Save The New York Times?

I find it interesting that I was an engineer making the cell phone chips, that went into the cell phones sold in Mexico, that in turn, supported the multi-billion dollar state-monopoly of Carlos Slim's Telmex.

American semiconductor companies, such as mine, compete for the cheapest integrated circuits to sell to this Mexican monopoly, which then charges top dollar to its captured customers for our chips, making obscene profits.

Then Carlos Slim takes his slimy riches from his Mexican wireless business to buy a large stake in my country's biggest newspaper, the New York Times.

All of a sudden, the New York Times starts having editorials to convince me and my fellow Americans to allow more of his Mexicans to enter my country.

In this FREE TRADE, there were little increase in our exports to Mexico, just Mexico buying up influence in America.

If this is the result of FREE TRADE, then I don't want any!

The Fraud of the 1930 Smoot-Hawley Tariff causing the Great Depression

There is no fraud in saying that the Smoot-Hawley Tariff severely deepened the Great Depression here in America. That much is true.

Following the utter destruction of WWI, America emerged as the greatest trading country in the world. America had become a huge net exporter, but not much of an importer.

Of course, cutting off a small amount of imports would cause other countries to retaliate by cutting off our great amount of exports to them. It was our game to lose, and naturally, we lost.

The damage was real and the Congress who voted for Smoot-Hawley were either idiots or they were intentionally trying to cause a Great Depression.

Politicians are known to "Not let a crisis go to waste!", and were itching to implement a socialist "New Deal", so I side with the "deliberate" explanation, over the "idiot" explanation, as I naturally assume their Harvard and Yale training make them out to be very smart men indeed.

So the first part of the fraud was to help events along and make the stock market crash even worst. Greatly lower exports hurt American companies, reduced their stock price further and caused them to lay-off workers. On the other hand, less imports only marginally helped American companies who were already making most of what Americans needed at home.

The second part of the fraud was that international bankers of the Sadducee type, wanted to help England, who was devastated after WW1. "Retaliation" for American tariffs in English exports to America, helped cut off American imports to England, thereby greatly helping England get back on its feet. Didn't hurt that it also helped the Jewish Rothschild dynasties in England.

In truth, the 1930 Smoot-Hawley Tariff was imposed, not in the interest of America, but in the interest of Europe, especially our main trading partner, England. If you want to go there, I guess you could say this was a secretly veiled "Marshall Plan" to help Europe get back on its feet after WW1. But the main point would be to deepen the recession into a depression and cause a socialist FDR to get elected which allowed FDR to impose the "New Deal" socialism upon America.

The Fraud of Smoot-Hawley is how it is applied today

Today, we have a reverse situation. We are huge importers and tiny exporters.

If a new Smoot-Hawley tariff were imposed today, the opposite effect would occur. Many companies would have to open or expand in America to service the needs that used to come from China for manufactured goods and Saudi Arabia for energy goods. Only a handful of multi-national companies would be hurt by decreased exports.

These multi-national companies don't "act American" anymore anyway, so I don't give a flip what happens to them.

Obama is looking for more tax money for his wonderful socialist plans for us, isn't he? Well, a huge tariff would be a great place to get the money.

Again, assuming Congress to be "smart", the only reason NOT to create a new Smoot-Hawley Tariff on imported goods would be because Congress is again trying to destroy America.

The Jewish communists in America are deliberately pushing all technology to communist China. Better to "divide and conquer" among nations, allowing a United Nations they control, to protect us, a weakened America.

The only way for Americans to be free, is for Americans to be free of Mexican tyrants like Carlos Slim.

And the only way to gain that economic freedom in America, is to allow totally free trade -- within the United States --, but totally restricted trade with non-free countries like Mexico and communist China.

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