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February 4, 2009

Blacklisting, Guns and Concentration Camps

Source: Jerome R. Corsi of WorldNetDaily
Bill creates detention camps in U.S. for 'emergencies'

First Amendment Blacklisting

Right now, there are plans by the Obama Administration of Herodians and Pharisees, along with Herodians and Pharisees in Congress to implement a "Fairness Doctrine".

The so-call "Hush Rush" bill is just another form of blacklisting. But it would go a lot further than just blacklisting Rush Limbaugh, who is far from an obstacle to their plans. (Herodian Rush helped elect Herodian Bush and defended him throughout his first term and into reelection).

The real plan is to further hush Christians, as is now playing out in hushing Christian preachers who preach that homosexuality is a sin, or even preachers like Obama's own Pastor Wright.

Frankly, the fact that "freedom of religion" and "freedom of speech" are both contained in the same Amendment speaks volumes for the fact that the First Amendment is yet another checks and balances put in place between A) Christian religious leaders having a freedom of speech to freely speak of morals and to hold government accountable to morals vs B) the government who is to make and enforce the laws we live under.

And, for the "Fairness Doctrine" this Christian website would be one of their primary targets.

Let's review the history of blacklisting.

Back in the 1930's through the 1950's, Jewish Communist media-Scribes were very busy in Hollywood making subversive movies to propagandize Americans toward socialism. (Actually, they never quit) Things had become so bad, that the House on UnAmerican Activities Committee (HUAC) was formed to investigate for communist infiltration and communist propaganda inside Hollywood.

Many Hollywood executives became fearful and started voluntarily reigning in the most outspoken.

This came to be known as "blacklisting".

The blacklisted writers, actors and producers suddenly found themselves unable to work in Hollywood.

Then these blacklisted Hollywood media-Scribes made such a fuss over the violation of their "First Amendment" rights, that the HUAC became disgraced in the eyes of ordinary Americans, and these communist media-Scribes were once again able to enjoy a monopoly in the making of subversive movies against Christians and Americans.

Least anyone forget, the Hollywood media-Scribes make sure that they produce a movie every once in a while starring one of their best actors, such a George Clooney in Good Night and Good Luck, to make sure Americans don't ever think about censoring their propaganda again.

Second Amendment Blacklisting

Whereas the First Amendment blacklist in Hollywood was maintained privately by the movie CEOs, (They wanted to sell movies to Christians) in Jewish Pharisee Rahm Emanuel's world, the Second Amendment blacklist will be strictly held and controlled by the federal government.

The same government that goes to great length to protect the Constitutional right of a woman to murder her own child, will do nothing to protect the "individual" right to keep and bear arms. You may be an "Eric Rudolph" crazy who would shoot an abortion doctor.

If Pharisee Rahm Emanuel puts you or even most of the 300 million Americans on his "no-fly" blacklist, then we will simply not have the right to enjoy our Second Amendment rights. It will go to court, but I would not expect much help in this arena either.

White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel
outlining his blacklisting plan
for Americans

Food and Concentration Camps

Back in the Founding Father days, most Americans lived on farms. Everything they needed to survive was on the farm -- milk, meat, vegetables, even water.

Today, most Americans live in big cities totally dependant upon a nationwide trucking system for their food. Surprising to most Americans, we have recently found out from lead poisoning that a lot of our food is now coming from China, outside the United States. Water is piped into our homes from what can only be described as industrial plants.

If there is any disruption to any of this, guns or not, Americans would immediately become sheep led to slaughter.

The concentration camps the government is planning to make would be would be stocked to the brim with all the food and water everyone would need. (At least at first.) Starving people from miles around would come to fight to get into the concentration camps.

I believe communist dictators normally like to call their accommodations "reeducation camps".

And all the Christian citizens would all have to pass through metal detectors to get inside. You cannot bring guns into a federal establishment after all. -- It's for the protection of the innocent people inside you may shoot.

"NBC" (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical) would take care of any "troublemakers" who refused to enter the concentration camps.

So, in sum, Jewish Pharisee Rahm Emanuel should have no concerns about Americans having guns, right?

Sadly, I believe that "the ultimate checks and balances" guaranteed by the Second Amendment is no longer worth the paper it's printed on.

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