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February 4, 2009

The Genetically-bred Master Race

Source: NICOLE WINFIELD, Associated Press
Vatican: Holocaust denier must recant

Source: Madeline Chambers - Reuters
German pope becomes an embarrassment in homeland

Source: Craigslist

    Last week, Germany's Central Council of Jews said it was breaking off ties with the Catholic Church over the pope's move.

This was in response to the Pope recognizing a part of the Catholic Church, the Catholic Society of Saint Pius X. Under pressure, Pope Benedict has since backed off.

Evidentally, the Pope was supposed to dutifully excommunicate the entire hierachy of the Society of Saint Pius X for being perfectly devout Catholics, and yet holding a questioning view of an historical event from 60-years-ago, which was actually totally unrelated to Catholic religious dogma when you get down to it.

Gee! The Pope does not take his orders from the German Central Council of Jews and they ran off in a huff!

Well Good!

Let these Jewish Pharisees jump right into the middle of the internal operations of the Roman Catholic Church, as they jump into the middle of everything else that happens in this world. They don't get in nearly a huff when mentioning their man Stalin who murdered 20 million Christians.

Let the tactics of the Jewish Sanhedrin backfire in their hateful denunciation of the Christian spiritual leader of 65 million American Catholics!

(And if they ever get around to it, they can also break off ties to the President of the United States for having ties to the Jewish Terrorist William Ayers and the Christian Reverend Wright who are NOT part of the Federal Government.)

Meanwhile, I will be waiting patiently for when the Pope gets around to breaking off ties with hateful Jewish media-Scribes like this one who writes hit pieces on the spiritual leader of those 65 million American Catholics?

I just don't get it. What is the purpose of Jewish media-Scribes (or their paid Herodians) to trash the leader of the Catholics, as if he were a hillbilly redneck Ku Klux Klan member? -- Are they actually aiming for an reenactment of the Holocaust?

The Master Race

    "The pope has made a serious mistake. That he is a German pope makes the matter especially bad," read its editorial.

Is this Jewish media-Scribe Herodian implying that anti-Semitism is genetically inbred into Germans?

Such discriminatory racist thinking!

On the contrary, I am beginning to believe that anti-Christianity is bred into Jewish Pharisees and Jewish media-Scribes.

Facts are that it is the vast majority of Jews who breed themselves like cattle as, for example, Jewish couples do. No other ethnic couples advertise for genetically pure German, or Kenyan or Chinese egg donors the way Jews do.

Here is one way the Jewish Master Race is bred:


    $20,000 + ALL EXPENSES PAID

    Reply to:

    "We would love you to be part of our miracle"

    We are a loving, caring, Jewish couple who are accomplished, secure and happy. It would mean the world to us to share our love with a child and make our lives truly complete.

    We appreciate intelligence, education and learning. If you are a student it would be our pleasure to assist with your tuition and related expenses.

    You are an ideal donor if you are:

    - 100% Jewish - have a biological mother and father who are genetically Jewish
    - a woman between 18 and 33 yrs. old.
    - between 5'1" and 5'11"
    - warm, caring, responsible, reliable
    - motivated and passionate about what you do
    - an individual with high self esteem
    - highly intelligent with high IQ, SAT scores & GPA (please include scores)
    - attractive
    - at healthy body weight
    - a non smoker and drug free
    - free of genetic diseases (such as Tay-Sachs) in your primary blood line
    - able to make about 5 visits to a highly respected Fertility Doctor.

In the "takes one to know one" category, the Jewish media-Scribes are actually the ones always accusing others of using genetics in their disposition in dealings towards others?

But, the Pope will once again graciously take one below the belt from these Jewish media-Scribes.

Sort of makes you wonder though. If they attack the Pope so vigorously for associating with a prominent Catholic Holocaust denier, could it be -- I mean really -- Could it be that the Holocaust was a really just a huge scam to gain world-wide sympathy for the creation of Israel?

    Last month the British-born bishop told a Swedish broadcaster he believed there were no gas chambers and no more than 300,000 Jews perished in concentration camps.

Makes you wonder. I tend to believe Christian bishops, much more than I would believe these racist Jewish Master Race types.

The Pope buckles under pressure

Sadly, Pope Benedict will now decide who becomes highly elevated in Roman Catholic Christian hierarchy, based on how acceptable their beliefs in the history of Judaism are to the Pharisees. He has demanded that the Holocaust deniers recant their Holocaust denial.

If Jesus Christ wass still in his grave, he would be turning in it.

It would have been nice if Pope Benedict had at least held out for a joint denial of deniers. The Pope could have insisted,
    "Christian leaders will start believing and supporting the denunciation of the Jewish Holocaust of 6 million Jews, whether real or not,
    if Jewish leaders will start believing and supporting the denunciation of the Christian Holocaust of 50 million Christian aborted babies, in a breeding program right here in America, that cannot be denied."

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