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January 30, 2009

Obama was not Aborted

Source: Catholic Vote
Catholic Vote

Source: United Press International
NBC rejects anti-abortion Super Bowl ad

Source: Ann Coulter
Guilty: Liberal "Victims" and Their Assault on America

This powerful message from Chicago-based "Catholic Vote" will be censored by NBC. It will NOT be allowed to air for the Super Bowl; although, for the life of me, I can't figure out why.

As beautiful as these two videos are, I still have to take a swipe at them.

The first video actually once again glorifies single mothers.

The clear message? -- "Yes, even the child of a single mother can grow up to be the President of the United States."

Jewish media-Scribes who dictate our culture eat this stuff up, as the one example of Obama (whom they selected, groomed and guided into the Presidency), visually confronts the rock-solid hard statistical evidence Ann Coulter gives in her new book "Guilty", depicting the children of single mothers as the real victims of broken homes.

Once again, the exception to the rule, has created the rule.

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