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January 25, 2009

White House Needs an Affirmative Action Plan

Source: Jews in the Clinton Administration

When he was first elected, Bill Clinton promised the American people that the makeup of his administration would mirror the face of America.

In truth, it more closely mirrored the face of the country of Israel.

Even though the Jews only make up 2.9% of America's population, an astounding 56% of all of Clinton's appointments have been Jews.

Jews are over-represented for their population by twenty times.

Barack Obama, a black man, is no different than Clinton when he selects Rahm Emanuel as his White House Chief of Staff, among others. We can be assured that the Obama White House is also more than 50% Pharisees, since most of his appointments are from the Clinton White House.

Can we resurrect Affirmative Action? Get a few more Christians leading Christians?

Some Pharisees in the Clinton White House are listed below:
Karen Adler
Madeleine Albright
Jane Alexander
Roger Altman
Zoe Baird (Gerwitz)
Samuel (Sandy) Berger
Robert Boorstin
Keith Boykin
David Dreyer
Stuart Eisenstat
Jeff Eller
Tom Epstein
Judith Feder
Hershel Gober
Stanley Greenburg
Mandy Grunwald
Morton Halperin
Margaret Hamburg
Alexis Herman
Phillip Heymann
Martin Indyk
Mickey Kantor
Steve Kessler
Ron Klain
Madeleine Kunin
David Kusnet
Anthony Lake
Arthur Levitt, Jr.
Eugene Ludwig
Ira Magaziner
David Mixner
Frank Newman
Bernard Nussbaum
Stephen Oxman
Howard Paster
Emanuel Rahm
Robert Reich
Alice Rivlin
Robert Rubin
Richard Schifter
Eli Segal
Ricki Seidman
Robert Shapiro
Joan Edelman Spero
Lawrence Summers
Peter Tarnoff
Laura Tyson
Michael Waldman
Walter Zelman
Presidential Liaison to Jewish Community
Ambassador to the United Nations
Endowment for the Arts
Deputy to Secretary of the Treasury
Asst. National Security Advisor
Deputy Head of National Security
Spokesman on Health Care
Communications Aide
Communications Aide
Asst. Secretary of State for Security
Communictions Aide
Special Assistant to the President
Advisor to Secretary of Health
Asst. Secretary for Veterans' Affairs
President's Pollster
Press Conferences Consultant
Asst. Secretary of Defense
Deputy Head of Aids Dept.
Secretary to President for Public Works
Deputy Attorney General
Dir. of Mid. East Affairs for Nat. Sec. Council
U.S. Trade Representative
Commissioner of Food and Drug Administration
Third White House Counsel
Deputy Sec. of Education
Communications Aide
Chief Advisor for National Security
Chairman Securities and Exchange Comm.
Director of the Mint
Chief Advisor to the President
Special Liaison to Gay-Lesbian Community
Asst. Secretary of State for Finance
White House Counsel
Asst. Secretary of State for Europe
Pres. Secretary for Congress
Pres. Secretary for Political Affairs
Secretary of Labor
Deputy Budget Director
Treasury Secretary
U.S. Ambassador to Israel
Director, Office of National Service
Communications Aide
Economic Advisor
Asst. Sec. of State for Economic Affairs
Asst. Sec. of State for Policy
Asst. Sec. of State for Political Affairs
Head, Council of Economic Advisors
Communications Aide
Special Deputy for Health Policy

Some Pharisees in the Gerald Ford administration follow:
Henry Kissinger
James Schlesinger
John Simon
Caspar Weinberger
Arthur Burns (Bernstein)
Board Seidman
Ron Nessen
Alan Greenspan
Secretary of State
Secretary of Defense
Secretary of Treasury
Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare
Chairman of Federal Reserve
Ford's Financial Advisor
Federal Insurance Advisor
Press Secretary
Head of Economic Council
Attorney General
Betty Ford's Secretary

Some Pharisees in the Jimmy Carter administration follow:
Harold Brown
Michael Blumenthal
Kenneth Axelson
Arthur Burns (Bernstein)
Stuart Eizenstat
Anthony Solomon
Bertram Carp
Dave Rubenstein
Morris Dees
Robert Lipschutz
William Nordhaus
Fred Bergsten
Harold Williams
Bob Ginsburg
James Schlesinger
Michael Oxenberg
William Hyland
Robert Hormats
Michael Pertschuk
Robert Strauss
Joel Solomon
Simon Lazarus
David Tatel
Arthur Fleming
Jule Sugarman
Secretary of Defense
Secretary of Treasury
Asst. Secretary of Treasury
Chairman, Federal Reserve Board
Chief Speech Writer & Chief Dom. Affairs Adviser
Under Secretary for Monetary Affairs
Deputy, Office of Management and Budget
Deputy, Office of Management and Budget
Justice Department
Chief Counsel
Council of Economic Advisors
Asst. Secretary of Intl. Affairs in Treasury Dept.
Dir. of U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission
Advisor on International Economics
Energy Department Chief
Advisor on Chinese Affairs
Advisor on European Affairs
Advisor on International Economics
Chairman, Federal Trade Commission
Foreign-Trade Negotiator
Dir. of General Services Administration
Presidential Aide
Head of Civil Rights Div.
U.S. Civil Rights Commissioner
Federal Civil Service Commissioner

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