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January 15, 2009

Obama Girl lip-synced song; Obama lip-synced speech

Christians and patriotic Americans continue to ponder why they are losing the battle for morality.

The reason is because Christians cannot beat the Jewish media-Scribes at their own game!

The Internet site You-Tube was to be one of the NEW MEDIA where Christians and patriotic Americans could finally get our message out.

Fans of patriotic and devout Christian Ron Paul was heralded as successfully using You-Tube to publish some pretty patriotic videos for Dr. Paul.

The problem? -- Boring!!!!! The typical American could care less.

However, put up a young sexy woman in a skimpy outfit and Americans will trample all over themselves to view the video.

The Jewish media-Scribes understand MARKETING! Christians and patriots do not!

Hence, media-Scribe Leah Kauffman wrote a song and hired a beauty queen to lip-sync his pro-Obama song to sexy gyrations. Twelve million hits for the Obama Girl (Amber Lee Ettinger). She sure looks like she is for Obama. But is she?

I got a crush on Obama -- The Obama Girl

Then, this Obama girl You-Tube sensation makes the regular news tie-in. Again, reinforcing the theme of Obama for President.

MSNBC Interview

Jewish media-Scribes will own You-Tube as they own every other mass-media. You-Tube viewers will look for the highest rated videos and I promise you that those slick productions will all be made by Jewish media-Scribes.

Obama Girl is just a lip-syncing paid actress.

The Obama Girl has been paid to market Obama. She could just as well have been chugging Bud or Coors Beers during Super Bowl commercials.

Here is Obama Girl admitting that she is just a paid actress. She was paid by Pharisee Leah Kauffman, who wrote both songs and sings the songs "I Got a Crush... on Obama" and "Obama Girl vs. Giuliani Girl". The music video with Obama Girl lip-syncing Leah Kauffman was then placed on You-Tube by media-Scribe Ben Relles' of

Thus, Obama Girl supporting Obama is nothing more than a Sadducee media-Scribe scam, or what they would call "marketing".

Obama Girl admits that she is just a paid actress

Now, if we could just get Press-Elect Obama to admit that he is also nothing more than a paid actor, lip-syncing a pre-prepared political speech written by a Jewish media-Scribe for Pharisee Rahm-Emanuel, then we would have full disclosure.

Fully bought and paid for with 20 shekels of silver.

Tie-in with Atlah Pastor James Manning

I just could not leave one this out. These media-Scribes are attacked by black Pastor James Manning.

Pastor James Manning of Atlah Worldwide Ministries has a few choice words for Obama.

(Again please note that Obama himself did not do Obama Girl. The same Jewish media-Scribes, Pharisees and Sadducees who hired Obama also hired Obama Girl. To get the right associations, substitute "media-Scribe" or "Pharisee" or "Sadducee" for "Obama" in every reference to "Mack Daddy")

Pastor Manning calls our Press-Elect Obama a pimp. He says that, "Obama pimps white women and black women". He calls Obama a "long legged Mack Daddy". I had to look up the expression. A mack daddy is apparently an ultra-pimp.

Pastor Manning goes on about Obama, "You didn't notice him until he brought out those big chested white women with their tight tshirts and short pants -- That's what a pimp does." Aw! Come on! You don't get your campaign started a big chested white woman. - She must be a 54 double D!

"I haven't trashed Obama. His African in-heat father went a-whoring after a trashy white woman. Obama was born trash -- I s-a-i-d -- Obama was born trash.

Pastor Manning then actually does a wonderful job preaching about responsibility and accountability for black youth. Says that the black man in America will wake up soon to see even Mexicans running their lives and writing their paychecks.

Finishing up, Pastor Manning says that, "Barack is an emissary of the devil".

Regardless of his saying he would stand firm on moral principles, Obama girl still manages to interview him later and he seems quite the gentle man after his fiery sermon. In fact, he appears to not be a gentleman at all anymore, as he appears to be going along with the whole Obama girl thing.

Nevertheless, this is humorous.

Pastor James Manning of Atlah Worldwide Ministries

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