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January 8, 2009

Business Cycle replaced by Political Cycle

Source: Joseph Farah -- Jan. 7 ,2009
Was this economic crisis planned?

Source: Walter Williams -- Jan. 7, 2009
Legal corruption: It's how government works

"The Power to Tax"
"The Power to Destroy"

"The Power to Manage the Business Cycle"
"The Power to Destroy Business"

Who says that the financial futures market was not driven by the Sadducees to raise oil futures astronomically higher, just before the presidential elections, to be the final straw to the tinderbox the Sadducees had previously created with the mortgage crisis.

It was well known that vast numbers of people were given mortgages that were way too much for them to handle. All that was needed was their money eaten up with high gas and electric bills, and there was no way that these people were NOT going to go into default.

In politics, timing is everything!

Just ask the son of a Jewish Terrorist, Rahm Emanuel:

    The economic crisis facing the country is
    "An opportunity to do things you could not do before."

    "You never want a serious crisis to go to waste."

    -- White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel

I think we can all recognize by now that our political leaders have successfully obtained the power to tame the business cycle.

All these think tank gurus, all these Harvard graduates, and all these Wall Street soothsayers have themselves been telling us for a hundred years now that they are smart enough and sophisticated enough to handle any business cycle.

And that is really the problem isn't it?

If you are powerful enough to pull the right levers that would bring a depressed economy back up or a super-heated economy back down, then are you not just as powerful to operate the economy in the reverse direction? Are you just as powerful to add fuel to a super-heated economy or to smother more an already smothered economy?

Instead of calming the waters of the ebbs and flows of the business cycle, are you not also able to thrash the waters back and forth until you have created a tsunami or a tidal wave or a hurricane or even to create The Perfect Storm?

Prior to the creation of the Federal Reserve, we always had tiny business cycles, where the customers of a business may have decided to stop spending for a little, in order to save for that rainy where they would not be working because of illness, old age, business interruption or simply bad weather. But this only created pent-up demand and sooner rather than later, business came right back. Any business who itself had not saved for this rainy day of their own would go out of business with their more responsible and prudent competitors taking their best employees, customers, buildings and equipment for themselves.

Ever since the Federal Reserve, and following the Roaring 20's and the Great Depression which immediately followed the creation of the Federal Reserve, we have admissions from the Federal Reserve controllers themselves that they could have done a better job.

Right -- They could have done a much greater job by not even existing!

Correct -- They could have done a better job is they were never created in the first place.

Now we are in the middle of another Perfect Storm, again created by too much government meddling in the marketplace, and naturally, our really evil Herodians are disputing even this fact.

And the solution is the same solution as has always given by these types -- "We really screwed this up and your only chance of survival is to trust us with even more power, more money and more control.

The Business Cycle transforms into the Political Cycle

You see, the power to control the business cycle was given over to politicians who now use that power to control the political cycle.

If a politician wanted to get reelected, then he would ask the Federal Reserve to heat up the economy to a cherry-red glow. After the elections, the economy would slump, but hey, he got elected didn't he?

With the good cop -- bad cop scenario being played out with the Democrat and Republican Parties, the Republicans play the part of bad cop Herbert Hoover, the leader of the Party that is supposed to embrace the free market, who is shown to be "fiddling while Rome is burning". Only the Democrats can come to power to rescue us from ourselves. Obama becomes the next FDR to micro-manage the economy with governmental power.

Hence, the Presidential elections begin to track the economic cycles. What used to be a natural fluctuation becomes a manipulated fluctuation of political corruption for political gains.

In sailing terms, a little tact to the "right", followed by a little tact to the "left", allows for the Sanhedrin to proceed in the direction it would otherwise find impossible. -- Straight into the wind, against the hard blowing winds of 300 million Patriotic Americans Christians.

What a wonderful Machiavellian Play!

Or as Rahm Emanuel would probably say,
    "I could NEVER do this legally otherwise,
    so I NEVER want a serious crisis
    to go to waste!"

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