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January 3, 2009

Atomic Bomb Spy

Source: US News and World
New Evidence of a Soviet Spy in the U.S. Nuclear Program

US News and World Reports has made a typical media-Scribe "mistake". They have been told about it so often, that they must know better by now than to continue making the same mistake. Therefore, the obvious "mistake" must be intentional.

And that is that, Joe McCarthy NEVER investigated movie stars. Joe McCarthy NEVER blacklisted movie stars. He was ONLY investigating communist spies inside government. Especially, inside the State Department.

Joe McCarthy was a Senator; whereas, it was the House Committee on UnAmerican Activities that investigated the propaganda of Hollywood communist media-Scribes.

The reason McCarthy is always tied to what the House was doing is because the House was threading on thin ice with possible First Amendment "free speech" violations. Tying McCarthy to the House activities help turn American public opinion away from McCarthy. They are crafty are they not?

Another so-called "mistake" the media-Scribes keep making is to forget to mention that Joe McCarthy did indeed find the State Department reeking with communist spies and had all the proof he needed to back him up from the Venona Project intercepts. His only problem was that the decryption of the Russian diplomatic messages were still top secret; hence, he could not reveal where he got his information. As a result, the media-Scribes of the day were successful in portraying McCarthy as being on a witch-hunt.

Another crafty media-Scribe association with witches. McCarthy never said anyone was a witch, only treasonous spies helping our enemy obtain all our precious state and military secrets.

Even today, with Venona officially declassified, the media-Scribes keep with their original smear. They keep making the "mistake" of characterizing the McCarthy investigations as a "witch-hunt".

Heck! media-Scribe Hollywood keeps making movies about the "injustice" of it all! I guess they always get the last word.
    There is little doubt, of course, that the Red Scare-with the prodding of Sen. Joseph McCarthy-cast its net too wide in its frantic attempts to find communist sympathizers. No atomic bomb secrets leaked from blacklisted movie stars, after all. There is also no evidence that Robert Oppenheimer, the director of the Manhattan Project, ever provided assistance to the Soviets, though he was controversially stripped of his security clearance while overseeing the development of the hydrogen bomb.

    Justin Ewers, US News and World Report

Funny that a media-Scribe would say that the government was inept at finding communist spies, when the media-Scribes were nothing but a community of communist spies.

Remember the part the media-Scribes like to tell the rest of us? -- Watch out for the fox guarding the hen house. Well, the media-Scribes are the wily fox we need to watch out for.

Our atomic program was riddled with spies

Everyone knows the absurd defense the Jewish media-Scribes take to defend Jewish Pharisee traitors Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. Little is said about the sister of Ethel Rosenberg, Ruth Greenglass and her husband David Greenglass who were also deeply involved. Nor do they talk about the Jewish Pharisee Harry Gold who was the courier for the Rosenbergs. Then there was the one Lutheran communist, Klaus Fuchs.
    Nearly a dozen Soviet spies-including Julius and Ethel Rosenberg and Klaus Fuchs-were executed or imprisoned after World War II for passing atomic secrets to the Soviets, including information about the plutonium bomb and the early work on the hydrogen bomb.

A formerly unknown Jewish-Russian Pharisee spy helped Soviets develop atomic bomb

Now comes yet another revelation that should surprise no one by now.

This story was about an unknown spy who helped the Russians develop their first hydrogen bomb. The story does not say who that was or his ethnicity.

However, the story does tell of another spy. This spy who betrayed America was a Jewish Pharisee by the name of George Koval. Not only was he Jewish, but both his parents were Jewish Russian immigrants. Is it any surprise that he became a security risk then?

If we let Pharisees into our top university to study germ warfare, atomic physics or whatever, and if a Hitler comes along that threatens Jews, then we can temporaily get the help of the Jewish Albert Einsteins to help us develop an atomic bomb or a doomsday virus that would slaughter German Christians by the millions. Otherwise, we seem to only get Pharisee spies who will trade us down the river whenever and anytime it suits them.

It is well known that the future White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel's father was a member of the Irgun during WWII. Yes, the Jewish Irgun helped Britain's brave fight against Hitler, but the second that it was well known that Hitler's days were numbered, the Irgun turned on their British "friends" and started terrorist attacks on the British peacekeepers who had kept Hitler out of the Promised Lands. WWII was not even over yet! That's gratitude for you! Stupid Britain even gave into their terrorist demands for a Jewish Crusader State on Muslim lands.

Same with the Soviet Union. The second Hitler attacked communist Russia, all the communist Pharisees then started helping Russia defend Russia against their own country of America? Doesn't make sense, unless you realize that there is a nationalism with Pharisees that transcends whatever country they live in.
    Vladimir Putin, then Russia's president, shocked American historians and government officials alike when he announced that an undetected spy, George Koval, had also penetrated the Manhattan Project.

    Putin said Koval, an Iowa-born son of Russian Jewish immigrants, had provided the Soviets with information about American atomic production levels while working at nuclear facilities in Oak Ridge, Tenn., and Dayton, Ohio. Koval moved back to Russia in the 1950s and died in 2006. He was posthumously awarded the Hero of Russia medal.

    Justin Ewers, US News and World Report

Again, who was in charge of security here? Was it the State Department McCarthy was complaining about?

The only thing McCarthy did wrong was in not exactly and properly targeting the correct group of traitors to America. The problem was not so much a communist infiltration of the State Department, as it was a Pharisee infiltration of the State Department.

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