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January 2, 2009

Divorced from the Truth

Newsweek's lies about divorce

Ann Coulter: Liberals are hoodwinking you

Divorce is nothing more than government destroying what God has created.

In order for our government to justify these actions, our government has routinely judged one party "guilty" -- the man, and judged the other party "innocent" -- the woman.

Hence, single mothers have been turned into angels and saints.

But, when we argue marriage of one man and one woman, especially in our homosexual marriage discussions, we have forgotten that marriage has little to do with handling the legal matters between two people. Otherwise homosexual marriage would be acceptable, perhaps even with God.

Marriage is the framework all religions and all governments have created for the protection of the child.

Marriage is a nativity scene, where the child is the center of attraction.

And hence, this is where the fraud and the con game of the media-Scribes come in. This is where they attempt to destroy Christian marriage.

    Coulter's book (Guilty), for example, points out how single mothers are frequently portrayed as selfless, virtuous individuals in need of compassionate policies.

    It's not, however, the mothers who are the victims, Coulter contends, but their children.

    "Getting pregnant isn't like catching the flu. There are volitional acts involved," Coulter writes.

    She told WND, "We don't have single mothers because the men are dropping in industrial accidents, or of cholera or leprosy; we have single mothers because more than a million women a year choose to have babies out of wedlock."

    Nonetheless, Coulter contends, the media focuses almost exclusively on the mothers as the pitiable victims, and not their children.

    "There are more books on the heroism of single mothers than there are on the heroism of the U.S. Marines," Coulter said.

    She continued, "From hurricanes to shift work to the recession to the sub-prime mortgage crisis, the story line is always,

      'Single mothers hit hardest!'

    Meanwhile, it is single mothers who are damaging their own children's lives, creating generation after generation of children who are more likely to be addicted to drugs, to commit crime, to be juvenile delinquents, to rape, to get pregnant out of wedlock themselves, to get divorced."

    -Drew Zahn

Societies have always condemmed a woman's selfish acts of bringing a life into the world without giving her own child all possible means of love and survival.

We believed that a single mother did not care for her children. She did not love them. She was immoral and even criminal. In some societies, she could be put to death for bringing an unwanted child into the world, just as easily as a man could be put to death for killing a wanted child.

But in our topsy-turvey world, the media-Scribes have turned condemnation turnings into praise.

We have gone straight into having illegitamate babies is OK. It's a survival of the species thing to you atheists out there. A woman MUST select the very best man she can get and if he is the best, she should keep him around to provide for her, so that she can pay 100% attention to her children.

Before we arrived at celebrity illegitament birthing with no father whatsoever, our media-Scribes got us to believe the lie that "We are divorcing for the children".

    The usual assortment of divorce lawyers and feminists are then trotted out to mouth the standard clich├ęs of the divorce industry:

      parents must "cooperate" and "put the children first,"

      caring courts are now generous to fathers, etc.

    "Their dad and I had read the divorce books and rehearsed our speech about how none of this was their fault, that we loved them," she recounts. "All of this was true, but it seemed insufficient."

    It was insufficient (by her own account, the children went berserk) because it was not true. Love demands we put the needs of those we claim to love before our own desires. If divorce proceeds from love, then the word has become meaningless.

    Fifteen-year-old Amy Harris, quoted in the Sunday Times, offers a scathing rejoinder to Ms. Schrobsdorff's rehearsed speech: "Parents always say they are not leaving because of the children. Is that supposed to make the children feel better?" she asks. Amy continues:

    Does that take all the guilt off the child's shoulder? No, it's all rubbish. Children feel that they weren't enough to keep their parents, that their parents didn't love them enough to keep them together. I know I did not drive my father away, but I did not keep him either.

Children cannot understand why we cannot stay married long enough to raise them. We used to here in America, but we have been brainwashed by the media-Scribes into the most destructive activities any civilization can possibly endure.

Why do the media-Scribes push abortions, divorce and family break-up among Christians?

Why can't Jewish media-Scribes simply recognize the commandments from our joint Ten Commandments which work to keep families together? - Like faithfulness to your spouse, honesty to all, honoring family commitments, especially with your parents.

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