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December 24, 2008

Pardon me! What about Christian Americans?

Bush pardons man who helped Israel during wartime

Was Pardoning a Dead Guy Bush's Consolation Prize for Israel?

Source: BBC
Bush pardons Israel bomber seller

Mr. President! Free Ramos and Compean

Charles Winter, recipient of a Bush Presidential Pardon, was a Hero of Israel, not of the United States.
    In March 1961, Golda Meir, who was then foreign affairs minister of Israel, issued a letter of commendation to Winters to recognize his contributions to the Jewish state's survival.

    Jimmy Winters (son of Charles Winter) said he first learnt of his father's famous past after seeing an outpouring of gratitude from the Jewish community after his death in 1984.

    His mother, Joan, was flown to Israel, where she buried half his ashes at a Christian cemetery near the Jewish cemetery of the Knights Templar in Jerusalem. The other half were scattered from the top of Mount Tabor.

    The Hollywood film director, Steven Spielberg, was one of the many people who wrote a letter to President Bush in support of a pardon.

Our leaders keep kicking sand in our eyes.

Why do they even bother to call themselves Christians and patriotic Americans?

Most patriotic American Christians were looking this Christian season for Christian charity from their President with the pardon of Ramos and Compean, two Christian men who patriotically served their country as Border Patrol agents and were convicted of the "horrendous crime" of shooting a drug dealer in the bottom.

What we got instead this Christmas season was a pardon of a man who served another country, that does not even recognize the Christian tradition.

At least 20,000 Americans have send a petition to President Bush for an immediate pardon that would release our Border Patrol agents and no action is taken. They are still in prison.

Steven Spielberg sends a petition and Bush pardons a dead man. Charles Winters is finally free to go from his cemetery plot after 50 years.

But wait! The story gets better!

Of the three guys convicted in the conspiracy, the Christian is the only one sent to prison. The two Jews never served a day in prison and got their pardons years ago while they were still alive to enjoy it. You just can't make this up.

    Herman Greenspun and Al Schwimmer, also were convicted of violating the act, but they did not serve time. President Kennedy pardoned Greenspun in 1961. President Clinton pardoned Schwimmer in 2000.

    "Rules are rules, but it's interesting that my dad was the low man on the totem pole in the operation, but he's the only one who had to serve time," said Jim Winters, 44.

Yelp! The Christian, who was selflessly helping another religion, was the low man on the totem pole. The Jews who were selfishly helping themselves to a Jewish Crusade against a Christian Britain U.N. Mandate, ordered to protect Muslim lands, were free to go. I guess I should be pleased that a Republican President pardoned the one Christian of the three, decades after he died, that the two Democrat Presidents who didn't see clear to do it themselves while they were granting pardons to his Jewish co-conspirators while he was still alive.

And just where in hell do I find two B-17 Flying Fortress bombers sitting around that I could steal and fly out of the country? How does a civilian man who exports food get his hands on functional state-of-the-art military equipment?

Talk about a patsy!!!!! Lee Harvey Oswald would be jealous!

What about a Pardon for Eric Rudolph?

The man who President Bush should pardon is Eric Rudolph. Now Eric exhibitted a selfless act of Patriotic Christian compassion in defense of innocent babies. I don't expect Bush to help out here either. Only if Eric Rudolph was a Jewish terroist bomber like William Ayers would he had stood a chance.

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