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December 20, 2008

Somebody's Daughter

Source: American Family Association
Somebody's daughter - Pornography

The American Family Association has produced a powerful movie on the effects of pornography on the lives of men. I have to unconditionally recommend this movie to everyone having issues with pornography.

I am not here to take anything away from the movie.

I wish only to add to the movie.

Somebody's daughter addresses pornography in how it affects the individual. It does not tell us how we got to a condition where it is prevelant everywhere in out society. This is where I enter.

I have addressed this before in The Kennedy Assassination.
    The REAL Mafia Connection?

    Well, I have to admit that presenting Jack Ruby as a model NT Jew may have been a stretch for Mr. Stone, since (New Testament (NT) Jew and Sadducee) Jack "Ruby" Rubenstein ran pornographic striptease clubs.

    Following his link to stripper, Candy Barr, we see that Candy Barr got her start in the stripping business when NT Jew Barney Weinstein hired her to strip at the Dallas Theater Lounge. Sadducee Weinstein gave her the name Candy Barr because she loved Snickers candy bars. She also worked at Weinstein's Colony Club.

    Sadducee Weinstein did not insist that her trademark costume would conform to NT Jewish Halachah traditional dress. Instead, Sadducee Weinstein had her dress in cowboy hat, pasties, scant panties, a pair of pearl handled cap six-shooters in a holster strapped low on her shapely hips, and cowboy boots.

    She first came to know Jack Ruby when she sidelined as a stripper at his Vegas Club and his Silver Spur Inn. Candy Barr started to spread out (tongue in cheek) to strip clubs Las Vegas, Los Angeles and in the French Quarter of New Orleans.

    While stripping at NT Jew Chuck Landis' Largo Club on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, Candy met NT Jew and gangster Mickey Cohen and she became his girl.

    At one time, Mickey Cohen worked for NT Jew Meyer Lansky. Lansky, born to polish NT Jewish parents in Grodno, Russia, was brought to America by his parents in 1911.

    Lansky was instrumental in the development of the National Crime Syndicate. The Syndicate had an enforcement arm the media-scribes dubbed Murder, Inc., that was headed by NT Jew Jacob "Gurrah" Shapiro.

    Pharisee Lansky was also the intellectual impetus behind the Commission and was called the "Mogul of the Mob".

    The Commission is the governing body of the mafia in the United States. It acted as a Board of Directors for mafia families, helping them solve problems and thus stopping many of the crime family wars that had the public worried.

    The NT Jews had taken over the big corporations, the government, the mass media, the universities, even some Christian Churches, so it should surprise no one that they also have taken over the mafia.

    Hollywood movies by NT Jewish directors would lionize these NT Jewish mafia dons, only being sure to make them appear to be Italian.

    Sure enough, New Testament Samuel "Red" Levine of Murder, Inc. was sent by Pharisee Lansky to knock-off the don of the dons, Salvatore Maranzano, who envisioned himself as the Caesar of all the mob families.

    Afterwards, Pharisee Lansky would be instrumental in remaking the mob into one using modern business practices, including moving mafia operations from New York City to establishing Las Vegas as America's mafia headquarters. Upon the Commission's founding, Pharisee Lansky allegedly remarked its influence to be "bigger" than U.S. Steel.

    Lansky was also rumored to have photographic proof that J. Edgar Hoover was a homosexual and so a little extortion probably explains the reason why Hoover did not ever aggressively pursue organized crime, even though the federal government was given that responsibility. Plus, Hoover himself used extortion means on Congressmen having oversight on him. Hoover most likely was a forced Herodian then.

    Interestingly, while nearly all Lansky's contemporary criminal associates were either arrested or murdered, Lansky himself served only a short sentence and died a natural death.

    But enough about NT Jewish Pharisee ties to gangsters and the pornography industry. Let's talk about Hollywood a little.

    --From The Kennedy Assassination

Hollywood is owned by the Sadducees and Pharisees. Their media-Scribes create the lion's share of the "entertainment" we Americans enjoy. This "entertainment" does not stop at PG and PG-13 rated movies. It extents fully into the adult pornography industry.

Every time Christians make any attempt to regulate and restrain this pervasive pornography, the Jewish media-Scribes, speaking for the Sadducees and Pharisees, scream about their Constitutional rights being violated, as if Patrick Henry or Thomas Jefferson himself was being muzzeled.

Oh we live in a tyranny alright. The tyranny of the Jewish Sahedrin.

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