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December 19, 2008

The Jewish Brothers

I got this joke from an hispanic friend in Los Angeles. The point of this joke is not to be Politically Incorrect or racist. The point I want to show is how powerful and effective marketing a product can be in obtaining results, even if the marketing is done for a less than saintly purpose.

    Juan and Jose are panhandlers...

    They panhandle in different areas of Los Angeles .

    Jose panhandles just as long as Juan but only collects 2 to 3 dollars every day.

    Juan brings home a suitcase FULL of $10 bills, drives a Mercedes, lives in a mortgage-free house and has a lot of money to spend.

    Jose says to Juan 'I work just as long and hard as you do but how do you bring home a suitcase full of $10 bills every day?

    Juan says, 'Look at your sign, what does it say'?

    Jose's sign reads 'I have a wife and 6 kids to support and no work'.

    Juan says, No wonder you only get $2-3 dollars.

    Jose says... 'So what does your sign say'?

    Juan shows Jose his sign....

    It reads, 'I only need another $10 to move back to Mexico '.

David Ramsey is my favorite talk host right now. He is a good Christian man who is proudly helping free Americans from the slavery of the usury Sadducean credit card peddlers. He states that "the new status symbol is a paid off home"! Every once in a while, David will endorse a business and at times he has endorsed an auto repair service by the name of The Christian Brothers.

I am here today to tell you about a business I came across that I will name The Jewish Brothers. (Not their real name) Tell me if you believe I am endorsing this business at the end or not.

After graciously giving up my job of 16-years at Texas Instruments to engineers from Vietnam, China and India along with affirmative action women and blacks, I took a job at an overnight call center selling Dell computers. People would call the call center after seeing the commercials of The Jewish Brothers on TV and radio and I would complete the sale that the commercial started.

It was great! The interviewer was sweet, kind and cute; the trainer was trustworthy and competent; the supervisor was serious and dedicated; the co-workers were friendly and enthusiastic; the two owners were accessible and understanding. The worst part? -- the potential pay was a third of what I used to make.

The coworker next to me was an immigrant from Kenya with an impeccable British accent. Thomas was quite scholarly and a very devout Christian. I felt we could become strong friends.

Next to Thomas was "Ross eyes", a warm motherly woman, who still had hints of a former Diana Ross svelte figure -- and the lingering "Ross eyes" to go with it.

So what could be wrong?

Scamming the customers

We could start at the point where I first realized I was consistently selling to single black mothers or black grandmothers on disability who were raising her black granddaughters.

Explains why I never say the ads on NPR.

All the new salesmen were given a carefully prepared script to read. We were NOT to deviate one bit even if our customer interrupted with a question about "the total price". Especially if she asked about the total price. We were to give the weekly price and then break it down to a daily price. "Do you realize you are getting a brand new Dell computer for less than $6 a day!", we would gush. "AND you get a MP4 player, a 3-in-1 printer, a digital camera, $750 worth of software and on and on -- You are saving TONS of money by buying all this in one package", we would tell them as if we were their best friend.

Problem was that I looked up the computer we were selling on the Dell website and with the total price of over $2000 our customer could have purchased four computers with change left over.

OK, it was a package and sure there were other things added. But then, a customer asked what the price of just the computer was. I didn't know what we were asking, so I had to ask my supervisor. Turns out that we were selling the computer for over three times the cost of the computer listed on the Dell website. This did not even include the first $99 administrative fee. That was split into a $50 commission for me, plus my overhead expenses, with the rest to setup the bank drafts for payment. So now we had a $500 Dell selling for $1,500. A gross profit of 200%.

So the gross profit was $1000. Let's pretend that half of that was taxes, accounting, marketing, and even bad credit risks who stopped paying after they got their computer. That still leaves $500 net profit for each computer.

And while these customers were the least able to overpay for a computer, they never knew what hit them with our hyped up marketing.

Did I mention that the owners were two Jewish Brothers?

Scamming Dell computer

Dell designed, manufactured, advertised, shipped and earned a decent profit on the computer, all for $500. The owners of The Jewish Brothers cleared $500 profit for each computer they could stuff in their pockets.

The good name of Dell, a quality product for a reasonable price, was dragged into this muck.

Did I mention that the owners were two Jewish Brothers?

Scamming the employees

During the training, it was mentioned that the staff had been traveling abroad. The owners had tried to set up Indian call centers. It didn't work out for them and they were forced to return the call center to the United States.

Sounds good that they came to their senses, doesn't it?

Well the old sales motto is "You buy from people you like". I would add that you buy from people you trust.

Turns out that the black single mothers and black grandmothers were not buying from the Indians. Once our class started selling, I figured out that the motto was indeed true. The young energetic black boy in our class was almost outselling all of us put together. When asked how he was doing it, he confessed that he didn't know. He just read the script and was nice to them. On the other hand, my refined Kenyan friend was doing no better than I was. I guess my phone customers could tell I was white, but they could not tell that Thomas was black.

So what is the moral of the story here? Five hundred dollars profit per PC was not enough profit for the owners. They wanted to sell from India for more profits. Seems a tad greedy. But to really make the cash registers ring, they found they had to use blacks to scam the black customers.

The owners only wanted to employ black Americans because they were forced to; otherwise, they would have been selling from India, while taking black American women for all they could

I mentioned to my co-worker friend "Ross eyes" that my conscience bothered me every time I read the sales script, at the point when it had us saying "You're savings TONS of cash by buying all these items in one package!!!!!" "No we weren't", I told her. Ross eyes knew what I was saying, but in her eyes, she had to feed herself. We were not the ones pocketing around $500 on each computer package sold -- we were only pocketing $50 on each computer package we scammed our marks into purchasing.

Did I mention that the owners were two Jewish Brothers?

So what!

If "Ross eyes" doesn't care about scamming her own people, it is certainly funny that I, a white man, did care enough as a Christian to quit. (Few sales helps in the decision process!)

I know she cares about the scamming because she told me so, and because she got all bent out of shape when I pointed out a few bad appointments Obama has already made and hinted that Obama may not be as black as she believes. Being black is evidently very important to "Ross eyes". She told me that I was negative all the time. I am when it comes to my country being destroyed. I hinted at the fact that Obama was a mere puppet of the Sahedrin, but I might as well have been a father telling his puppy-dog-love daughter that her boyfriend was only interested in her from the neck down. That's OK. "Ross eyes" is still out on her Honeymoon with Obama, as I was when Bush Jr. told me he was a Christian. (I had tried to tell "Ross eyes" that Thomas Sowell was a real black man who, outside of Ron Paul, would have gotten my vote on any of the last 6 elections. I guess it sounds to her like the old refrain, "I have friends who are black.")

If black Christian "Ross eyes" can be bought by two Jewish Pharisee brothers for a $50 commission to cheat another Christian black lady out of $1000, then I can see how both Bush and Obama can be bought to sell out all of America, for the power of the Presidency. I have labeled people who are bought by the Pharisees like this with the name of Herodians. "Ross eyes" is a small insignificant Herodian, but a Herodian nonetheless, just as dependant upon the Pharisees and Sadducees for her job, as the ones who call themselves Senators, Judges and CEOs.

It's all the fault of THE MAN

And you know the really sad part of all of this? The Jewish media-Scribes will continue to blame the white Christian MAN for holding blacks down and they will believe it, especially if anyone dare object to the policies of Obama.

P.S. Thomas or "Ross eyes", if either of you get around to reading this, you can write me at
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