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December 17, 2008

From Anne Frank to Barney Frank

Anne Frank

Source: Metro
Congressman Barney Frank featured on '60 Minutes'

Source: Fox
Illuminating the Illuminati: Charles Schumer and Barney Frank Are Owned By The Big Banks

Why the Fed is an albatross

The Diary of Anne Frank

The autobiographical true story of this innocent, but doomed, Jewish girl has long been a central essence of the pity generated from the Jewish "Passion Play" called "The Holocaust".

It has also always been part of the ever-present propaganda wars of Jewish media-Scribes against Christians.

Wikipedia on Anne Frank points out that others have stated that the writing prose in the purported Anne Frank diary does not match that of a 15-year-old girl. (In fact, the writing prose of Barack Obama's book has been reliably matched to that of Obama's "friend in the neighborhood" who also happens to be a former terrorist, that of Jewish Pharisee William Ayers.) I do not have to be judged by the media-Scribes as a holocaust-denier though, because I am not making that accusation. Just to get along, I will go along with the story that a 15-year-old girl wrote those words in her diary.

However, I can still call the Jewish peddlers of Anne Frank as propagandists, because I fail to see the media-Scribes ever emphasize the christian charity of the "Good Samaritan" Christians who sheltered and fed Anne and her family while they were in hiding. The extreme danger these brave Christians placed themselves in is rarely, if ever, praised by the Jewish media-Scribes.

Indeed, the ONLY possible heroes in the sad and tragic story of Anne Frank are the Christians who risked their own lives to protect Jews. Anne's family was only trying to survive, but the protective Christians had nothing to gain and everything to lose from helping these Jews, (who deny the inspired teachings of the Son of God).

Perhaps Anne can now rest in peace. A fictional Holocaust "Passion Play" seems to have been created for this holiday season, "The Boy in the Striped Pajamas". It can now replace Anne Frank as the new, never-ending, guilt-trip being perpetrated against Christians.

The Diary of Barney Frank

As for Barney Frank, this would be the intro to his personal diary I'm sure he kept as a boy.

    ''I'm gay. I'm left-handed. I'm Jewish".

    -- Barney Frank on "60 Minutes"

At least Barney Frank is man enough to point out that he is Jewish! Why can't we ever get any Jewish media-Scribes to "out" powerful men and women in America as Jewish? Isn't the stigma off having the life's savings of 300 million Christians controlled by a Jewish Pharisee such as Barney Frank? I thought America was a better country today -- prideful of being more tolerant and more diverse?

What we have with Barney Frank is a Jewish Pharisee Congressman at the head of the federal financial oversight of the Jewish Sadducee-ran Wall Street. Now call me cynical, but isn't that putting the Jewish Pharisee fox in charge of the Jewish Sadducee hen house? Christians cannot expect to collect many eggs from that hen house!

In simpler terms, we have taken individual financial decisions out of the hands of 300 million Americans and placed it all into the hands of a handful of non-Christian men, all because we believe these non-Christian men can handle our money better than we can.

Yes they can! Yes they can! Yes they can!-- transfer our hard-earned money from our individual accounts into their fat greedy accounts.

Walter Williams is wonderful in simplifying this even more. Consider how America was before the Federal Reserve was created in 1913 and after it was created.

America it turns out did without a central bank from 1836, when President Andrew Jackson closed the Second Bank of the United States, to 1913, when Federal Reserve Act was written. During that interval, we prospered and became one of the world's major economic powers. Then the Rothschild's bought up all the major newspapers of the day and convinced America that we needed as Federal Reserve Act to prevent bank failures and maintain price stability.
  • Before 1913, wholesale prices fell by 6 percent, all because of increased productivity.
  • After 1913, wholesale prices rose by 1,300 percent, despite even more increased productivity.

  • Before 1913, the maximum bank failures in one year were 494.
  • After 1913, the maximum bank failures in one year were 4,400.

  • Before 1913, without a Federal Reserve Central Bank to provide stability, America never experienced a Great Depression.
  • After 1913, with a Federal Reserve Central Bank to provide stability, America had her first Great Depression lasting for over 10 years, but the federal government and the Fed Central Bank put fixes in place to prevent another one from ever occurring again. Ever since 1929, there was vast federal oversight of the financial markets, there was insured bank deposits, there was unemployment insurance to keep spending going in a down turn, there was Social Security to provide a safety net, and hence there is NO WAY IN HELL that another Great Depression instability should ever concern carefree American citizens. The Fed had us covered.

Well, here is how the winning formula the media-Scribes have given our society has played out. -- It is a woeful tale of mismanagement and corruption.

    Let's entrust our (Jewish and Herodian) politicians to regulate a (Jewish-owned Sadducean) industry, then have the heads of that (Jewish-owned Sadducean) industry become the (Jewish and Herodian) bureaucrats who are entrusted to carry out those regulations, and when things go wrong from all that cronyism, let's give tons of welfare money to the (Jewish-owned Sadducean) giant corporations in that (Jewish-owned Sadducean) industry which can then use that money to donate to their (Jewish and Herodian) politicians who can then win votes to continue to regulate that now insolvent (Jewish-owned Sadducean) industry.

    - Cody Willard (Adjectives added by TCS for clarification)

Cody Willard and Jay Leno talk in the video below. Cody rightfully points out that this would have been a normal downturn, but the government intervention may cause it to turn into a Depression. Jay points out that the federal bailout is "more money than we spent on the Louisiana Purchase, the Civil War, World War I, World War II, the Savings and Loan bailouts and the Vietnam War combined." Not adjusted for inflation Jay, come on!! Joining in, Cody interjects that the money the Fed gave Citicorp, that is, one check to one company, was more money than the government gave all lower class Americans in the Food Stamp program for a year. Now that is in current US dollars!

Now that the Bush Republican administration has done the socialist dirty work for the Democrats, Obama can come in with clean hands next month. Why it's Hoover and FDR all over again!

Check out another part of the devastating review of the "60 minutes" interview of Barney Frank by Fox's Cody Willard.
    And then of course there was last night's puff piece on Barney "the smartest man in the Senate" Frank from CBS' 60 Minutes last night.

    Does it make you sleep better at night knowing that yet another Harvard grad who's spent 14 terms (count 'em baby!) supposedly regulating the investment banks which have destroyed our economy through their fraud and incompetence is on the job still? Surely it makes you feel better to know, at least, that despite have taken countless donations from Fannie Mae (FNM) and Freddie Mac (FRE) and even having an ex-lover who was a Fannie Mae executive, he was right on top of regulating this company until it shocked him with its collapse this year.

    And certainly you'll sleep better tonight knowing that, according to CBS's Lesley Stahl that "It's no wonder that when "saber tooth" the liberal [Frank] took over the committee that oversees banking, Wall Street shuddered. But two years later, even the most hardened Republicans give him good reviews."

    In the two years he's been overseeing the banking industry, it's utterly collapsed and been nationalized and we've even had to give trillions in welfare to the banking industry itself. Who's giving this "good reviews"? Oh, that's right, the same banking industry and its cronies...

    Listen to what the financial community says: "Here's Henry Paulson on Barney Frank: 'He's a market savvy pragmatist who looks for areas of agreement because he wants to get things done.' Here's a guy from JP Morgan Chase. He said, 'He hasn't veered off into crazyland.' Meaning liberalism. I've heard someone describe you this way. You're liberal on social issues. You're a pragmatist on economic issues," Stahl remarks.

    The guy at JP Morgan, which just received billions in welfare payments from Barney and Paulson doesn't think rewarding those crooks like himself who have destroyed our economy with their lies and incompetence doesn't think that's "crazyland". Hellooooo?! Earth to JP Morgan exec!

    -- Cody Willard for Fox News

Cody Willard all but told us face-blank that the Jewish media-Scribes, by throwing softballs at criminals like Barney Frank, are in on the biggest scam job in American history.

Cody Willard on The Tonight Show

Isn't representative government wonderful?

Massachusetts has voted into Congress 14 times, a man who is gay to represent their straight, a man who is Jewish to represent their Christianity, and a man who is stealing them blind. Massachusetts is no longer the land of the rugged independent Minuteman; Massachusetts has now become the corrupt degenerate "England" which former Massachusetts Revolutionaries revolted against.

If only I knew of one sweet and innocent Anne Frank in America today, perhaps I could have some compassion for Jews, but all I see are vile and destructive Barney Franks.

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