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November 29, 2008

Bollywood 911

Terrorists hit Bollywood hometown

Source: Mumbai

Christians cower from Hindu backlash in Orissa

Source: Christianity
Terror in Orissa

Israel: 8 Israelis killed in Mumbai terror attacks

We used to call this Indian town Bombay. The politically correct word for it is now Mumbai. While the hip name for this town is Bollywood.

On any one day, the Taj Mahal Hotel could have a Bollywood actress strolling though its loby, or the President of some multinational corporation, or a President of a country. To Indians, an attack on the Taj Mahal was as unsettling as Americans felt when the World Trade Center was destroyed.

Yes, Muslims have once again made their point, haven't they? They got the world's press releases.

The news stories here have covered Hindus living in America who are worried about their homeland. However, it is very difficult for this American Christian to get too teary eyed with them.

First off, the thrust of the attack was against Americans and British, not against Hindus.

Jews in Bollywood -- now that should not be a surprise! And the media-Scribe indeed covered the fact that Jews died. In addition, the media-Scribes complained about the poorly planned rescue attempt at the Jewish center. So the media-Scribe story is Muslims killing Jewish movie producers in Bollywood, and a rabbi.

I failed to see any word about the members of the Muslim religion killing members of the Christian religion. Just calling the victims Americans was all that needed said. It was a religious attack on a country, not another religion. (Other than the Jewish religion already mentioned)

Where do I lose my sympathy of Muslims killing Hindus in any form of "collateral damage", well, should I mention Orissa?

Orissa is horrific place of Hindu ethnic cleansing against Christians. Christian missionaries had been quite successful in convert ting the caste of Untouchables. Imagine that! The religion of Jesus Christ, which respects the poorest and most down-trodden among us, would appeal to the Untouchables in India, the poorest and most down-trodden among Indians.

When the Untouchables convert to Christianity and loving freedom, the rich and powerful Hindus in Orissa burn their homes down, rape their daughters, and massacre their wives and children. All while the central Indian government does little to stop it.

So do NOT believe that Hindus are the innocent victims of Muslim terror, as our media-Scribes would like us to believe, but DO BELIEVE that they have perfected quite a bit of the Muslim terrorist mind-set themselves against truly innocent Christians.

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