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November 28, 2008

Jewish Hate Crimes against Christainity

Source: On Top Magazine
Life Without Parole Says Jury To Murderer

Source: WorldNewDaily
Another Shephard slain, but no outcry follows

    But if ye will not drive out the inhabitants of the land from before you; then it shall come to pass, that those which ye let remain of them shall be pricks in your eyes, and thorns in your sides, and shall vex you in the land wherein ye dwell.

    ~ Numbers 33:55

WorldNetDaily just doesn't get it.

Yes ---
Homosexual Matthew Shepard was brutally murdered and the homosexual community used this one isolated, but disturbing incident, to punish all of America with Hate Crime Legislation.

Yes ---
WorldNetDaily is right to point out the total silence of the homosexual community wherein homosexual Bill Smithson raped and murdered a non-homosexual Shepard; Jason Shepard.

Yes again ---
WorldNetDaily is right to say that the murder of homosexual Matthew Shepard was a common criminal murder, not done for homosexual reasons, while the murder of non-homosexual Jason Shepard was done by a homosexual for sexual reasons, as he had drugged him for a date rape, then strangled him for resisting being raped.

Where WorldNetDaily gets it wrong is in not pointing out that the Jewish media-Scribes are the ones who are totally responsible for all of this.

It was the Jewish media-Scribes who decided to target all 300 million Christians in this country as anti-homosexual, religiously-fanatical, hate-crime criminals during their minute-by-minute, month-by-month coverage of the death of ONE homosexual by TWO non-homosexuals. According to the Jewish media-Scribes, if only Christians would accept the abhorrant proactice of homosexuality, then Matthew Shepard may be alive today. And so, according to the rants of the media-Scribes, all of Christianity was an accomplice to the death of Matthew Shepard.

In polar opposite pattern, it is again the Jewish media-Scribes who have no moral story whatsoever to tell America about the death of another Shepard, a probable straight Christian man, at the hands of a deviant, drug-crazed, homosexual rapist. Indeed, the Jewish media-Scribes have instituted a total media blackout of this fine young Christian college student being drugged, raped and strangled to death.

Why doesn't WorldNetDaily get it? Why? Why? Why?

Everyone knows that the actions of the homosexuals reacting to the brutal death of Matthew Shepard are all done in their own self-interest. Homosexuals are going to protect one of their own at the hands of straights. On the other hand, everyone also knows that the homosexual community is hoping everyone looks the other way at Jason Shepard's rape and murder by the hands of a homosexual, as it makes them look bad that one of their own would strangle an innocent.

But that does not at all explain the motive of Jewish media-Scribes in siding with the homosexuals in both cases when they decided to make a national issue out of the one death and then decided to totally bury the other death that did not fit the story they wanted to tell.

So, why does WorldNetDaily not understqand what is happening?

The answer of course is that the Jewish media-Scribes used this story to help them destroy Christianity?

If in believing yourself to be a Christian, you accept and tolerate homosexuality, abortion of innocent babies, the pornography of constant sexual references streaming into your homes through your TVs, politicians you re-elect who do not keep the ten commandments, state-ran gambling lotteries, and all the other perversities they have influenced, then you are no longer a Christian, are you?

By the way, hate crime legislation helps the Jewish community just as much as it helps the homosexual community in case any Christians habor any "hate" towards Jews. Therefor, backing homosexuality contributes toward several goals of the Sadducee-led Sanhedrin.

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