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November 26, 2008

Our President is an Alien

Could it be that our Press-elect Obama is an undocumented, illegal alien, who should be arrested and deported?

1) Obama has fraudulently presented an invalid U.S. birth certificate, thus making his birth undocumented. (Obama's birth was actually in Kenya with a British citizenship.)

2) Obama has fraudulantly ran for the U.S. Presidency as a U.S. citizenship when he is not one, thus his citizenship is undocumented. (Obama's citizenship had to have been revoked by his parents in making him an Indonesian citizen, as Indonesia does not recognize dual citizenship.)

Therefor, Barack Obama is an undocumented illegal alien, subject to arrest and deportation.

3) If Obama takes the oath of office on Jan. 20, he will have further committed perjury and will have committed a legal fraud upon all of America.

If the electors on Dec 15th cast their ballots without checking Obama for proper qualifications for office or the Chief Justice of the United States on Jan 20th administers the oath of office knowing that Obama is not qualified to take office, then we may still continue the charade by pretending that the Congress will bring impeachment proceedings against Obama. But, a highly-charged Democratic Congress with a filibuster proof Senate is unlikely to fulfill its constitutional duties. (Have they been following the Constitution anyway?)

We have played around with re-interpreting the Constitution in the past, but this may very well have sealed its death.

Without the leaders, of the people, by the people, and for the people, following the Constitution, for the people, there is no longer any valid law for them to follow and a second American Revolution is at hand.

Already the Chinese must be saying to themsevles; "If America were a company, the owners and management would be thrown in prison for malfeasiance, while the company would be liquidated, since it no longer has a positive cash flow, the P/E ratio is negative, the debt-to-asset ratio is too high to manage and the management (the federal government) is siphoning off all the profits in order to give themselves bonuses."

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