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November 20, 2008

Obama Health Care because of Corn?

Source: King
King Corn

How did we get to a nation today where Iowa's farmers would starve to death, if they were forced to eat the hybrid, genetically-altered, hyper-starched, non-organically-fertilized, industrialized corn they grow on their farms?

How did we get to a nation where everything on a McDonald's' platter is derived from this otherwise non-edible corn?
  • The french fries derive most of their calories from the corn oil/ soybean oil they are fried in.
  • The ketchup is mostly high fructose corn syrup, made from the industrial breakdown of corn starch into sugar.
  • The bun has high fructose corn syrup and maybe corn starch.
  • The hamburgers are "fat, disguised as meat", from cows un-naturally fattened with corn.
  • The soft drinks are nothing but water and High Fructose Corn Syrup.
  • The gasoline that got you to the McDonald's has ethanol made from corn.

How indeed did we get to this point?

History lesson

It all starts in the "communal farms" of the communist, central-planned, 5-year, agricultural plans of the Soviet Union early in the last century.

The first famines in Russia were under the watch of communism under Stalin. Our media-Scribes buried this story, as it proved the false economic vitality of the communist commune theory they loved so dearly. To the media-Scribes though, Stalin was simply a bad communist leader. If only Russia had a good communist leader, everything would be utopia. This is nutcase utopia thinking. Problem is that communism is further to the left than fascism ever was in monitoring, manipulating and controlling people's lives, and that much power in a leader ALWAYS corrupts. Don't give your political leaders any power and he will not be corrupt. Our Founding Fathers knew this first hand.

The Ukrainian peasants, who had been the breadbasket providers of Russia, being more of an Independent-minded German stock, were not adjusting well to the yoke of communism. In addition, Stalin desperately wanted his centralized command economy to industrialize.

To solve both problems, Stalin gathered all the wheat the Ukrainians had saved in their silos and sold it all to the West, in exchange for industrial machines. Even the seed corn was taken, leaving the Ukrainians to starve by the millions.

America did not take heed to any of this and during the Great Depression began its first centrally planned agricultural harvests. From the 1930's to 1973, the federal government planned our food production. Payments were often paid for farmers to not harvest more food, in an attempt to establish a price floor.

All that changed from 1972 when the communist central planning in Russia caused the scepter of another devastating famine in communist utopia.

Enter Earl Butz

On the scene, to save the day for the communists, stroll our Secretary of Agriculture, Earl Butz, who sold 30 million tons of American food to the country we were aiming nuclear weapons at.

What happens when America unexpectedly turn up 30,000,000 tons short on food? 60,000,000,000 lbs short? short of 60 billion pounds of food ? 200 lbs less food per man, woman and child in America?

What happens is a food shortage!

Adding to this grain shortage, the oil embargo of 1973 resulted in huge increases in the price of imported oil which fed huge imports of fuel economic Japanese cars, which necessitated the increase in the food production to pay for it. We started exporting food in bulk to help pay for the oil and cars being imported. (What is the definition of a third world country?)

Having sold our excess grain in 1972, with oil embargo shocks in 1973; hence, starting in 1974, Earl Butz changed the New Deal central planning of FDR from paying farmers to not grow food, into the system we have today which pays farmers to plant as much as they possibly can. Butz, the agricultural czar, dictated that corn would be planted "fence-row to fence-row" from now on.

If you think about this for a moment, you would have realized that this Secretary of Agriculture was President Nixon's Secretary of Agriculture.

Yes, indeed! The same Republican President who first opened up trade with Communist China.

What a market!

The media-Scribes sold Americans in the idea that we were going to sell the Chinese 1 billion toothbrushes and get filthy rich.

Here is what really happened ----

One billion communists, living on non-arable land, needed to be fed. Behind the scenes, our Republican "Free-Traders" (Yes, even back then) were telling the Chinese that all they had to do was make our TVs, computers, stereos, clothes, cars and everything else we use in our homes, INCLUDING our toothbrushes, to give them the money they needed to pay for the corn we sold to them.

Who cannot say that Republicans are not forward-thinking free-trade Central-planners?

How did we decide what corn to plant?

In centrally planning the food we eat, how exactly do our central planners in the government decide how we want our food prepared for our children?

  • Central planners in Washington do NOT pay farmers for quality food.

  • Central planners in Washington do NOT pay farmers for tasty food.

  • Central planners in Washington do NOT pay farmers for healthy food.

  • Instead, central planners in Washington pay farmers solely by weight.

And extremely large quantities of low-quality, bad-tasting, unhealthy food is what Iowa farmers gave America. But, we had a lot of it, four times the number of bushels per acre - thank you Uncle Sam!

The starch content of corn was genetically modified to maximize its output, at the expense of the protein content of the corn. Instead of letting cows slowly grow into adulthood on range grasses, they were confined to pens as "toddlers" and force-fed corn until they were soon as heavy as "adult" cows. Pigs and chickens are also fattened on corn. Did you know that Sulfuric acid is an ingredient in breaking down corn starch into high fructose corn syrup?

Didn't the liberal communist media-Scribes always hit us up about the government's job is to provide for the "general welfare"? How does it help the "general welfare" to have the government centrally plan for Americans to eat food we would not want our dogs to eat? Food that destroys our hearts, livers and pancreas?

But is is a voluntary system!

Public schools is also a voluntary system and no one is happy with it. So why do parents keep their kids in public schools? Perhaps it has a lot to do with the fact that most parents cannot afford private schools, after the public schools have already taken all their money in property tax for the government school they did't want in the first place. But a lot of it is because the expensive areas have the the best "public schools", forcing everyone, private or public, into a bigger house than they can afford in order to be around people who value education; hence, again, we find that we have no money left over for private schools.

Same with corn. Much was said in the movie King Corn about Iowa farmers being unable to make a profit without the government subsidies. Thank God for the government, right? --Well, I will not thank God for this kind of government. Without the tax dollars being taken from my pocket to be given to farmers, I would be able to pay for the farmers higher priced un-subsidized corn. And I would cut out the tax-man middle-man at the same time.

But at what cost?

The high-starch (i.e. high sugar) type of corn grown commercially is used to fatten cows which also fattens people. Fat people have heart attacks and diabetes.

Health care expenses are through the roof taking for a variety of reasons -- Insane excessive government regulations, expensive new technology and others. But one of the biggest expense is having sick people from eating cheap food made from corn who would never had been sick with normal diets.

I fantasize daily about some diabetic coming along and suing the federal government for making him sick. But it's just daydreams. The federal government can destroy anything it wants, but nothing can destroy it.

Continuing...the savings from the cheap food went to buying cheap goods from China, so we didn't save the money for health care.

Fat, sick and no money for health care? Sounds like a job for the government!

Obama promises to give us all free diabetes treatments so we can stay alive, pay more taxes, and eat more of his government corn.

Is There Famine in America's Future?

Do you realize that America is more dependent upon the kernel of corn for our survival today than the Irish were dependent upon the potato?

Ireland eventually had a potato blight, and millions of Irishmen starved. When will America's turn arrive?

I just hope some central planner from Washington will arrive in time to come save all of us from starvation.

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