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November 10, 2008

The Other Boleyn Girl

In Mel Gibson's movie Braveheart, the last evil injustice which finally spurs William Wallace and his followers into rebellion was the abhorrent English practice of Primae Noctis -- the English nobleman's right to deflower any newlywed Scottish woman under his dominion, with a design to spread the genes of Englishmen into the Scottish clans.

The movie, The Other Boleyn Girl, revolves around a simple variation of this deflowering process. The King of England, King Henry VIII, spreads his genes through what can only be described as a royal prostitute. In more civilized society, the term is called a royal concubine. Mary Boleyn's father and uncle have arranged for Mary to become the royal prostitute to King Henry VIII. In return for her faithful services to the King, she will later be assured a proper marriage to a duke or an earl. Any illegitimate child of the King would later be made legitimate when the mother was married off to the duke or earl.

The deal was set and Mary performed her royal duties as prescribed with the full knowledge, but not blessings, of the dutiful and devout Queen Catherine of Aragon.

The first child was a boy, but an illegitimate boy.

Shortly afterwards, the King was seduced by Mary's sister, Anne Boleyn. Knowing she had the King in her hands, when the King made his advances toward Anne, Anne was smarter. Anne told the King that he had been unfaithful to both his Queen and now to her sister; therefor, she insisted that the King annul his marriage to Catherine and marry her before she would consent to let him have her.

Anne knew that it had become common knowledge that the Queen had gone into menopause without having given Henry a male heir. Catherine had only given him Mary, later to become Mary, Queen of Scots. Being deeply in love with Anne, she knew the King was likely to comply, and he did. Henry asked the Queen for an annulment.

In fact, he was forced to. The English people were very afraid of not having a male heir. Placing a Queen on the throne would almost insure a civil war, especially if the Queen had married royalty from France or Spain, giving that foreign king a claim on the English throne.

As an aside to the movie, in fact, Mary, Queen of Scots lost considerable support among Englishmen when she was Queen exactly for that reason -- She had planned to marry Prince Philip of Spain. Below, I will explain why Englishmen had been talked into hating Spain so ferociously.

Elizabeth would never make this mistake. After Elizabeth took the throne, she was forced to remain unmarried and as a result, obtained the title, "The Virgin Queen".

Even before succession of either of these two women, there was a considerable controversy between the two.

The English Catholics considered Mary to have a rightful claim to the throne, as they considered the annulment of King Henry VIII to be invalid without the Pope's blessing. Hence, if the annulment was invalid, then Catherine was always the legitimate wife, Mary the legitimate offspring, and Elizabeth was the illegitimate offspring of royal prostitute Anne Boleyn.

To the English Protestants on the other hand, the annulment was lawful and legitimate, hence Catherine's offspring were no longer eligible for succession as an annulment is a certification that no legal marriage ever existed. Since the Protestants only recognized the marriage of Anne Boleyn as legal, then Elizabeth was a legitimate child of King Henry VIII and hence a viable successor.

Back to the movie.

The King had asked for an annulment and the Queen had an unsettling response back to him. Catherine knew that the King could have any law he wanted made into law, giving him all the authority he wanted over their marriage. And so, she announced that the only unbiased legal decision she would recognize to hear her annulment case was in the court of the Pope himself.

We all know that the Pope refused King Henry's request, as there were no grounds for annulment. Evidently, the Pope felt that the King and Queen should remain married, setting a good moral example at the highest levels for all Christian married couples in England. And by the way, it would not hurt that a continued marriage would help cement good relations between Spain and Enlgand.

As we know, Henry denied the Pope, leading to the split between Christians in England into Catholics and Protestants.

Having now gotten his way, Henry marries Anne Boleyn, but Anne bears him yet another girl -- Elizabeth.

Eventually, the strain gets to Anne, forcing her to take drastic measures. I will not spoil the movie from here on.

What is not ever mentioned in History

The fall of Constantinople, the Eastern half of Christendom, to the Muslims in 1453 was one of the biggest shocks to have ever hit Christendom; on the scale of the cruxifixtion itself or the loss of The Holy Lands to the Muslims. This was such a complete shock to Christians that every effort was made to finally defeat and crush the Muslims in Spain -- their foothold into Western Europe.

Ferdinand and Isabella were the two Christian heroes who successfully defeated and repelled the 800-year invasion of Spain by Muslims, re-instituting Christianity back into Spain, and throwing all Muslims completely out of Western Europe.

Spain, or Andalusia as the Moorish Muslims called it, was the furthest reach of the Caliphate. The Moors were hence the least strict in Muslim beliefs and Andalusia became a magnate for Jews from the world over. For 800-years, around 90% of the entire world's Jewish population lived in Spain, in a period of Jewish history Israeli ambassador Abba Evan called the Jewish "Golden Era". (They were mostly Sephardic Jews as there were very few Azkenazi Jews at this time in history.)

This Jewish Golden Era was brought to an end, as King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella did not take kindly to the Jews siding with the Muslims for the past 800-years. Jews were allowed to stay, but were not allowed to have any position of influence unless they converted to Christianity.

Muslims were especially hated of course; hence, all Muslims were ordered to convert to Christianity or leave.

If one is forced to convert and tells everyone that he has converted, this doesn't always mean that he has internally forced his heart to convert. There must have been plenty of former Muslims who confessed to being Christians by day, and yet were still terrorists cutting off heads by night. Likewise, there also must have been plenty of former Jews who confessed to being Christians by day, and yet who were assassinating Christian leaders by night, or yet who were found to be undermining Christianity from within, using a much more subtle form of terrorism with their superior argumentative skills against Christian morality at all times of the day.

There was an enormous need to deal with these terrorist, if this fragile new Christian nation was ever to survive. The Moors were already asking the Ottoman Turks who had taken Constantinople for help in beginning a new Muslim Crusade into Spain. The Ottoman Turks were raiding the Italian coast and mercilessly beheading any and all priests and nuns they found. There was an uneasiness that Spain was filled with spies for the Muslims and their accomplices, the Jews.

To deal with these terrorists, the Spanish Inquisition was set up to root out any former Jews or Muslims who had falsely and fraudulently converted to Christianity, yet were at the same time found to be practicing treason and terrorism against their country and new religion. For conversion alone, all religions take conversion into or out of their religion very, very seriously and so did the Spanish Inquisition. An inquiry, which gave all accused the benefit of a trial, which no Muslim ever gave a Christian before beheading him or no Jew ever gave a Christian leader before assassinating him.

One problem King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella found particularly troubling was that many Jews who had not converted were conspiring to keep the Jewish faith alive in the ones who had voluntarily converted to Christianity. Hence, in 1492, the same year that Spain found the New World, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella expelled all Jews who had refused to convert to Christianity.

Thus begins the Third Diaspora of Jews.

But where were they to go? One can only imagine that the Muslims did not want the Jews in their lands anymore because their non-Muslim influence in Andalusia had weakened the Muslim faith enough to have allowed the Christians to regain Spain. Christians likewise did not want the Jews in their lands because they had conspired with Muslims against Christians for 800-years. Hence, in their Third Diaspora, the Jews left Spain, hiding all outward signs of their faith, and entered the parts of Christendom furthest removed from the control of the Pope -- Germanic Northern Europe and Germanic England. "Coincidentally", the exact same two places that the Protestant Revolution first took place. (I do not believe this to be a coincidence at all!)

So, now there was practically the entire world's supply of Jews on the move and forced to hide their religion from the Christians they encountered on the way and in the news lands they settled. Who do you feel the Jews blamed for their third Diaspora? -- King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of course! And, who do you believe they would exact their revenge upon? -- Again, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella

But how was that to be done when they had been kicked out of the country of Ferdinand and Isabella?

Well, it just turns out that Catherine of Aragon was the only child of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain. And Catherine of Aragon was the reigning Queen of one of the countries the Diaspora Jews were forced to migrated to. Well Well! You can get to the parents through the only child.

One of my fundamental hypothesis is that there really is no such thing as a complete tyrant. All tyrants have to have the support of some powerful groups within his country and he has to please that group to keep their loyalty. In King Henry's time, for instance, the King was not allowed to torture Aristocrats. All rulers rule only with the good graces of the group who can take them down.

King Henry VIII was an absolute tyrant, but was no exception to not wanting a civil war. He suddenly found himself surrounded by an entire country of subjects all demanding a male heir? This mob was saying that Queen Catherine was not performing her wifely duties of producing a male heir. The mob insisted that her daughter could not become Queen. "Catherine had to go!", they said. Marriage to Catherine had to be annulled and her daughter had to be taken out of succession to become Queen.

Who do you believe was in front of the mobs charging them up? Who do you believe would be first among all the towns-peoples marching in the streets to have Catherine of Aragon considered anti-English? -- That's right! The same Jews who had been kicked out of Spain. Jews never forget any affront to them and to their religion and who are well known to exact fierce revenge even if the victim never had a clue what happened to him.

Neither King Henry VIII, nor his subjects, had a clue that they were being manipulated as revenge against King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella.

King Henry VIII had his people riled up by the Pharisees to do ANYTHING to get a male heir. (Ironic isn't it that no one had any problems whatsoever with Protestant Elizabeth reigning longer than any other English monarch ever had?) But, King Henry knew he would be excommunicated by the Pope if he were to do so.

"Blow off the Pope! Make yourself the Pope of England as Head of the Anglican Church!", was the response from the media-Scribe brainwashed English mobs!

Christianity was now divided against itself as mever before and the Jews had been avenged by destroying Catherine, daughter of their arch-enemies.

A Christianity, that had stood solid and unified for 15 centuries, was now in civil war with itself. The Pharisees had performed a two-fer!

Pharisee-infested England and Pharisee-infested Holland would both break from the rest of Christianity, calling themselves Protestants, as they sold their souls to become trading slave empires for the Sadducees.

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