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November 8, 2008

The Fraud against Evangelicals

Email to a close friend:

Wow Steven, you really believe Conservative Christian Evangelicals were the cause of Obama winning?

Yes, Christians lack unity, even between Christians such you and me. I find it frustrating that you never once alluded in your email to what I have considered the entire problem to be for some time - the Pharisees. And I had thought you were in agreement with me.

In my view of the world, it is no accident that Christians are not united. If Christians were ever allowed to be united, then Christians may want to do something about the non-Christian Jews who have been picking at our sores over the years. The Pharisees will simply not allow a united Christian world to exist.

Hence, it has never been the "liberal" Christians who are the problem, so much as it is the Pharisees who use liberalism to gain power by waving the flag of equality in our faces so that they can take power away from "conservative" Christians.

Then, in a counter-punch, it has never been the "conservative" Christians who are the problem, it is the Pharisees who use conservatism to wave the American flag so that they can ship Christian soldiers off to fight Israel's enemies and Israel's wars for her.

The same game of chess is played by the Pharisees in working black Christians against white Christians as well as men against women, parents against children, Protestants against Catholics, rich against poor, old against young, homosexual against straight, Christians against atheists, and on and on and on, ad nasium.

Each and every crack in the unity of Americans and especially American Christians are exploited to their advantage. Leading every civil rights march is a Jew. Leading every war is a Jew. Leading every "reform" is a Jew. Leading every political party is a Jew. Leading every financial institution is a Jew. Leading every university is a Jew. And reporting on all the activities of all these are Jews.

Thousands of Iranian Muslims allowed to enter the United States to study engineering during the reign of the Shah? Where are the warnings of disaster from the elite, muck-rucking, "report all the news that's fit to print", media-Scribes, who see their relatives deal with Muslim terrorism every day? Did they feel that Muslims would be on their best behavior in a Christian country?

Muslims are allowed to enter our country, allowed to take flight training, and then attack the biggest buildings in the biggest Jewish city in the world. Yet, the media-Scribes do not amplify our desires for wanting all Muslims expelled from our America.

Why? Why? Why?

Are we to feel their pain? Muslims in America destroy the World Trade Center, so we destroy Iraq, over next to Israel? Some future Muslims in America destroy the Golden Gate Bridge, so we destroy Iran, over next to Israel? Who are we helping here? America or Israel?

Their fingerprints are all over the crime scene. They are the prime suspects.

Bush and Obama, or Martin Luther King and even Bob Barr (your guy), all are just Herodian puppets of these behind-the-scenes Jewish choreographers.

The media-Scribes are the cheerleaders who rouse the Christians to fight for their side, when they are not rousing Christians to fight each other.

The evangelicals are just one more group of good people who got swindled by the Pharisees. They bought into the Judeo-Christian belief that our struggle was between Christians and Jews both united against the scourge of Muslims. No! Our struggle is not against Muslims in some God forsaken desert, half a world away. Just as our struggle before was not against Vietnamese or Koreans or even Germans. Our struggle is not the Neo-Ice Age predicted 20-years-ago or the global desert now predicted to be just 20-years down the road.

Just think of the communist threat for example. Our struggle was portrayed to us as between freedom-loving capitalist and freedom-hating communists. We had a Cold War against communism, yet we still let Russia go nuclear. We let China go communist and go nuclear. We fought massive military campaigns against Korea and Vietnam, both across the wide Pacific Ocean. We never won a war against communists. We may have never stopped a country from becoming communist. (South Korea is still in an unresolved holding pattern with a truce in the war 50-years later). We certainly never freed a communist country. Indeed, Russia freed itself and all its serf countries without a shot being fired. But we totally neglected the one piece of evidence that proves beyond a shadow of a fact that all the communist fighting bravado our Herodian leaders were pumping us up with was just a huge fraud. -- We never really tried to overthrow Castro in Cuba just off our border. Kennedy did not do it. LBJ did not. Nixon did not. Nor did Carter, Reagan, Bush Sr., Clinton nor Bush Jr. Who could have carried out such a massive fraud upon the American people? Some rich-guy club of Council on Foreign Relations freedom-loving capitalists? Bah humbug!!! They would have won at least one struggle against communists if they really believed in freedom or capitalism. There was not a single Teddy Roosevelt ready to go back to Cuba again in order to knock off Castro. Castro could have been completely knocked off before Russia was able to get their troops out of their warm beds. One GPS-guided bomb or cruise missile could have instantly finished off Castro any day of the week. The CFR is not filled with Christian American Patriots. They are the Herodian club for the Sanhedrin.

Truth is that the Christian struggle now and always has been a struggle against Judaism. Jesus was to be put to death as a child by the King of the Jews. Jesus confronted and condemned the Jewish religious leaders at every turn. Jesus attacked the money lenders in the Temple. Jesus was put to death by the religious leaders of the Jews. Contrary to what all the Jewish media-Scribes love to say these days, Jesus was never Jewish. Jesus was, is, and always will be Christian. The mother of Jesus was a Christian convert even before the conception of Jesus, as she was told by an angel that she was to bear the Son of God. Jews are not our friends, anymore than Muslims are not our friends.

As I have pointed out many times, Christians buy into both the Old and New Testaments. Christians believe they are the true heirs of Judaism. Christians believe that Christ is the Redeemer promised by the Prophets of the Old Testament. The New Testament Jews are simply frauds. They partially believe in the Old Testament but not at all in the New Testament. (The Pharisees I always condemn don't even follow the Ten Commandments of the Old Testament. They use the name of our Lord in vain. They commit adultery and convince others to do so. They murder unborn babies and convince others to do so. They lie and bear false witness against their Christian neighbors. They steal the work and savings of Christians through the use of lies, frauds and deceptions.)

Fact is, you cannot follow the Old Testament which tells of the coming of the Lord, if you do not believe he has come after he has fulfilled the Scriptures. Therefore, today's people who call themselves Jews are absolute frauds to both the Old and New Testaments. NT Jews may just as well be pagan idol worshippers, as they completely missed the entire point of both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible.

They do not believe in Jesus Christ. Jesus told us that the only way to heaven is through Him, but evangelicals have been taught by the Pharisees to "read between the lines" in their Bibles. Evangelicals who have no problems name-calling the Christian Pope, who is the spiritual leader of 1 billion Christians, as the Anti-Christ, will just as well tell you that Jesus is going to give extra special treatment to Jews like Howard Stern who not only refuse to acknowledge the existence of Jesus Christ the Redeemer, but makes vicious jokes about Him and ridicules His followers. You cannot get more Biblically screwed up than that! In my eyes, the Jewish frauds of today who reject Jesus are just as condemned as the Jews who refused to obey Moses and the Ten Commandments by making golden idols to other Gods. What is worst in God's eyes, the worship of a false God or to not worship the one true God?

In what strains logic to the extreme, Evangelicals will have no problem in their hearts in denouncing the Pope, the Muslims, the homosexuals, the abortionists, the adulterer, Christian Catholics, semi-Christian Mormons, but they cringe whenever anyone denounces non-Christian Jews for anything. Call Osama a Muslim terrorist against American Christians and you are a patriotic American. Call the new White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel's father a Jewish Terrorist against British Christians and you are a traitor to America. Mention that Rahm Emanuel voluntarily served in the Israeli army during the first Iraq War instead of volunteering to serve in the U.S. army, proving that he has no allegiance to America, and you are suspected of being anti-Semitic. -- A far worst sin than being a traitor to your country.

But facts are facts. The only group Jesus ever routinely denounced was the Pharisees and Sadducees who rejected and denounced Him. Jesus rejected all Jews who did not convert to Christianity. Jesus rejected all Jews who did not come to Him for salvation, for all Jews had advanced knowledge of the coming of the Lord yet some, but not all, still consciously rejected Him.

I am not saying anything new here. I am not saying anything that Evangelicals don't already know in their hearts. I am not telling them anything they have not read in their Bibles with their own eyes.

The fact that Evangelicals believe that today's Jews are STILL God's chosen people, after the fulfilment of the Covenant of Jesus only proves how brainwashed they have allowed themselves to become by listening to the media-Scribes instead of reading their Bibles, as they constantly lecture Catholics such as me to do.

Please tell Evangelicals the truth. I know you have tried in the past and they are like the Pharisees who saw Jesus work miracles before their very eyes yet still did not believe. Perhaps the Evangelicals are the new Pharisees for their hearts are stones and they will not allow themselves to be swayed from the false truths they had been taught all their lives, by the real truths of Jesus Christ.

Are the Evangelicals the problem with America? You seem to think so. I for one, believe the problem is with the Pharisees and media-Scribes who use their superior speaking abilities and their superior argumentative skills in order to screw with innocent people's minds.

You told me once that what I was saying was a hard pill the swallow. How can an evangelical admit that their entire life has been a lie? That they allowed themselves to follow such poorly defined logic they obtained from outside the Bible, instead of following their own sermons about the only Truths being the Truths contained in the Bible, and obtaining their truths from the Bible? Wasn't that the entire purpose of the Protestant Revolution? --Truth from the Bible and only from the Bible? How could they look themselves in the mirror to see that they swallowed all of this hook, line and sinker.

But you must tell the truth. Only truth will set us free, they say. The Ten Commandments require us to tell the truth. The Golden Rule commands you to tell others the truth, as you would want them to tell you the truth.

If you are successful in breaking the spell that has been cast upon Evangelicals by the siren calls of the media-Scribes, and I pray that you can break their spell, then I pray that you can forgive them just as we would want Jesus to forgive us.

Anyway, I seem to be repeating myself here, because I thought we pretty much saw eye-to-eye on all of this?

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