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November 02, 2008

Father Knows Best

Source: Mail Online
'You can't see your son -
but can he have one of your organs?'
How social workers left one man with a terrible moral dilemma

The sourced article is one of the most heartbreaking moral dilemmas ever presented.

This is proof positive why socialists, in the employ of child protective services, cannot ever be trusted with our own children.

We may trust socialists with half our paycheck. We may trust socialists with our children in public schools, so long as they come home every night for us to repair the damage. But, we cannot allow socialists the power to hide our children from us, only bringing them to our attention when they need us for organ harvesting.

Consider this man's sad and tragic story.
  • A committed father -- His first marriage of 16-years ended in 1996 when he discovered that his first wife had been unfaithful. He was given custody of the children - Peter, now 17, David, 20, and Susanna, 30 - and brought them up single-handedly. (Consider that he had already beaten the odds as a father rarely gets custody unless his life is squeaky clean and the mother's life is close to insanely criminal.)

  • A fateful event -- After his first marriage, he had a short-lived relationship with a younger woman. It was only after a few months that he realised she was unstable and had a drinking problem. She would swear in front of his boys and he ended the relationship. He would never know that she was pregnant when they split.

  • A failed mother -- Unable to cope with the demands of motherhood, the younger woman handed the boy (now 5-years-old) over to foster parents.

  • A failed CPS -- It must be pointed out that child protective services did not notify the boys real father at this time even though the mother told them who the real father was. And he was not hard to find, as he had not moved.

  • A stable marriage -- Meanwhile, Michael met Alex, his current wife, and married. She is originally from Los Angeles, moved to Britain in 2002, the same year the couple married, and she became a pastor with a Pentecostal church in Portsmouth.

  • A clean record -- Michael has been employed by Hampshire County Council for the past 35 years, overseeing the repairs, cleaning and maintenance of a local primary school. As it happens, the job requires him to undergo criminal record checks every year and neither he nor Alex, who was also checked, has any convictions.

  • A lost son -- When the boy was 5-years-old, CPS notified the father of his son, by the younger woman. The father, his wife Alex, and his sons decided that the rightful place for the little boy was with them. They petitioned the CPS for the child to be given over to them.

  • An interrogation -- CPS "investigated" the suitability and stability of the father and his family, by asking his wife, a minister, some abnormal questions about the normality of their sexual relations. She refused this invasion of their family privacy. The CPS deemed them "uncooperative" and denied the father permission to see his son, to talk to his son or to have his son.

  • A Shock !! -- CPS told him the real reason why they bothered at all to tell him of his son. The son needed a transplant from a blood relative -- him!

  • Another shocker -- He would have to donate his organ but he would still not be allowed to contact his son.

  • A Question -- King Solomon had a similar problem. Who really loves the child. If the father refused to donate unless he got to see his son, would CPS let the child die for the lack of a donation? My guess is that they would let him die, as I do not believe they care for the child as much as the biological father would.
The true evil of socialism is evident in this story. Under the socialized guise of protecting children, a child's real parents cannot protect their own children from society. The DNA parents are only wanted for their DNA, not their paternal love. A love of Darwin, not God, prompts this behavior.

The Real Culprits

Ask yourself who first convinced you that Child Protective Services was needed to protect children.

If you are honest with yourself, the answer was not your mother or your grandmother. Neither was it your wife nor your daughter. Certainly not your minister.

If you are honest, you know that the media-Scribes were the ones who convinced you that families are best protected by CPS socialists reporting to politicians and of course, to them -- the media-Scribes. The media-Scribes trusts neither you nor I with our own children.

This is hard-core socialism. This is hard-core communism. And the media-Scribes have always been hard-core, anti-family, and anti-Christian.

Sadly, you cannot count on socialist family-law judges, the throwback dregs of real judges, to be King Solomons.

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