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October 28, 2008

To Kill a Mockingbird

Duke lacrosse accuser says in book she was attacked

The book, To Kill a Mockingbird, was first published in 1960, the decade of decay in America. It has since been immortalized as one of the great "classics" of American literature by the media-Scribes and the education bureaucracy exactly because it helped break down the moral code of America that had existed since the founding of our country.

Even in 1960, the South still represented remnants of traditional American life. The media-Scribes would be successful using books like To Kill a Mockingbird to portray Southerners as sexist and racist. Other than Atticus Finch, fathers were abusers; men were rabid racists; and noisy bitter old women forced sweet little girls into "dresses" -- heaven forbid!

The crux of the story was the false accusation of rape against a black man by a white woman. The white woman was eventually found to have enticed the black man, but the "racist" jury found the black man guilty of the crime anyway. Hence the injustice of it all.

And secondly, he was a poor black man who was lucky as hell to have had a man of Atticus Finch's character to have defended him for free.

So the real moral of the story was to morally prod rich whites, like you see yourself in Atticus Finch, to come to the rescue of poor innocent blacks. -Remember this MORAL OF THE STORY -- I will finish up on it later.

Now many children are both forced by the state to read it in order to graduate from government schools. It is considered to be a part of their education in order for them to be "socialized" well in society. All well and good. I do not condone racism or injustice of any sort.

If only our education elite running government schools and other schools around the country would also not condone racism and injustice anywhere.

Theirs is a reverse racism and injustice, not any better than what they are seeking to condemn.

In a word, they are worst than what is being condemned, for they know better!!!!!

Here is the proof

The author Harper Lee is a woman.

She wants everyone to be offended that Mayella Ewell was beaten by her father for lusting after a black man because the father was racist, however, the female author Harper Lee seems to hold back her condemnation of "woman who falsely accuse a man of rape". Which sadly happens all the time with or without black and white issues interjected. Harper Lee as a feminist will just not go there.

You, as young men, have to be especially on guard against women doing this injustice to you, because society will not protect you as a man, even if you are innocent. Events have proven this out, as I will get to later.

Indeed, female author Harper Lee colors over the "woman's" part in this and paints the story as a "white who falsely accuses a black of rape". Sex has nothing to do with it.

Today, we have a real life example of a reverse To Kill a Mockingbird.

The reverse case

There was this lady..... OK, she was no lady; she was a stripper. Her name was Crystal Magnum. One night, she was committing the crime of stripping to some under-aged college boys at Duke University. Right off the bat, these were grounds to have had her locked up in a jail for a few months. Contributing to the delinquency of a minor is a serious crime subject to some jail time.

She was never put in jail.

However, knowing that these boys were the children of rich parents, she commits her second serious crime -- Extortion.

The crime of extortion is to illegally threaten or coerce someone to pay you money you do not deserve.

Crystal was hoping that the rich parents would dole out tons of money to her after she accused their "babies" of rape. Many a trial settles out of court before the real trial ever begins. "Give me a million dollars and I will drop my charges against your little babies", she probably may have said. Extortion carries a strong prison sentence.

She was never sent to prison

The case never got to trial because her testimony and the testimony of even her best friend did not stand up to the light of day. She had thus committed her third crime. She had lied to a grand jury and lied in official depositions. Still a third reason for her to be in prison.

She was never sent to prison.

The parents of the boys have donated money though -- to lawyers. Thousands and tens of thousands of dollars, trying to find their sons innocent of the crime of rape which she was accusing them of.

This week, Crystal Magnum had the audacity to release a book where she still claims she was raped.

The criminal accomplice to the crime

From the very first allegation of rape, the Jewish media-Scribes were running front-line articles. They reveled in rich Protestant Southerners being accused of a horrendous crime. To the Jewish media-Scribes, these Protestant under-aged boys were not "innocent until proven guilty". Instead, the Jewish media-Scribes exercised their freedom of speech to imply that the Duke Lacrosse college boys were "guilty until proven innocent".

If even that was injustice enough, being proven innocent matters little to the media-Scribes if they hate your Protestant or Catholic faith enough, because even when her testimony was torn to smithereens, there was still a media-Scribe book publisher that has now ran with her perjurous rants about a false rape, releasing the book this week.

And media-Scribes are still putting her in the news for having a book in the news.

They are an accomplice to this criminal injustice.


It is often said that you give up your constitutional rights when you infringe upon the constitutional rights of others.

For instance, if a man kills another man, then that man loses his right to life for infringing upon the right to life of the man he murdered. If one man steals from another, then he forfeits a little of his right to property by being fined a harsh amount from his property. If a man were to kidnap another, then he should expect to lose a little of his liberty by being in jail, for taking away the liberty of another.

The First Amendment is not any more sacred when exercised in non-political areas. These media-Scribes have contributed immensely to the crime committed against these college boys. I do not see why they should not have their microphone taken away from them that allows them to speak to 300 million people at once. Neither you nor I have that right to speak to 300 million people and we haven't even hurt anyone, have we?


I hope you have seen the double standard I am screaming here. If you are black and poor, the moral of the story is that all rich and white men should come running to help. On the other hand, if you are white and rich, the moral of the story is that you are guilty and should be spit on. You were born with a silver spoon in your mouth and should be whipped daily for it. Thank God we let you live!

Harper Lee is still alive. Perhaps she can yet write a sequel.
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