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October 20, 2008

The Ruling Class

    No Taxation!!! without Representation!!! -- Rev. Jonathan Mayhew, 1750

    No Representation!!! without Taxation!!! -- The Christian Solution, 2008

There is a ruling class in this country, but it is not the middle class or even the rich -- It is the poor.

The poor and the minorities are the ruling class that the Pharisees are always out in front of leading the charge. You can probably guess who the slave class is.

The Night Thoreau Spent in Prison

It is always instructive to see that the only disobedience to civil authority allowed to be taught in public schools occurs when the authority is seen to be what the media-Scribes would call, "right-wing". You will certainly not be reading my civil disobedience writings in future AP English courses, for the "left-wing" authorities would not have it.

I had to study Henry David Thoreau as a student as he had become the spiritual leader of the Hippie Movement of the late 1960's and early 1970's.

The reason why my generation associated so intensely with Thoreau was because they were protesting an the unjust Vietnam War, same as Thoreau was protesting the unjust Mexican-American War. Thoreau had spent one night in jail for refusing to pay the poll tax that supported the Mexican-American War. (Such suffering!! His aunt bailed him out the next morning by paying his tax.) Most likely, Thoreau is being resurrected in this generation so that they can reflect upon the parallels of our unjust Iraqi War to the unjust Vietnam War, linked back to the unjust Mexican-American War.

The righteous protest of the Vietnam War was in dodging the draft, while Thoreau righteously protested the Mexican-American War by not paying taxes. Many also see an evil in the current Iraqi War we are participating today with its billions of tax dollars funding it and hence see parallels to Vietnam - A never-ending, never-won war for God knows what reason.

Why would America travel across the huge Pacific Ocean to fight communism in the Korean War and not win it, then travel across the Pacific again to not win against communism in the Vietnam War? It become especially confusing when we refused to fight communism 90-miles off the coast of Florida in Cuba, where millions of Chinese could not stream across the border and no North Vietnamese could infiltrate. Right in our back yard and no Ho Chi Ming trail!

I do not intend to justify any of the wars against communism, because I cannot. We intended to lose all our wars. The wars were just a show to appease Americans who loved freedom.

Instead, I will focus on the nature of taxes, then and now, from a "right-wing" perspective.

One of the most powerful rallying cries for the American Revolution was, "No Taxation without Representation!" Others had spoken a similar refrain, "Taxation without Representation is Tyranny!"

Britain wanted increased taxes on the colonies to help Britain pay for the protection of the colonies from the French and the Spanish, especially after the French and Indian Wars. Seems reasonable, but the colonists feared that most of the taxes were being spend on unnecessary wars to maintain the British Empire at their expense. Quite touchy those!

So here comes Thoreau just over 70-years later being asked to personally fund a war that would expand the United States in the Slave South. Being opposed to "stealing" land from Mexico, in order to "steal" more blacks from Africa to work the newly stolen land, Thoreau decides he would rather not pay the tax that funded this evil expedition into Mexico. You can see his ties then are back to the American Revolution, as he was representing himself as an anarchist. In his mind, Thoreau was his own American colony, revolting against the evil American Empire.

His Godlessness aside, Thoreau's morals are impeccable. I cannot challenge them.

But I can challenge the hypocrisy of the "leftists" who hypocritically champion men such as Thoreau.

If you were to turn around the revolutionary words, you would get, "No Representation without Taxation!" And, "Representation without Taxation is Tyranny!"

The same "leftists" who do not want money spent on wars, will gladly put a government gun to your head to have you pay taxes so that they can, as Barack Obama, our next President, recently said, "Spread the Wealth!"

What does "Spread the Wealth" mean?

First off, it means that the poor and lower middle class making up 50.01% of America (hence, "The Ruling Class"), will vote themselves no taxes. The other 49.9% are then forced to pay all the taxes (hence, "The Slave Class").

Since they are the rulers, they are exempt from supporting any of the operations of the government. They do not pay to support the Department of Health, the State Department, the Department of Defense, the Department of Education, the federal court system, or any other operation of the federal government. The slave class will pay for all federal government.

But wait! It gets worst!

The ruling class does not stop at not paying their fair share of taxes. -- They want an unfair amount of the slave classes taxes on top of that handed right over to them.

This becomes the heart of Obama's "Spread the Wealth".

McCain and most other politicians believes and practices this as well, but they are not so forthright or public about it.

The politicians couch their words in such rationalizations such as "Jesus wanted us politicians to pickpocket richer citizens so that we can give to poorer "taken advantage of" citizens and we have to do this to get votes because otherwise we would not get elected and who would do God's work then if we were not elected?"

The ruling class forces the slave class to pay money to them for "earned" income, food stamps, housing assistance, cancer treatments, education, emergency care, legal expenses, and on and on. One would assume they would be grateful for the slave class toiling so hard from them, but the ruling class just spits in their face. Any disobedience, grumbling or getting out of line will be handled with the whip in the hands of the media-Scribes! Offenders are labeled racists, homophobes, wife-beaters, child molesters, anti-Semitic or any of many other hateful expressions.

Thoreau would not have a chance today. How harshly would Thoreau have been treated if he had not paid his taxes, because he did not want to pay for the free delivery of the third child born out of wedlock to an unwed mother! Or refused to pay his taxes so that the kids of "loving parents" who smoked dope throughout high school and now worked menial jobs could have air-conditioning in their schools like his child had? (BTW, I never had air-conditioning in my schools.)

Thoreau thought the slave trade of humans to be an abhorrence against mankind. What would Thoreau think about his tax dollars paying federal marshals to protect abortion clinics that was in the business of killing humans?

Representation without Taxation is indeed Tyranny!

The Christian Solution

Giving representation to people to spend taxes, who do not pay any taxes, is both slavery and tyranny!

Paying your own taxes for Constitutional services rendered is patriotic. Paying the taxes of others is both slavery and tyranny!

Here is what we must do:

    Tax only for Constitutionally delegated responsibilities and follow the Constitution's requirement that taxes be "uniform throughout the United States", "nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws".

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