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October 18, 2008

Evangelicals are in the news, but not in newsrooms

October 18, 2008 Evangelicals are in the news, but not in newsrooms

Being Roman Catholic, I give evangelicals a hard time.

Like when I tell them they are silly to think that Catholics are not "born again", same as they are. Yelp, I looked it up in my Catholic Bible and it tells me that I also have to be born again.

Then there are the times I rib Evangelicals about being "born again Christians". Yelp, born from a five-time adulterer and wife-beheader, King Henry VIII, over one thousand, five hundred years after Jesus, who then became their "Pope" as head of their Anglican Church, because he needed a male heir, who then shortly had a female (Elizabeth) as their most famous "King" when only men could be Kings. And concerning the involvement of their Pope (After all, they were all Roman Catholic at the time), he was such an evil and sinister take-over-the-world anti-Pope to have dared tell the leader of the country of England to set a good example for his people by not divorcing from his faithful Catherine of Aragon, and by refusing to give Henry his blessings to such a sin. How dare a religious leader not grovel at the feet of a secular dictator!

Of course, I tell the evangelicals why and how all this happened to them.

But all kidding aside, Evangelicals are my Christian brothers. We can and do argue with each other and these arguments can eventually lead us to the exact same conclusions, because we both start with the exact same base, Jesus and The New Testament.

Not so with non-Christians.

Muslims, who reject Jesus as the Son of God, and I will never see eye-to-eye.

Same with Jews, who also reject Jesus as the Son of God.

There is no such thing as "Judeo-Christian", if the Jews continue to reject the Christian part.

This story about Evangelicals not being in the newsrooms does nothing to tell you who is in the newsrooms.

I will give them a hint -- The newsrooms are not filled with their Christian brothers, Roman Catholics.

There is a good reason I call journalists in America as media-Scribes. -- You figure it out!

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