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October 18, 2008

Christian Hate Speech

October 18, 2008 The 'how-to' plan to criminalize Christianity

Source: Coral Ridge Ministries
October 18, 2008 Assault on Liberty: The Impact of Hate Crime Laws

On the home page of the Coral Rdge Ministries, Dr. D. James Kennedy proclaims a motto entitled:

"Proclaiming Truths that Transform the World."

We only wish!

Sadly, Dr. Kennedy is afraid to proclaim the one Truth needing told that really would transform our world. -- The truth as spoken by Jesus.

That truth is not the defense of Christianity at the hands of homosexuals. Christians are already the majority and most homosexuals are less anti-Christian than Dr. Kennedy is anti-homosexual.

Homosexuals have to contend with their conflicted feelings alongside their Christian family members, neighbors, co-workers and such. They have been attacked all their life for their feelings and so many in the past have kept those feelings a closely guarded secret.

In fact, many homosexuals have resisted their sinful ways and have maintained celibate lives. Notwithstanding the handful of homosexual Catholic priests who have been sinful, with a press proudly harping on every aspect of it, there probably are many more Catholics who have seen priesthood and nun-hood through the ages as a moral means to give their lives to God, when they know they would have been living a lie in a marriage to a woman or to a man.

Obviously, as we are seeing, some homosexuals will counter-attack Christians who attack them if given the opportunity. If given the same opportunity, you could also find adulterers who would attack Christians, so that they could continue being unfaithful to their wives. You could find pick-pockets would would do the same so that they could continue to pickpocket. Again, in elections where majorities rule, homosexuals don't have a chance against Christians. The problem is not homosexuals. Homosexuality is just the sin chosen to attack Christians. It could just as easily have been adultery or pickpocketing or bestiality.

Again, The Problem Is NOT Homosexuals! So the question you have to ask yourself is, "Who is the real power behind these liberal, radical and activist homosexuals?"

Jesus never railed against homosexuals, as Dr. Kennedy is doing. Yes, Dr. Kennedy is in self-defense mode right now. The activist homosexuals are in full attack mode against Christians. What is a Christian to do, but defense. And it does appear that the homosexuals are the ones doing the attacking against Christians. But that is only a diversionary tactic.

A reverse straw man argument has been made where the actual ones doing the attacking are standing behind homosexual straw men. The homosexual straw men cannot logically win their argument against Christians. And so, they become the "straw men" Christian combatants attack with their bayonets, while the real enemy is safely in the shadows. Christians expend their energy against these straw men that are constructed, but they never attack the enemy himself.

This has been done quite often over the last century. There have been Malcolm X straw black men, Gloria Steinem straw feminist women and so on.

You have to wonder why Dr. Kennedy would even try to defend Christianity against homosexuals, who Jesus would probably closely equate to the adulterer who was to be stoned. Christians should not quickly and blindly judge, condemn and throw stones at sinners, but look for ways to forgive the repentant sinner and to insist that the sinner sins no more. The unrepentant sinner is a waste of time and energy.

Still, Jesus relentlessly railed against one group, didn't he?

A more successful approach to transforming the world would have been for Dr. Kennedy to dispense the truth Jesus gave us. Why does he balk at doing so?

In the Coral Ridge Ministries, you can tell that Dr. Kennedy knows the real enemy, the press. I call these the media-Scribes. It is the media-Scribes who have created the homosexual straw man. --the feminist straw woman -- the Nation of Islam straw man.

Dr. Kennedy knows that Jesus constantly battled the media-Scribes, the Pharisees, the Sadducees, and the Herodians. Dr. Kennedy knows that these same elements are in control of all centers of power in this country.

Why then does Dr. Kennedy not proclaim this truth that would indeed transform our world?

The only explanation is that Dr. Kennedy is an Herodian who owes his national exposure and fame to these same media-Scribe forces. He is fighting the straw men who his Pharisee benefactors have put into place for him to fight against. Surely he sees this is all just a staged play? A play put on by the media-Scribes running our MainStream Media.

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