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October 9, 2008

What can you buy with $850 Billion?

Dow tumbles 7%

Now that the Stock Market is settled down and confidence has been regained in knowing that the $700 Billion Calvery is on the way to rescue us, we should ask what all that money could have bought.

Adding $150 Billion of earmarks (which every politician is against) to bribe "principled" "conservative" Republicans into passing the $700 Billion banker's bailout, we are now going to spend $850 Billion dollars. Here is the market cap of some representative American businesses at the end of today.

Instead of throwing money at Wall Street virtual bankers, here is how hard-earned Main Street money is spent.

Main Street Market Caps
----------------------- ---------------
Microsoft 203
AT&T 135
Google 103
Intel 88
Apple 79
Abbott 77
Citigroup 70
McDonalds 59
Texas Instruments 24
Ford 5
J.C. Penney 5
GM 3
Fannie Mae 1
Freddie Mac 1
----------------------- ----


MARKET CAPS (in Billions)

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