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October 2, 2008

Protectionism of Banking Interests

October 2, 2008
Senate passes bailout bill

October 2, 2008
The manufactured crisis

Source: Wall Street Journal
October 3, 2008
Goldman is getting the best of the credit crisis

    "You cannot save capitalism with socialism."
    --Jonathan Hoenig

    Since regulatory approval is required for large companies to buy one another, or merge their operations, how is it that such entities became "too big to fail"?

    Isn't competition to the consumer's benefit? Would not that argue for many smaller producers, competing for the consumer's attention and dollars? Isn't that where new products and lower prices come from?

    So how is it that banks, of all things, became "too big to fail"? Especially when the regulators could have prevented their merger.

    Doesn't it beg the question:

    What good are the regulators?

    --Craige McMillan

Goldman Sachs seems to be the smartest guys in the room today. They put their former CEO Henry Paulson as Treasury Secretary, at a time their competitors are being dismantled. Its biggest competitor in prime mortgages, Bear Stearns, collapsed. A big competitor in investment banking, Merrill Lynch, was sold off. And its biggest competitor in debt underwriting, Lehman Brothers, collapsed. What happens to a companies profits when all its competitors go under???

As for Goldman Sachs, they have been so smart about their shorting and hedging in the mortgage industry, its almost like they had insider trader information. Its like some of their former people now on the New York Stock Exchange were feeding them information back or that their former employees in government were giving them sweetheart deals. Naw!!

But, you know the handwriting is on the wall when Warren Buffet comes in and plucks $5 billion on the investment bank of Goldman Sachs when all the other investment banks are going under. Buffet can sit comfortably with the smartest men in the room. He knows his money is safe with Goldman Sachs.

With Goldman Sachs situated well, the Senate took the advice of 91% of Americans that felt spending $700 billion dollars for anything was outside their price range, and then added an additional $100 billion of pork to make those voters feel much more comfortable in paying it all back.

To help pay for the now $800 billion price tag, they also lowered taxes on the alternative minimum tax.

If all this seems to be reverse logic, then you know you are talking about the U.S. Senate.

Heh guys, how about repealing the Community Reinvestment Act that got us here in the first place? You know, the bill that pressured lenders to not discrimination based on the "credit worthiness" of the borrowers.

How about firing some of the bureaucrats approving all those mergers and acquisitions, creating financial institutions that were "too big to fail"?

For that matter, how about firing the regulators who just a week ago allowed WaMu and Bear Stearns to merge with J.P. Morgan Chase for an even bigger "too big to fail" bank.

Where are those Big-5 accounting firms made so famous with the Enron debacle that were supposed to have been auditing the books? Is Arthur Anderson still around even?

Commerce as a whole

Decades ago, in the eyes of the Jewish media-Scribes, if the textile industry were to be destroyed in America, with outsourcing to foreign countries, that would be a perfectly acceptable loss.

And, an expected loss in the world of commerce at that. For, as the Jewish media-Scribes convinced us then, Congress did not need to take action, because losing the textile industry would free up American ingenuity to be applied toward more productive uses.

And besides, you just can't fight it. Britain thought it could protect its textile industry, but we Americans stole it away from them anyhow.

Same argument went for the steel industry as they were closing steel plants.

Same argument went for the automotive industry as they closing automotive plants.

Same argument went for the food industry as they were closing processing plants to foreign processors.

Same argument went for the electronics industry as they were closing TV and radio manufacturing plants.

Same argument went for the semiconductor IC industry as they were closing fabs.

America finally thought it had found the one niche in world commerce that we knew how to do better than anyone else -- finance -- money lending.

What a shock to find out Americans cannot even handle money.

Actually, what a shock to find out that the benighted Sadducee money-changers on Wall Street cannot handle money! Why, didn't the media-Scribes and Sadducees always tell us that America had the best Sadducee money-changers in the world?

Then REALITY "finally" presented itself to America?

Of all areas of commerce to get assistance from CONgress, this money-changing industry, wholly owned by the Sadducee, would get massive federal bailouts of a magnitude larger than all attempts to save all other American Christian-owned industries combined. This is the same protectionism so demeanded and spat upon by the media-Scribes when talking about Christian-owned industries.

The Jewish media-Scribes are now all besides themselves. Why, if we let finance crash, then the whole EMPTY SHELL America has become would crackup, like Humpty Dumpty falling off a wall. After all, world-wide earnings from the one remaining American industry, Sadducee-controlled Hollywood, cannot possibly keep America afloat all by itself.

And so CONgress has been persuaded by the media-Scribes and the Sadducee money changers on Wall Street to wake up and actually PROTECT an industry, their industry! Do not be fooled that "Your CONgressman did it in your best interests". No, the theme of the media-Scribes is, "'The masses are asses' that vote for CONgressmen and it is their Constitutional duty to vote maturely, by voting against the interests of the Christian taxpayers." ---As if CONgress had nothing to do with breaking the banking system in the first place.

If there were any doubt before about who controls CONgress, that fog of confusion has been lifted forever.

Americans have always wanted a fair playing field for business WITHIN AMERICA, not within the world. But, the Pharisees would not have it; we were to globalize; we were to compete against the best of the best around the world. At least they is what we were told.

But not it appears when addressing the high finance of Goldman Sachs. We jump right in as if a matter of life and death!

Remembering back on the other industries we used to have in America, we actually were the world's best in nearly all corners of the world of commerce, no comparison! We were the best because we had the world's best ingenuity making the world's best machinery and processes. This manufacturing excellence was the ONLY reason our workers commanded outstanding salaries. We outproduced the rest of the world combined and could afford to pay ourselves well.

However, it does not take a Sadducee Alan Greenspan (sic) to tell you that you do not have a ghost of a chance of competing on the world stage when your companies ship those labor saving machinery and cutting edge processes overseas to be manned by overseas workers making less a day than we were making in an hour, all done with one tenth the amount of CONgressional regulations.

To help the smokestack industries leave, just as they were cleaning up their act, we had the media-Scribes promote and highlight the environmentalists.

And we could not replace smokestack electrical generating stations based on coal and natural gas, with ones based upon totally clean nuclear power. Oh no, the media-Scribes in Holly wood would make movies about nuclear accident China Syndromes.

The facts are that American industries were deliberately dismantled and moved overseas. Sadly, our CONgress did not just sit idly by while all of this was happening. No, our CONgress was actually actively assisting in this deconstruction of American textile, steel, heavy industry, and electronics. Our CONgress was funding the technology transfers with IMF and World Bank funds. To add insult to injury, CONgress also allowed foreign students to enter America to attend our universities and allowed technical workers to enter the U.S. to gain experience at our factories. Many of these foreign students and technical workers went back to their countries to start competing companies to the ones who trained them with American seed money given them from the IMF and the World Bank.

Make no mistake, this destruction of America was planned to bring America down. It was designed to not just bring America into the world economy, but to bring America into the world politic. America was to lose not only its industry, with world globalism, but it was also to lose its Constitutional freedoms, as it was brought into the United Nations.

This was all brought about by the Sanhedrin, consisting of Sadducees, Pharisees, media-Scribes and their ever helpful Herodians.

And now, 3/4th of the U.S. Senate is on record as saying that Sadducee money-changers are more important to America than all the Christian men and women who were clothing us, who were providing steel and cars for our transportation needs, who were providing us with our electronics needs, and who were providing us food?

And the U.S. Senate voted in opposition to 91% of American voters?

If there were ever a call to REVOLUTION, I cannot think of a better time than now!
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