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August 12, 2008
The war is over!

I concede defeat!

I witnessed the transformation of my dear beloved company from a company who totally focused on making electronics to one totally focused on the multi-diversity agenda of the Pharisees. It was my major inspiration for writing The Christian Solution.

Where once, politics and religious discussion was not deemed conducive to manufacturing electronics and was strictly forbidden, to where now the politics and religion come directly from the company -- their way or the highway.

Where the company once used to tell women to not dress provocably so that the men could concentrate on their jobs, to where now the company was firing harmless middle-aged white men, for making harmless flirtatious comments to female co-workers in meetings. (The middle aged white man I knew who was fired is currently a nationally elected officer of the Institute of Electronics and Electrical Engineers (IEEE) and one of the smartest guys I have ever known. He was also one of the nicest men you would ever meet. Totally harmless. On the other hand, the female co-worker was no withering violet, she could handle herself quite well and did so by having him fired. She was in fact a shrew. And the most ironic part of it all -- the company is and was more "concerned" that female co-workers are not sexually offended by harmless male co-workers in a meeting, than in actually protecting them from real sexual predators. You see, I made sure that I pointed out the employment of another engineer in my own group who had been convicted in a court of law of aggravated sexual assault against a minor. Totally unrepentant I may add. That engineer is still an employee in good standing with the company.)

Where the company used to create posters announcing, with pride, their introduction of a revolutionary new electronic device that would transform our lives, to where now they were creating pornographic posters announcing, with pride, an event for the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered group. But no posters of course for the majority of Christians who worked there.

Where the company once used to have conference rooms dedicated to coordinating the release of a "world's fastest" or a "world's first" product, to where now the rooms are dedicated Muslim prayer rooms. But no chapels of course for the majority of Christians who worked there.

I tried to point out that the emperor had no cloths, but I was met with nothing but hostility from the management hiding behind their Human Resources department.

The GLBT group know quite well what Muslims do to people like them in the countries Muslims come from and would do so here in America if they had the power, and so they cannot be happy with the importation of many Muslims into our country just so the company could make an extra buck or two.

Likewise, if there is anybody in upper management who believes for a minute that installing Muslim prayer rooms is going to buy off devout Muslims when those Muslims have to pass company-approved GLBT pornographic posters on the way to prayer is certifiably crazy! Upper management would be the first to be held accountable by the Muslims for the promotion of GLBT.

Lastly, where the company used to open sales offices around the world, they now open manufacturing plants and design centers around the world.

As been said about Ford and Toyota; Ford has spent the last 30-years shutting down plants in the U.S. and opening them overseas, because they say they cannot make any money here, yet Ford still posted a loss of $9 billion. On the other hand, Toyota has spent the last 30-years opening up a dozen plants in the U.S. and they had profits of $4 billion making cars in America.

Naturally, my company's P/E ratio is so low that it is overripe for takeover by a non-Christian, non-American foreign buyer as many other American companies have recently been.

You see, I believe that the "legal" immigration of a vast professional class or "high-class" of non-Christians from across the oceans is far more dangerous for America's well-being than the "illegal" or "lower-class" immigration of Christians from south of our border that the Pharisees have so successfully diverted our attention to.

By insuring that the Mexican Catholic immigrants are "illegal", while making sure that the Chinese Confucius, Chinese atheist communists, Indian Hindus and Middle-eastern Muslims are "legal", Americans are successfully drawn away from concern of non-Christians and only worry about the "illegality" of the almost harmless Mexican Catholics entering the United States.

In fact, a few random acts of violence by criminal Mexicans are often fretted over more now by the media-Scribes than the 3,000 dead Americans when our government allowed Muslims to enter our country, study in our flight schools and board our planes, so that they could high-jack those planes and fly them into our skyscrapers.

This 9/11 attack was a far worst act of violence than Pearl Harbor ever was because Pearl Harbor was strictly a military target and did not involve treason!

Japan was a known aggressor who had already waged surprise attacks against the Chinese. The blame for Pearl Harbor can only be placed upon a sleepy U.S. military whose very job was to protect and defend from an enemy attack by another country upon our country. However, 9/11 was a dastardly treasonous deed carried out by "legal" "Muslim" "immigrant" "guests" of our country, carried out against innocent American citizens who never expected to be involved in an attack.

The only answers allowed to be given by the media-Scribes to fix the "illegal" Mexican problem are amnesty, or closed borders after the cows have already escaped; however, the only answers allowed to be given by the media-Scribes to fix the "legal" Muslim problem are for the creation of a totalitarian Department of Homeland Security, but no closed borders and no deportations directed against any Muslims, Hindus or Chinese communist atheists.

(The Pharisees have a long history of doing this sleight of hand. They hid their own vast "upper-class" Jewish immigration from Russia into the U.S. in the thirty-year timespan of 1890 to 1920, by diverting our attention to the much larger immigration of "lower-class" Christians from Southern Europe during the same timespan. The media-Scribes moaned that dirty lower class "Catholic" Christians from Southern Europe was going to overwhelm the clean upper-class "Protestant" Christians from Northern Europe here in America. But that sleigh of hand was not enough. To insure that the heartstrings letting in "non-Christian" Jews were well pulled just in case anyone asked, the very meek Russian Jewish pogroms resulting from dastardly Jewish anarchist and communist attacks in revolt against the Christian Czar, even his assassination, was further contrasted by the media-Scribes against the utterly barbaric genocide by Turkish Muslims against millions of Armenian Christians at the close of WW1. A pretty good sleight of hand to convince Americans that Russian Christians "might" exterminate Russian Jews, in the same way as Turkish Muslims were "actually" exterminating Armenian Christians. The Armenian Christians were all dead by the time the media-Scribes "noticed" what was happening. Hence, we needed to open our doors to millions of Russian Jews before they met the same fate in the hands of "Christians" -- like us.)

After my firing last month for confronting my company on these suicidal issues, I tried to enlist the support of local ministers and pastors to help me take up my battle full time.

I have to inform you that the support was not only non-existent, but even sounded outright hostile. Not a single pastor, priest or minister from the affluent Dallas neighborhoods of Plano, Allen, Frisco, McKinney, Wylie, Murphy, Carrollton and North Dallas wanted anything to do with my message. That hurts!

To top it off, friends and family have not been the least bit supportive either.

My neighbors are not interested. (Even when I tried to soft-sell them Christianity and American Patriotism with the very soft-spoken and optimistic Ron Paul)

My co-workers all thought I was crazy.

God, I can take a hint! You do not want me to do this, do you?

The Pharisees have won.

I concede defeat and submit myself to their will. I am their slave and I fully expect my punishment to continue for my open rebellion against them.

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