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August 10, 2008
Senator Lieberman, "Who exactly do you work for?"

August 7, 2008
Sen. Joe Lieberman: Iran's Activities 'An Act of War'

What constitutes an act of TREASON against the United States?
    "I guess I'd say it affirmatively: A McCain presidency will be good for the state of Israel." -- Joe Lieberman, United States Senator
So there you have it. Joe Lieberman says that a vote for McCain is a vote, not for America, but a vote for Israel.

    "Lieberman drew applause after he announced that former Israeli cabinet minister Natan Sharansky had endorsed McCain." -- Newsmax reporter
So there you have it again. Newsmax is happy to report that -- It is Joe Liebernan who is happy to report that -- we should vote for McCain, not because a prominant American had endorsed McCain, but because a prominant foreigner had endorsed McCain. McCain is the man for Israel.

My question -- "Who in the hell does Senator Lieberman work for?"

Voters in Pennsylvania think he works for them. Pennsylvanians voted him into office to represent their state as their senator. The question is not just "How America benefit with backing Israel unconditionally", but the further question is "How exactly does the state of Pennsylvania benefit, if the country of Israel is benefited?"

I have to add full disclosure because Newsmax did not deem it at all pertinent to their story, but may I point out that Senator Lieberman is Jewish!

And so does this not explain why a Senator working for the state of Pennsylvania, sworn to uphold the Constitution of the United States, obliged to protect and defend America, would instead be supporting a foreign country and promoting American politics based upon the endorsements of a foreign leader?

Lieberman talks of "acts of war", but is his activities in support of another country the very definition of an "act of war" against America? Can we call it treason? You tell me.

And that is just the treason of Jewish Pharisee Senator Lieberman.

Is it not treason for an American free press to not also point out these facts to the Americans they work for? Remember, we are their customers, and so as the theory goes, they work for us, right? Did not Newsmax also contribute to this treason?

Sorry, the media-Scribes are not working for you to bring you truthful information. They are owned and controlled by the Jewish Sadducees and Pharisees who are completely biased toward a foreign country, Israel. They would freely bankrupt "their own country" for this foreign country, Israel. And that is also treasonous in my book.

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