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August 7, 2008
My Challenge to Christian Pastors

Source: World New Daily
August 7, 2008
Pastors: Get on the spiritual battlefield
- Dr. Gregg Frazer, professor of history and political studies

Source: World New Daily
August 2, 2008
Pastors: Get on the battlefield
- Dave Welch, Director of US Pastors Council

    "So they were scattered for lack of a Shepard, and became food for all the wild beasts" Ezekiel 34:5

As God's Spiritual Shepard of His sheep, stop pasturing yourself behind your governmental tax-exempt status! It just makes you look bought and sold!

And stop hiding behind the false theory that Jesus cared nothing about how temporal rulers ruled and never wanted Christians to question the morality of their rule, as if the Prophets never confronted the rulers of Israel for abandoning God's laws or as if God never talked to King David or King Solomon or even Moses, the leaders of the Exodus.

Stop ignoring the fact that God directly confronted the Pharaoh over his treatment of the Israelites.

Stop ignoring that fact that Samson fought against the Philistines and their control over Israel.

Stop ignoring that fact that Jesus celebrated Hanukkah, the Jewish holiday celebrating the Maccabees revolt against the Syrians when they controled Israel.

Stop ignoring the fact that Jesus did not renounce his religious beliefs just to satisfy the ruler Pontius Pilate.

Stop ignoring the fact that Peter, John and Paul also did not stop preaching when ordered to stop by the authorities.

Those excuses have worn thin as your country wilts before your eyes.

Our governmental authority rests with the Constitution, not with a temporary office holder like the current President, Governor or IRS agent. And certainly not office holders who themselves do not respect the authority of the Constitution. Satan is working his evil through these authoritarian Herodian imposters!

Caesar was the government then, but our Constitution is our government today.

From the way I see it, if you do not obey the Constitution, you are in disobedience to God's will to obey lawful authority, for the Constitution and all Constitutional laws derived from it is the sole governmental authority in this country.
  • The Constitution gives you permission to exercise your free speech rights, does it not?
  • The Ten Commandments commands you to tell religious truths, does it not?
Then I do not see why you are censoring yourselves in your own Churches! - While on your own pulpit! - While preaching to the choir no less!

Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Speech are both contained in the exact same Constitutional Amendment -- the very First one proposed, of but a handful of guarantees deemed essential to good governance.

If there were any one person or one group that the Founding Fathers surely intended to have free speech, YOU and YOUR CHURCH would have been on the top of their list. Without your moral guidance for your flock, all other Constitutional guarantees would slowly die of bribes, fraud, greed, blackmail and all other sins of man.

With your freedom of Speech spelled out in the Constitution, our Founders set you up as our "moral" representatives to Congress, ever bit as powerful as our "elected" representatives in Congress, as you are to hold our elected representatives responsible to uphold Christian principles and beliefs and even the Constitution upon which their authority exists.

It is a fact, that Jesus Christ told to the face of Pontius Pilate that Pilate's power was derived from God. However, are we forgetting the full message? That government officials and the people alike were to know that there was a Separation of Church and State. The State was to get what belonged to the State; however, the State was to give to God what was God's. Jesus never backed down from that, did he? Jesus was in front of Pilate exactly for being in violation of the laws of the Pharisees, was he not? Jesus was found guilty and cruxified for violating the laws, was he not? Therefor, Jesus was violating the authority of the State, was he not?

Nero converted to Judaism and made the worship of Christainity a crime, punishable by cruel death. Did God expect Christians such as Peter and Paul to just go home and forget about their religious beliefs just because the civil authority made those beliefs illegal? No! Peter and Paul did not give up their Christianity. They violated the law. They did not follow the civil authority in this matter. Could they refuse to pay taxes? No, for Jesus clearly told his followers to give taxes to Caesar, but he clearly told them to follow Him as well. There is a separation of Church and State here.

Does this not show that the power of the State is not limitless? Do these examples of Christian leadership show that the authority of the State does not extend to the authority of the Church?

As our moral representatives,
  • You must be a beacon of truth to overcome the tidal wave of untruths your flock receives from the media-Scribes.
  • You must remind government to give to God what is God's.
  • You must insist that the family will always belong to God
  • You must insist that the unborn child will always belong to God
  • You must insist that the moral self-defense of family belongs to God
  • You must insist that the defense of non-Christian, rejectors of Christ, in the foreign country, Israel, is not Biblical, is not self-defense, but is a perversion of the New Testament.

These freedoms to perform your moral leadership without hindrance from government are your heritage under the Constitution.

In fact, be honest, have you not given up your Constitutional right to free speech with a bribe from the IRS?

Says the IRS, "If you do not point out the immoral behavior of our bosses, we will not tax you or audit you. Deal?"

How much more freedom have you given up with President Bush's "Faith-based Initiatives" bribe?

I have put up this web site and I am taxed; I am subject to audit. No doubt, I also pay a penalty. Just this week, a fellow employee of my company, who was in a car pool with me, who I didn't even think I had to consider trust in him or not, forwarded my private email to his private email, on to our companies public email, so as to notify my company of my "hate crime" web site and I was fired. It seems that my Christian beliefs threatened his Islamic beliefs and as a consequence, my beliefs threatened the beliefs of the "global" company I worked for.

Let me say on behalf of my company, "He was not fired for exercising his religious beliefs and freedom of speech, he was fired because a Muslim employee felt personally threatened by him. And, he had been warned of this before."

So there, have I not earned a right to preach to you to do the same?

If the entire Southern Baptist Convention cannot stand up to one unelected IRS agent to demand their rights, what hope then is there for little insignificant me?

After exercising your freedom of speech and the IRS threatens to audit you and if the IRS somehow finds that you have earned a "profit" after all your exemptions for charitable contributions and deductions for expenses for building depreciation, utilities, and such, then simply give to Caesar what is Caesar's. But please keep for God, what is God's -- your moral authority and responsibility to guide God's sheep.

A Good Counter Argument

Refering to my dualing sources, Dr. Gregg Frazer, professor of history and political studies has responded to Dave Welch, Director of the US Pastors Council, providing very interesting insights. I have to admit, I was almost swayed toward Dr. Frazer's argument, until I pulled back and said to myself (in Dr. Frazer double-speak),
    "Hold on for Christ's sake, a Republic is not Biblical!"
Dr. Frazer's argument would have me conclude that the only acceptable government is the same King David and King Solomon hierarchy of the Old Testament, or worst, we would be required to bring back the pagan Caesars of Jesus time. If Dr. Frazer is correct, then government power strictly flows - A) from God - B) to the King - C) to the people.

But, our Constitution has governmental power flowing - A) from God - B) to the people - C) to the "King".

If our Constitution is not Biblical, then we would all be forced to burn it. That cannot possibly be the right answer, can it?

The Christian Solution

I will tell you exactly what is not Biblical. -- God's Christian Church being ruled by Pharisees and Sadducees and media-Scribes.

I know for a fact that "Biblically", Jesus was very much against these false evil leaders and that Jesus set the example for "rebelling" against them when he threw out the money lenders from the Temple. The Temple was indeed a religious building and the money lenders were dealing in the coin of Caesar, the authority of the government; therefor, Jesus was very much giving you his authority to Separate His Church from His State from his Pharisee enemies.

And so, following your first IRS audit, as your first free speech action, have your congregation elect Congressional representatives who actually believe in the real principle of the Separation of Church and State, where the State does not tell the Church or Church member citizens how to run its Church, but instead, the Church and the Church's member citizens who vote, use their free speech rights to tell the State how it should run their State. The Churches main business is saving souls, by insuring that they are clean of sins, and the souls who work for government do not have a religious exemption from God. You may preach to them as well.

This is nothing more than a religious checks and balances on good governance -- Exactly as God, through our Founding Fathers, set it up to work.

You will not attack the office of the IRS, established by the 16th Amendment, you will attack the sins of the IRS agent who ignores his responsibilities of morally following the laws set out by our Constitution and our Representatives, all given to us by God.

Then, you ask for the repeal of the 16th Amendment, because you understand personally how important a tax exempt status is for you and your Church, and so, you want this burden lifted from your flock as well. You understand that before 1913, all Americans, pastors and lay people alike, all had tax exempt status, as there was no 16th Amendment. We indeed had more Christian freedom of speech then, than we do today.

  • No longer will private Christians be audited by the federal government
  • No longer will private Christian businesses be audited by the federal government
  • No longer will private Christian Pastors be audited by the federal government
  • No longer will private Christian Churches be audited by the federal government
Of equal importance, you do not follow, but denounce, the false heretical Christian leaders I call Herodians, that the media-Scribes give precious air time to. There can be no greater definition of traitor than men such as these who preach for his fellow Christians in his own country to do -- not do what is morally right for them, for their own country, and for their God, but instead -- to help Israel, a foreign country filled with non-Christians who have rejected Jesus and who by this definition alone, cannot be "God's Chosen People".

Remember, Jesus converted to Christianity. He is not Jewish. In fact, he never was Jewish in the New Testament sense, as he always knew that He was the Messiah. New Testament Jews reject Him and so Jesus could have never been one of them - He never could have called himself a New Testament Jew.

When Jesus returns, will He return to save the Christians who follow Him or to save the non-Christian Jews who reject Him? I think you know the answer!

These heretical Herodian leaders established and promoted by the media-Scribes, are mostly Protestant I may add. I say this, not to anger you, but to strongly force home a hard-hitting point. Many a Protestant denounces the Pope as an abomination impeding Biblical studies. As a Catholic, I am willing to turn the other cheek for I know they are being told by the Jewish media-Scribes to say that in an effort to divide Christians. But also, as a Catholic, let me say that I would follow a Pope to the ends of the Earth, as he was selected by a College of Cardinals, whose knowledge of the Bible surpasses my feeble readings and understandings by orders of magnitude. To top that off, my religious beliefs are that God guides his Church he built upon the rock, Peter, and will not allow the Pope to mislead me as a Christian.

And what is your excuse for being misled?

All the current evangelical leaders such as Rick Warren, James Dobson and in the related article I have attached, Dr. John MacArthur, are all selected and promoted by the non-Christian Jewish media-Scribes. Journalist Joseph Farah who I cite many times trying to help Christians is himself a full-blown Herodian. These Herodians are presented to Christians by the same non-Christian Jewish media-Scribe-owned TV stations during the news hour, that are bringing our children homosexual sit-coms later during prime time. And instead of reading your Bibles and making up your own minds, you listen to these false moral leaders more than Catholics listen to the Pope, the head of their own Church. Tell me it isn't so!!!

Perhaps, in a Protestant's eye, I am not a very good Catholic. The Pope did not tell me to create this web site and for the record, does not support me in any way. (As of this writing, let me point out. I would not reject support from a parish or two to carry on this work of mine.)

One Christian Protestant leader I talked to yesterday gently told me that I have to have grace. Yes I must be on guard against arrogance. I must keep the grace of God within me. But God also commands me to tell the truth. If the Jewish media-Scribes are responsible for the brainwashing of all Americans through an average of 30 hours a week of their television programming, then by pointing this fact out, how can I be accused of un-Christian arrogance, as I am simply following the 10 Commandments requirement prohibiting false witness?

  • It would be a lie to say their Jewish media-Scribe shows mocking devout Christians have no affect on the consciousness of Christian children.

  • It would be a lie to not point out the lies the Jewish media-Scribe news teams put out to Christian adults. For example, saying that Christian Serbs were persecuting Muslim Kosovos, when the exact opposite was the case. Muslim Kosovos were in fact ethnically cleansing Christian Serbs from Kosovo, long before Christian Serbs did anything to stop it. And when the Christian Serbs did finally tried to stop it, the Christian Serbs were the ones demonized by the Jewish media-Scribes as the Nazi Party reincarnated.

  • It would also be a lie to not point out the Jewish media-Scribe Hollywood lies in movies like "Kingdom of Heaven" which artfully denounces Christians Crusaders, God's true Chosen People, as not belonging in Jerusalem, while totally ignoring the fact that Christians had been viciously kicked out by the still-living followers of Mohammad. In fact, it is the Knights Templar (Knights of the Temple) who are shown to be the villains, not the Saracen Muslims who were beheading the innocent Christian pilgrims the Knights Templar were there to protect and defend. In a bout of utter hypocrisy, the same Jewish media-Scribes have nothing but praise for our current Jewish Crusaders, rejectors of Christ, who have also taken Jerusalem from the Muslims by force and still occupy it to this day. The Israeli military is the modern-day Knights Templar protecting their own people from the followers decapitating tendencies of Islam, but are instead held up to praise by the Jewish media-Scribes as heroes.

  • It would be a lie to point out that the net effect and goal of Jewish media-Scribe propaganda is to devastate Christians -- to divide Christians against Christians, Judeo-Christians against Judeo-Muslims, men against women, family member against family member, and on and on.
In truth, I also have to point out that I am afraid too many pastors are reading only the parts they want to read from the Bible.

Take for example "turn the other cheek". Many Christians take this absolutely literally, forgetting that Jesus always talked in parables. In my understanding, this "turn the other cheek" parable is a metaphor to say that I should not blindly strike back in retaliation, but instead, I should try to love my enemy and to understand why this man attacking me is so full of hate and rage against me. Then, if and only if, he finds remorse for his sins, shall I forgive him for offending me.

However, Jesus would say that my son or my neighbor blindly striking out at me in anger without thinking about what they were doing or the consequences of their actions is quite different entirely from men of great knowledge and learning who knowingly commit great sins against all of us.

Hence, Jesus did not hesitate to turn the other cheek so that the money lenders could offend Him a second time. Instead, He immediately threw them out of His Temple with a vengeance.

Jesus did not tell Pontius Pilate that Pilate was free to do whatever he wanted. Instead, Jesus did not hesitate to tell Pontius Pilate that his was only the Kingdom God gave Caesar and that Jesus ruled the Kingdom of Heaven that we all strive for.

Now is not the time to be divided.

Now is the time to throw the IRS money lenders out of our Churches.

Now is the time to throw the Jewish media-Scribes out of our mass media.

Now is the time to throw the Sadducee-bribed elected official out of God's offices.
    "We are calling on every man filling a pulpit, regardless of church size, denomination, ethnicity or geography, to fear God, not men, follow His call, not that of your donors and preach, teach and obey His word, not that of the IRS.

    Choosing governing leaders who fear God, are able men and hate dishonest gain is not a political party platform plank it is a directive from the Most High. It DOES matter, God DOES care and His people WILL be responsible for our voting decisions." -Dave Welch, executive director of the U.S. Pastor Council.

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