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July 26, 2008
Our Real Constitution -- The Bible

Americans are trained from birth by the Jewish media-Scribes to believe that the United States Constitution is the best government ever invented by God or man. For many, many years, this author has also been a true believer, until now.

For years now, the Constitution has not been followed. And so, most concerned citizens have fallen back on the mistaken belief that if the Constitution were only followed, then we would once again have the best government the world has ever known.

Let us face the facts head on -- because the Constitution is being so flagrantly ignored today, PROVES that the Constitution is not the best instrument for governance! A mere two hundred years into our experiment with the Constitution, and it is all unraveling.

Quite a statement I know!

So, what is the best governance ever invented?

Well, the Roman Empire lasted ten times as long as ours has -- Two thousand years!

The Catholic Church Papacy is still going strong at over two thousand years.

However, it is the analysis of the European King and Queen system that we Americans so arrogantly threw off, that we should ponder. The Kings and Queens of our mother country was a thousand years old when we declared it abhorrent. Yet, after only two hundred years, we are already looking in the eye of tyranny -- less than one fifth of the time of England. How did this all happen?

Like teenagers who declare their parent clueless about life, so did America begin. European monarchs were monstrous and dictatorial, while America was innocent, virtuous and enlightened.

But mostly, we had our Constitutional guarantees that made us better than the rest, right? Sorry, this is just more arrogance!

The real Constitution for Christians is the Bible.

King Solomon and King David set the example. The Bible established the Ten Commandments and the Golden Rule, among the most notable. The Kings ruled the temporal world but only by following these strict Biblical rules; whereas, the prophets and priests prepared us for the eternal world.

There was indeed a Separation of Church and State. A King obtained his powers from God and so was expected to rule with Christian benevolence. The fact that we study about evil rulers who did not follow God's law, does not discredit the many leaders like Charlemagne who ruled with benevolence. The fact that we study war does not mean there was never peace in the land.

King Henry VIII wanted an annulment decree from the Catholic Church declaring his marriage null and void. We know that the Catholic Church had the power to say no, because they did say no. King Henry VIII demonized the Pope for this, but still, he had to create his own church to finally get his way. His subjects would never had approved his divorce had the King declared it himself, because marriage was still a church function, not a state function. England turned marriage into a state function, as the Church of England itself became a state function.

Our Founding Fathers knew that the Kings of England had trifled with God's plan and they knew they were right to rebel.

Still, they did not create the Constitution. They created the Confederacy of States, with the Articles of Confederation.

The creators of the Constitution left God completely out of the equation. And rightfully so, as the States were to be empowered with the Godly administration of the temporal world, not the federal government. The federal government was to be subservient to the States through the Senate and to the citizens through the House of Representatives. A fact the states drove home with the First Amendment they insisted upon when signing the Constitution -- that "CONGRESS shall make no law...concerning religion"

In the eyes of the Founders, our Christian God was to be supreme. Unfortunately, they failed to insure that our Christian God would be supreme in our lives, and now we have competing "Constitutions".

Ask any Muslim to tell you who creates the laws for the world and they will tell you that Allah does. To Islam, the Koran is the Constitution for government. Government officials are to implement the laws of the Koran. In fact, they do not recognize our Constitution any more than the early Christians recognized the Pagan rituals of Rome. Oh, they live under our laws, but they would replace our Constitution in a heartbeat.

In our system, the Presidential campaigns have taken up all the air in the room. Not only do we not know the real Presidential candidates behind their media-Scribe handlers, but with all the attention diverted to the Presidential campaign, we don't even know who is running for the Senate seat in our own state at all. Prior to 1913, that decision for Senator was made for us by our state Representatives.

Which brings up the Pope. Why has the Catholic Church not imploded in over two-thousand-years. Well Catholics will tell you it is because Jesus set up the Catholic Church to guide men in righteousness and established Peter as the first Pope.

But look closely at how the Catholic Church is governed and you will find that the Pope is not democratically elected. He is appointed by the election of the college of Cardinals. While there may and probably are bad Cardinals, the overwhelming lot are good moral men and very knowledgeable about the affairs of the Church. When they go to select a new Pope, they have probably read works he has written or had argued against him in religious debates. The Pope-elect is a well known commodity when he is selected by knowledgeable clergymen.

Our President, and Senator, and Representative, and city council-member are all elected by some who have read their work and who do know their true nature, but in reality, they are elected mostly by people who do not have a clue who they are, even if they had been watching the false image of the man that the Jewish media-Scribe had been filling their mind with.

    What is the Christian Solution?
Repeal the 17th Amendment to allow our state representatives to once again appoint state Senators, giving the states the vertical checks and balances they once enjoyed in reigning in the power of the federal government. Are all states moral? No! That would be like asking if all men were moral. But the majority of the states can be if we elect moral men to our state legislatures. I would rather have one or two immoral states that I can move away from, then one over-powering immoral federal government that I cannot move away from.

Then add a Constitutional amendment to have the President and Vice President decided by a "one man - one vote" of the combined House of Representatives and Senate. Electing them by our direct representatives and our indirect state representatives would ensure a much better leader than we seem capable of doing. This would become more akin to England's Prime Minister, who is elected by Parliament.

Both of these suggestions would establish a more Godly leadership in America, modeled upon the proven stability of the Papacy, with the States having a say in the running of the federal government once again as our Founders envisioned.

And may I add, that we cannot expect Congress to take the initiative on any of this. To turn this ship around, we must insist that our States call a Constitutional Convention, possibly throwing out this evolved unworkable Constitution and starting fresh.

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