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July 25, 2008
Indians in "The Land of the Red Man"

Source: World New Daily
August 10, 2008
Hindus demand Christian school eliminate cross emblem

Source: Persecution Update
August 10, 2008
Hindu persecution of Christians in India

It does not take much internet browsing to discover horrendous attacks on Christians in India by Hindus. But this discussion is about Indians in America. So let's not talk about such a far away place.

Long ago, the Constitution of the United States allowed for the American Indian to be ethnically cleansed from the East coast and relocated to a land called Oklahoma. This forced segregation situated them as far from both the east and west coasts of America as the federal government could find.

Last weekend, this editor, originally from Oklahoma and with a trace amount of Cherokee blood in his veins, was traveling from Dallas, Texas through Oklahoma on the way to an aunt's funeral in Branson, Missouri. Upon arriving in Pryor, Oklahoma, exactly half way and far from any metropolitan area, I tried to find a hotel room. What I found there was rather upsetting.

The first hotel on the right upon entering Pryor was a typical 1950's style run-down motel. Upon nearing the motel, one could not help but notice the proudly situated "American owned" sign. No fancy French-owned Motel-6 this was.

Parking and walking up to the front office, affixed to the front door was a bumper sticker sized sign that showed an proudly waving American flag, with "God Bless America" scrolled across it.

Entering into the office, the usual tinkling of the bell attached to the door signalled to the American owner lounging in his "home" behind the front office, that a customer had entered. While waiting for the American owner to come out and rent me a room, I could not help but notice yet another American flag inside the office, also with "God Bless America" emblazoned across it.

The first item that actually had caught my eye was a large 4-foot-high Christian Cross mounted on the wall. Below the Christian Cross was a table and upon that table was an autographed framed portrait of a U.S. NASA astronaut.

(Later, I found the exact same portrait several times on the internet of Lieutenant Colonel Duane Gene "Digger" Carey. Astronaut Carey had never lived in Oklahoma or had any other affiliation with Oklahoma that I could ever see, so he was never a "favored son" of the local community that many local businessmen proudly promote.)

By this time now, I was feeling pretty warm, cozy and comfortable in staying at a place that so revered God and Country. One does not see that much anymore anywhere they travel in America and certainly they are not likely to see this on either the East or West coast.

Actually, I should not have been at all surprised with the "marketing" of religion and patriotism when an old Indian man walked out to serve me.

Caught off guard, my first question to him was an automatic, "Is that your son?" The astronaut was a little bit dark-skinned; although, I believe it really was just a good tan. But you never know.

I guess he was caught off-guard by the question more than I was to see him, because his eyes shifted as he hesitated to come up with an appropriate answer to my question. Finally, after a few moments had passed, he simply told me that "I don't really know who he is, I just got back from India."

Wrong answer for one already buttered up with the religious and political pride he was trying to market to his very religious and patriotic Oklahoman customers.

So I asked him if he were Christian. "No, I'm Hindu", he proudly replied.

"But, why all the Christian trappings. Why the Cross? Why the God Bless America", I asked.

"Oh, We believe!! We believe", he replied.

"Yeah right, you believe a cow is sacred. You worship a frigging' cow, for heavens sake!!!", I was thinking to myself.

So I flat out told his that he was deceptive. He was a liar and I so not do business with liars. Lying is against my Christian religious beliefs. And I walked out.

Stopping at the next run-down hotel, I enter the front office, only to see the exact same portrait of the NASA Astronaut that I saw in the last hotel.

Soon, a younger Indian came to serve me and I had to ask. "Who is that?"

"Oh, he is staying here with us.", was his reply.

"Really!! An America astronaut is staying at this old hotel?"

"Oh, yes", He assured me.

"Well, is he also staying at the hotel a couple of blocks from here, because they have the exact same portrait?", I questioned.

As I left this hotel, I told him that he was a liar and shame on him.

The third hotel was actually a cleaner, newer hotel, but it had none of the false appeals to Oklahoman's sense of patriotism and belief in God. Of course, it was also owned by an "American" Indian from India, but I told him I liked his apparent honesty and I wanted to do business with him. So my family and I stayed the night in his hotel as his guest.

After the funeral, I wanted to check back with the Indians I had confronted to see what they had done with the place while I was gone.

The second younger Indian was now the first one I came to. He still had the NASA astronaut's portrait on prominent display. I asked him again why he did not take it down. He told me that the astronaut really did stay with him. By this time, I had come to realize that the younger Indian was the son of the older Indian. The family had bought one hotel and later had bought the second, placing a family member in each to run it.

Upon entering the second hotel, the NASA portrait had now been removed. But all the God Bless America, all the U.S. flags and the large Christian Cross were still proudly displayed.

Is there a moral of the story here?

Is the moral to ask real American Indians, who had been displaced from their native lands and promised the lands of Oklahoma, to ask them if they wanted "a vote" to decide if their native lands could be opened up to invasion from real Indians from India? The Jewish media-Scribe do tell us that this is a "de-mob-cracy" don't they? So, why can't the mob decide some things of such utter importance on their own?

Or I could moralize that this was not right for the federal government, who had brought them kicking and screaming to Oklahoma almost two-hundred years ago, to again dump on them?

Can the Five Civilized Tribes complain about their land treaties not being honored by the same federal government they had thought they had negotiated in good faith with, when that same federal government fails to uphold their own immigration laws of this country that serve to protect and defend all Americans against invasion?

Do Americans really need non-Christians living in small towns running cheap run-down hotels? Is that our public policy? When did hotel management become a job Americans refuse to do? We are not talking about nurse shortages here. We are not talking about highly-skilled scientists and engineers desperately needed for our shrinking industrial base. We are not talking about back-breaking farm labor, that large agricultural businesses refuses to pay well for, who are themselves being subsidized very well by the feds. What we are talking about are run-of-the-mill, small-company ownership. The American dream! American's cannot even handle that!

But the real concern for me is what are the long term problems facing future generations of our children when their second and third generation of Hindu children begin ostracising our Christian children.

And, if you want to know how being ostracized in your own home feels, just ask the real "Trail of Tears" American Indians.

If anything, one has to wonder why this "public business catering to the public" can get away with open expressions of false Christianity; whereas, real Chrstian businessmen cannot express their heartfelt faith.

There is a reason why America is being Balkanized, with no clear majority to run the country. It is so that a small, but very organized minority can call all the shots. America will no longer be in control of her own destiny, once the Pharisees have allowed enough Confucius Chinese, Hindu Indians and Muslim Arabs to enter our country.

In previous generations, the Pharisees themselves slipped many of their own people into America by manipulating a vast tidal wave of Catholic-Christians into this formerly Protestant-Christian country. America now has almost half the world's population of Jews and we never agreed to the plan. Discounting Israel, we are by far the largest Jewish country in the world. Russia, the second largest, has less that half as many Jews as we do. Did you or your ancestors vote in a politician that was running on this platform? No! Because they didn't even know it was happening. No one noticed the relatively small numbers of non-Christian Jew that also arrived with the mass of Catholics. The Pharisees also know very how to play Catholics against Protestants, with the Protestants worried sick about their fellow Christians coming to America, rather than worrying about the almost unnoticeable amount of non-Christian Jews that had also arrived on our shores in the 1820's. Not ironic, but calculating, it was the Jewish media-Scribes who was raising all the fuss about the Catholic Christian's coming in. Of course, the same Jewish media-Scribes were not sounding any alarms about the influx of non-Christian Jews entering our country. Ironically enough, the 1820's were also the time that the Cherokee Indians were having their lands stolen away from them. The non-Christian media-Scribes were not sounding any alarms here either.

(Note: my book, The Christian Solution, documents how backwoods Jewish peddlers of pots and pans to America's farmhouses, coupled with big city media-Scribes were instrumental in effecting this "silent invasion" and setting the stage for the Civil War a few decades later. Or as the South should say -- The Second American War for Independance -- from the control of the Sadducee.)

Net effect, all Christian sects will become just another minority among minorities.

The Jewish Pharisee and Sadducee Sanhedrin will be the only power everyone agrees to follow. Actually, the Jewish media-Scribes will pretty much tell us what we need to do, as they do already today.

Mission accomplished!

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