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July 10, 2008
Uncle Sap, Protector and Defender of Israel

Source: World New Daily
July 15, 2008
A phony crisis and a real one -- Pat Buchanan

Source: World New Daily
July 10, 2008
No more blank checks for war -- Pat Buchanan

  • Winston Churchill, the leading military commander of England at the time, said that the German Kaiser plotted to take over the world. (The Kaiser was actually a pussy-cat, having never fought a war in his entire 25-year rule and was trying to back out of the blank cheque he had written to Austria over Serbia.). Churchill was in the forefront pulling the United States into "The War to End All Wars". (Now commonly called World War 1, since it did not stop wars at all as the subsequent League of Nations was supposed to ensure.) Being the Lord of the Admiralty before and during WW1, Churchill was responsible for the all-powerful British navy, and so was responsible for loading a non-combatant ship, the Lusitania, with munitions, making sure that the Germans knew of the "not-so-secret" plan. (Germany had placed ads in the New York Times, right next to ads for tickets on the Lusitania, that it was subject to sinking for being a non-combatant ship in violation of international laws for carrying munitions.) Then as the Lusitania was nearing British waters, it was ordered to be deliberately slowed to a crawl in waters well known to be infested with German U-Boats. The sinking of this "human-shield" British ship with American civilians on board was all war-hawk Woodrow Wilson needed for a Declaration of War from Congress so as to help out our desperate British cousins. The result of Churchill's WW1? The World's largest country, Christian Russia, became an atheist communist country; The world's largest empire, Christian Britain, became dead broke; and Christian Germany became so destitute that it would later elect Hitler.
  • Winston Churchill, now the Prime Minister of England, as well as a prime promoter of the world-governing League of Nations, created as a world-wide "peace alliance" to replace the WW1 "war alliances", said that Poland should remain free of Germans. Poland promptly thereafter stuck its' tongue and finger out at Hitler, knowing it had England and France's protection, telling Hitler he could not have any German lands back that Poland had taken from it in WW1, especially Danzig. So, all the "peace-loving" League of Nations nations went to war with each other. Who were the peace-loving League of Nations members going to war with each other? -- the British Empire, Germany, Japan, France, Italy, and the USSR. And in their typical twisted-logic analysis, according to the always reliable and trustworthy Jewish media-Scribes, whose fault was it that the League of Nations was a colossus failure? -- The United States of course; the only country of any significance who was never a part of the League of Nations, nor was involved in the initial fighting of WW2. Yet, America was indeed drawn kicking and screaming into this war after outstanding League of Nations member Japan attacked our Pearl Harbor in an unprovoked attack. Result of Churchill's WW2? -- Christian England lost its entire empire; atheist Russia took half of Christian Germany along with the rest of Christian Eastern Europe; and devoutly Christian Poland certainly being free of Christian Germans, but nevertheless subjugated to a brutal atheist communist Russia. Contrary to Churchill's misguided beliefs, the entire concept of the League of Nations, with its promise of "world peace" had proven itself to be a complete and worthless sham, but as abject failures of government programs are wont to do, it would be resurrected even "bigger and better" after the next World War.
  • Winston Churchill, now Leader of the Opposition Party of England, on March 5, 1946, shouting in our ear while spitting in our face, in Fulton, Missouri, said that "an Iron Curtain has descended across the continent", thus igniting the Cold War. (See Stalin's not too far-off the mark response comparing Hitler to Churchill and by implication, himself.) The truth? Churchill's entire "Iron Curtain" speech from top to bottom was an appeal for America to submit itself to the authority of the League of Nations, Part II -- the so-called United Nations. With the press, Mr. League of Nations loser Churchill, kicked out of office in his own country, was now a reconstituted Mr. U.N. superhero Churchill. Like clockwork, after Churchill's speech, America was now in a Cold War with atheist Eastern Europe. The Result of the Cold War? Potentially Christian China became atheist communist three years later in 1949 (with the atheist communist Chinese then being admitted as a permanent member of the UN Security Council in 1972); America fought the United Nation's Korean War the following year in 1950 (and the atheist communist Chinese who America would later admit to the U.N.) -- and did not win; America fought the Vietnam War in 1970 -- and did not win; and America NEVER fought puny atheist communist Castro 90 miles off our own coast -- and Castro did win.
With friends like this !!!

The Cold War and today's Terrorism War has proven the United Nations to be as an abysmal failure as the League of Nations was.

To the Jewish media-Scribes, there was one good that came out of all of this misery and destruction -- the creation of Israel.

But, that was all just a coincidence, was it not?

And yet, America finds itself ball-and-chained today just as tightly as ever, not to England this time, but to Israel.

What did the people of Israel do to deserve our help other than to be hated by Hitler?

Jewish Zionists fought against the British occupiers of Palestine even as Winston Churchill was fighting Hitler's Panzer units in retreat from Rommel, the Desert Fox's defeats. For instance, they terror-bombed the King David hotel (see The Christian Solution), with many of the hotel guests being British.

Jewish Zionists fought Britain after WW2, even making a movie called Exodus to romanticize their treachery against Christan English, causing further instability in the Middle East.

Jewish Zionists and the Jewish media-Scribes relentlessly accused Christians of horrific crimes for retaking the Holy Lands from the Muslim Invaders in what was called The Crusades, but had a successful Crusade of their own to retake the Christian Holy Lands and are constantly patting themselves on the back for their success in stealing Arab lands.

Jewish Zionists and the Jewish media-scribes relentlessly accuse the Catholic Church of the torture of Muslims (and Jews) for confessions of crimes in the Spanish Inquisition, yet when America decimates enemies of Israel in the Arab world and torture them for confessions in Guantanamo, Christian George Bush is praised.

Jewish media-Scribes relentlessly rub Christian noses in the Jewish Holocaust of 6 million, yet always ignore the previous 40 million Christian Holocaust at the hands of atheist Stalin just before Hitler or the 2 million Christian Holocaust at the hands of Muslim Turkey just before Hitler. All pretty much proving Hitler right about the Pharisees -- They are just looking out for themselves.

America's Jewish media-Scribe monopoly has successfully pursued Americans to believe that Jews of today, who defiantly reject the teachings of Jesus, continue to have the blessings of Jesus, as if the Pharisees of old who condemned Jesus to death, were not of the same mold who condemn Christians to death in gulags and World Wars today.

America's Jewish media-Scribes monopoly has successfully pursued Americans to unquestionably support all of Israel's wars including the up and coming war with Iran.

Jewish Zionists killed our President Kennedy for threatening to shut down its secret nuclear bomb program at its own Dimona nuclear power plant (see The Christian Solution, The truth about Kennedy), defiantly refusing to sign the nuclear non-proliferation treaty, yet threatens Iran, a signer, with war.

Wake up America! The Pharisee-controlled media-Scribes, in league with the Israeli lobbying group AIPAC, are entangling us in alliances that are not at all beneficial to America.

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