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June 23, 2008
A Girl's Right to Choose

Source: Fox
June 23, 2008
Mayor: No Evidence of 'Blood-Oath Bond' to Become Pregnant

Where did we think this was all headed?

Men and Women both have had traditional inherent powers. In the past, men had financial and physical power over women. In return, women had sexual and argumentative powers over men. Of course, both men and women were trained to curve their powers. Men could not buy the sex he desired with his financial strength, nor could he use his physical strength to simple rape the woman he desired. Likewise, in the past, women could not use their sexual favors to lure men to do things for them, nor could women be given verbal authority over "her man".

In our modern topsy-turvey world, the men are hamstrung, even more than in the past, while the women are liberated like never before.

Today, with accusations of date and even wife rape, Megan's laws, and even priests being accused of sexual misdeeds, men have got to be especially careful to not use his physical strength to gain sex. In addition, ordinary women of today are far less prone to be seduced by men's money in exchange for sex, since many of them are working and making more money than the men in their lives are making anyway.

However, women have found they can use their bodies as a tool against men, while at the same time, in many cases, they have been given authority over men and find they can use their superior verbal skills with devastaing results.

Books have been written about this with names like "The War against Boys", documenting these historic changes. While the boys have been emasculated, the girls have been given societal steroids.

Women are expected to be like men in their sexual desires and family relationsips.

According to Politically-Correct Feminist mind-control, a 15-year-old girl was supposed to take her government administered birth control, so she could have all the fun adult men were having without any of the mess. And a mess was not at all possible, but if a mess did happen, government again gave its "Constitutional" authority for the mess to be cleaned up with an abortion.

Moreover, per Texas Child Protective Services (sic) in the Yearning for Zion Fundamentalist Mormon case, a 15-year-old girl could not be expected to have any fun having sex, if she were married to a man, especially, if she had to share the fun with several other women.

But in fact, Texas is always a little behind the times. In California, a 15-year-old girl can have all the fun she wants with any number of other girls, provided there were no men, nor marriage to men involved.

Now, Massachusetts has made the news.

Gloucester had already gone way beyond praising "single mothers" as America's newest heroines. Their high school actually built a day care center for the next generation of cute little tykes, that the previous generation of cute little tykes were currently producing.

Turns out that these misguided 15-year-old girls were more interested in bedding the men, instead of being bedded by the men. Not for the fun of it, but for the side benefits of having a baby to reaffirm their self-esteem. (There's that word again!) It is a nice side-treat that society reaffirms their self-esteem as well with government provided delivery rooms, food stamps, housing assistance, day care support and the pride of being called the lofty title of "heroic single mother".

With my own family of four to support, I the man-servant of woman, work hard to insure that I fulfill my CONSTITUTIONALLY REQUIRED RESPONSIBILITY to help these young 15-year-old girls choose to bring life into this world without any fathers to help them out, or if they choose that alternant route instead, their right to snuff out the life they would be bringing into this world.

I could try to argue the case that a 15-year-old girl living in my home does not have these Constitutional rights, but I know I would be wrong. -- Five Supreme Court Justices trumps Four Supreme Court Justices, 50 state legislatures and 300 million Americans any day. What do we mere "citizens" and "voters" and "state legislatures" and "losing Supreme Court Justices" and especially "men" know about the Constitution?

Still I can't understand why every other generations of Americans had fathers of these young girls who were successfully able to tell the young men calling on their daughters that "If you break it, you darn well bought it!"

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