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June 24, 2008
Was the Holocaust Inevitable?

June 20, 2008
Was the Holocaust Inevitable? - By Pat Buchanan

June 24, 2008
Morality — Trotskyite vs. Christian - By Pat Buchanan

Pat Buchanan, in his new book, “Churchill, Hitler and The Unnecessary War” tells us that:
  • Winston Churchill orchestrated the greatest collapse of Western Civilization since the Fall of Rome and of Constantinople --the total collapse of his own British Empire, the first empire upon which "the sun never set".
  • Winston Churchill's unbending stubbornness was directly responsible for single handedly causing Hitler to implement his suicidal "Final Solution". (Which resulted in Israel of course)
  • Winston Churchill's abject failure as a statesman caused most of Europe to be enslaved by Stalin's atheistic anti-Christian Communism following World War 2.
  • Winston Churchill ordered "crimes against humanity" against German women and children years before Hitler ordered any such command.
Quite startling revelations!

Pat is essentially telling us that if there were no Churchill, there would have been no "Final Solution". Now that alone will have the Jewish media-Scribes calling for a strait jacket to be specially designed and fitted for Pat!

But British Christians may be more interested in knowing that their beloved empire may still be in its fullest glory today had it not been for the disaster of Churchill.

All Eastern European Christians may be more interested to know that they could have been spared 50 years of Stalinist repression had the rants of Churchill been ignored, during both World Wars, ultimately resulting in the Iron Curtain.

And German Christians may be comforted to know that Churchill planned to exterminate German women and children, as the Battle for France started in early 1940, because this will cause a reversal to the old morality that says the horrific premeditated Dresden firebombing in 1945 was justified by the horrific premeditated Holocaust starting in 1942; whereas, the new reality is that the 1942 Holocaust can be justified by the Pharisee's planned usage of Britian to exterminate Germans beginning in 1940.

In a previous article, America Should Choose Better Friends , we were making the point that Stalin was the real threat to Christian civilization, not Hitler. In fact, as pointed out in the article, Hitler was elected by the Christian German people exactly for the sole reason that he was man enough to fight against the Jewish Pharisees, bankrolled by Stalin and his "atheistic" Judeo-Communist thugs, who were creating Judeo-Communist revolutions in German Bavaria and the German capital of Berlin.

Now Pat Buchanan has written a book further exposing the lie all American's have bought into, telling us that America had chosen well when making friends in World War 2. Pat makes excellent points that Winton Churchill was also a character America should not have wholeheartedly supported.

Prior to World War 1, Winston Churchill served as President of the Board of Trade, Home Secretary and First Lord of the Admiralty. When WW1 began, Churchill was still the First Lord of the Admiralty. A highly placed position for one wanting to influence the starting of wars. In America, we learned from our British experience and placed war-making decisions into the hands of civilians. Of course, if those civilians are war-hawks themselves, nothing much is changed.

Hence, Churhill's blood-thirsty, War-Hawk stance on Germany before and during WW1, helped Britain launch a war against a Kaiser who had not fought a war or a battle against anyone in two generations. This is much like our current President who initiates a war with Iraq after Saudi-Arabia attacks us. In this case, Serbia assasinates an Austrian prince, so English sons are marched off to fight Germany's sons.

War Propaganda

In launching a World War against a middle-aged Kaiser who had never gone to war, it is instructive to note the war propaganda put out by each country in the conflict. Tell me which poster would make you proud to fight for your country.

The Winston Churchill led war propaganda of Britain had utterly no symbols of Christianity on England's side, but does have the standard propaganda cheap-shots showing drawings of German Christian soldiers bayoneting innocent babies and German Christian nurses pouring water on the ground when helpless wounded British soldiers are begging for water; both highly unlikely by the average German Christian soldier and average German Christian nurse.

The war propaganda of Germany, on the other hand, had many symbols of Christianity and Christian values. I do not speak German, but several looked to depict a religious Christian Crusade. The most striking was a depiction of Jesus Christ himself standing in front of a Christian Cross, giving his blessings to Christian men as they go off to fight in a terrible war. (No wonder the American Jews responded as they did in the next paragraph, for they hate the Crusades and any reference to them.)

The war propaganda of ultra-liberal Woodrow Wilson's America had no Christian symbols that I can detect, unless you can call the "Men Wanted" poster for the Red Cross to be a reference to Christianity.

I have to admit; America produced way more propaganda than any other country and so I stopped looking for Christian symbols after page 16 of 42 pages. Propaganda is understandable in America because, after all, America is a democracy that is ran by the so-called "free will" of Americans. Therefor, if you want "free willed" Americans to vote for your war, which they did NOT want, then the Jewish media-Scribes have to present them with propaganda in order to convince them they really do want the send their sons off to war. Madison Avenue techniques were hence employed.

And so, on the 16th page, while finding no Christian propaganda related to the war effort other than the indirectly related Red Cross, I stopped looking. But interestingly, I did find several bits of Jewish propaganda (And another here. ) for American Christians to fight German Christians. (All way before Hitler and his anti-Semitism. Ever wonder why Hitler disliked Jews a bit?)

Turns out that the Kaiser was just a big teddy bear

Pat tells us that Prussia gained Schleswig, Holstein, Alsace and Lorraine during one 7-year period between 1864 and 1871. From the time of Napoleon's 1812 adventures to the start of WW1 in 1914, those 102-years, outside the 7-years noted, were all peaceful ones. (Schleswig, Alsace and Lorraine would be given up after WW1)

"But in 1914, the Kaiser had been in power for 25 years, was deep into middle age, but had never fought a war nor seen a battle", says Pat Buchanan.

Yet, Churchill himself was characterizing the Kaiser as an evil man bent on world domination. (Churchill would also become famous for characterizing Hitler in much the same way.) Ironically, it would be Churchill's stances during 2 World Wars which would destroy the centuries-old world domination that Great Britain already enjoyed, leading to anti-Christian communists Stalin and Mao, who would both come to dominate Europe and Asia.

The only conclusion was that it was actually Churchill who was "bruising for a fight" with the upcoming economic powerhouse that Germany was fast becoming, and Churchill was therefor largely responsible for the first World War. (Not to forget the history presented in our book "The Christian Solution" showing the economic interests of Anglo Jews, such as the Sadducee Rothschilds, being severely impacted by this up and coming German Christian economic dominance.

Hitler comes on the World Stage

Pat clearly shows that the West had nothing tangible to fear from Hitler.
  • Hitler never asked for Denmark to return Schleswig, given it after WW1.
  • Hitler never asked for Belgium to return Eupen and Malmedy.
  • Hitler never asked for France to return Alsace and Lorraine.
On the other hand, Hitler did face the East, making demands.
  • Hitler demanded that Czechoslovakia return the German Sudetenland.
  • Hitler demanded that Poland give back the Eastern Prussian lands of Gdansk.
    America committed "crimes against humanity" at Hiroshima and Nagasaki toward the end of the war. Yes, we lost our innoncence. But do not be fooled for a minute that Hitler started it all. Stalin was actively committing "crimes against humanity" by the millions in his own country long before World War 2 started. And then there was England. Churchill also was contemplating "crimes against humanity" long before Hitler was when he advocated EXTERMINATING Germans with airial bombardments of their cities, as demonstrated by this quote"
      After the fall of France, Churchill wrote Lord Beaverbrook, minister of air production: “When I look round to see how we can win the war, I see that there is only one sure path … an absolutely devastating, exterminating attack by very heavy bombers from this country upon the Nazi homeland.” - quote from Pat Buchanan
    With Stalin's show trials, forced famines and Katyn Forest Massacres, with Truman's nuclear devastation of two entire massive cities in Japan and with Churchill's premeditated exterminations and massive fire bombings of German cities, how could these three leaders have the morality to sit in judgement of Hitler and his followers?
  • No one ever sat in judgement of Stalin and his Gulag concentration camps.
  • No one ever sat in judgement of Truman and his first ever use of the atomic bomb on hundreds of thousands of Japanese women and children.
  • And lastly, no one ever sat in judgement of Churchill for taking a regional problem in the Balkans and turning it into two World Wars where tens of millions of innocent men women and children perished.
    Hitler and anti-Semitism

    The biggest lie about Hitler is that he was so anti-Semitic he couldn't think straight. In fact, Hitler was in power for 6-years before WW2 and never engaged in genocide. Also, it is agreed by everyone that he fought at least two years after WW2 started without engaging in genocide. Only after his back was up against the wall with the madman intrangigence of Churchill and his Christian German cities under exterminating bombardment by Churchill, the man responsible for dragging Germany into 2 World Wars, would Hitler feel the need to engage in clearing European lands of Jews and relocating them to the barren lands once thriving with millions of Christian Kulaks, before Stalin deliberately starved most of them to death.

    Hence the "final conclusion" of Pat Buchanan,
      "No war, no Holocaust", no "Final Solution".
    The "final conclusion" of The Christian Solution?
      Turns out that both Stalin and Churchill were bad friends for America to have had.

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