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May 30, 2008
Do YOU Trust YOUR Child with CPS?

Source: Austin-American Statesman
May 28, 2008
Entrepreneur charged with rape of 8-year-old

Source: American Thinker
May 28, 2008
Cycle of Abuse: The FLDS Raid

Source: Salt Lake Tribune
May 30, 2008
Texas Supreme Court says state crossed the line by keeping FLDS kids in custody

Ask yourself if you trust CPS to have your child in their custody for any amount of time without your presence. Then ask if you trust them to have your children for almost two months, as the mothers from the Yearning for Zion Fundamentalist Mormon Church have had to endure.

Oh, you do trust them?

The Child Protective Services is infested with Child Molesters

So, you would trust your lovely young daughter with Billy Dan Carroll? Would it help build your trust to know that he had been thoroughly screened by both state and federal officials, especially looking for any signs of former child molestations or any hints of future child molestations? Would you be comforted to know that he was an official court-appointed advocate for children and worked closely with Child Protective Services (sic)? Would you have faith in a man who had the faith of children's courts, working up to owning a children's court reporting business that spanned three Texas cities?

Many Americans have been told by the media-Scribes that they want Catholic Priests, who take vows of celibacy no less, to be scrutinized by officials of the State. But would our State officials do any better job than the officials of the Catholic faith in rooting out child molestors? At least, I have not heard of priests molesting anyone other than teenagers. Not 3-year-old and 8-year-old children like this CPS official has been accused of! But here is the killer for the media-Scribes plan on State surveilance of our Churchs -- I would also call for the State to interrogate Rabbis with polygraph tests every month just to insure that they are not molesting Bar Mitzva students? (Which they are, but which are conveniently not being reported on by the media-Scribes.)

Only problem is that CPS official Billy Dan Carrol was a wolf sent to protect the young sheep. Of course, this was all a huge surprise to CPS officials for Court-Appointed Special Advocates (CASA; as in HOME, i.e., a safe place for children) in Travis County. Are we expected to trust the judgement of CPS officials? A truly evil man works side-by-side with Texas CPS officials under their very noses for years, he is then accused of molesting up to 20 children, one as young as three, and yet Texas CPS officials and judges working CPS cases were clueless about the extent of his child abuses?

Meanwhile, at the same time, the Texas CPS is dead certain that all the mothers living at the Yearning for Zion Ranch were abusing all of their children, or were planning on abusing them. Abusing so badly in fact, that an emergency condition exists, allowing them to obtain a search warrant to, not just search their homes, but to search the vaginas of all their daughters for evidence of sexual activity, and in the end to seize all 460 children from over a hundred mothers. Now, the CPS and CPS courts are hot on the trail of child molesters -- the kids parents of course! -- Which in the eyes of CPS, are the #1 suspects in all cases of child molestations.

But hold on one second. Both the Court of Appeals and the Texas Supreme Court have now both told the Rick Perry CPS officials that they overstepped their authority. There was no emergency justifying the protection of the children's health or safety, the only excuse for CPS to take children out of homes without a criminal trial and conviction.

Let me translate that to you in legal terms -- CPS broke the law!

The Texas CPS venue shopped until they found one liberal, Christian-hating, family-hating judge to give them a search warrant, giving them the color of law, and then "They willfully broke the Law!"

Texas Governor Rick Perry, as ultimately responsible for the CPS, broke the Law

The Texas legislature wrote laws that forbid the executive branch of government under Bush protege Rick Perry to take children away from mothers and fathers, UNLESS there was an emergency. Hence, RICK PERRY, HAND-APPOINTED SUCESSOR TO PRESIDENT GEORGE BUSH AS GOVENOR OF TEXAS, BROKE THE LAW!

Perhaps Rick Perry and all of CPS were ignorant of the law? Well...No! Only half of CPS are child snatchers, the other half are lawyers, who are supposed to know the law. In fact, they are supposed to know the law very well in this particular area of law -- on what does and does not constitute a child emergency, which is otherwise just a plain ol' "kidnapping!"

And how do we know they knowingly broke the law that our representative in the Texas Legislature wrote? -- Because not only did they go to law school to learn the law, then practiced the law for hundreds of man-years, but both the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court told them so in this particular case, only in much friendlier sounding way than the way I have said it.

Have any of you read the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution"
    Fourth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States
    The RIGHT of the PEOPLE to be SECURE in their PERSON, houses, paper and effects against UNREASONABLE searches and SEIZURES, SHALL NOT be violated, and NO WARRANTS shall issue, but upon PROBABLE cause, SUPPORTED BY OATH OR AFFIRMATION, and PARTICULARLY describing the place to be searched, and the PERSONS or things to be SEIZED.
  • Do these mothers deserve the RIGHT to be SECURE in their PERSON and in the PERSONS they created?
  • Was labelling 100 mothers together for one teenage marriage UNREASONABLE?
  • Were the SEIZURES, without having proven guilt, UNREASONABLE?
  • Did the CPS have an OATH or an AFFIRMATION by anyone, before a court, under penalty of perjury, that would have given PROBABLE CAUSE for the search and seizure?
  • Was the search warrant a "fishing expedition" allowing for all children to be seized, or did it PARTICULARLY describe the place to be searched and PERSON to be seized? -- Like the one man who the press accused of forceable marriage.

Separation of Church and State

Don't get me started! The Fundamentalist Mormons have tried their very best to separate themselves from the State. It is the State who has invaded their domain. It is the State who is questioning their religious beliefs and practices.

The Truth needs to be told

Let's get really truthful here -- The CPS lied about everything AND THE MEDIA-SCRIBES WENT RIGHT ALONG WITH IT.
  • CPS told us a girl was being forced to be married, but they never produced her.
  • CPS told us that the young married girls were under-aged, but most were proven to be adults.
  • CPS told us that they had the YFZ Ranch under surveilance and that they knew of at least 41 of the children who were physically abused, but after being given an additional 12-days, could still provide no proof.
  • CPS told us that the children were forced to lie about who their mother was, but most very young children, being raised with so many women are themselves confused about who their mother is.
  • And CPS lied about the most important part -- That CPS was following and respecting the law.
Anti-Family Hatred

A good friend of mine sums up the anti-human hatred of the Christian family best. -- In the eyes of the media-Scribes:

  1. Two men or two women married to each other, WITH NO KIDS, is their version of HEAVEN!
  2. An unmarried boy and girl together, with birth control and abortions, is fantastic!
  3. An unmarried man and woman together, with birth control and abortions, is almost as good
  4. Having illegals give birth to all the children they want in the US, making them instant citizens, is perfectly OK (sort of anti-intuitive isn't it?)
  5. A married man and woman going on birth control for the first 5-years and again after 2 kids is barely acceptable
  6. A married man and woman with 3 or more kids is totally unacceptable.
  7. A married man and more than one wife with 5 children each is their version of HELL!

In the eyes of CPS, two wrongs make a right

It was wrong of CPS to take the kids and it is wrong of CPS to still keep the kids, but to the media-Scribes, CPS is trying its best to protect these children from their own parents. You just have to love their compassion! (sic)

So, is CPS going to OBEY THE LAW, now that the Texas Supreme Court has ordered them to return the children? -- No Way!!

House Arrest

The CPS have now contacted the children's mothers to return the children, but as politicians are always prone to do, the mothers can only get their kids back IF THEY AGREE TO BE UNDER HOUSE ARREST!

The CPS wants the parents to obtain their permission in every move they make or the mothers cannot have the children. They are not allowed to move out of state or travel more than 60 miles from their home without the permission of CPS. And they have to waive their right to privacy by agreeing to be subject to surprise inspections at any time. The warden is very tough!

How is that respect for the law! The CPS, under the authority of "Christian" President George Bush's hand-picked successor, Rick Perry, is ordered to give the kids back by the Texas Supreme Court, but will only do so under arbitrary terms they have devised for the families, without having had to prove any mother of being guilty of violating any laws! How is that for dictatorial arrogance of the State! How is that for due process of law! How is that for Separation of Church and State!

The Real Agenda

The agenda of the CPS and media-Scribes is not really anti-Polygamy. I may have actually supported a sensible approach to dealing with that problem. But they lost me when they choose a heavy-handed Stalinist illegal approach I cannot support. All we need to see is that their real agenda is anti-life; it is anti-family; it is anti-American; it is anti-Christian.

The real agenda of the media-Scribes, under the control of their Sadducee mafia bosses, is to break America into factions leading to its ultimate destruction.

The Christian Solution is written in my book, available on-line.
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