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May 17, 2008

Bush cries at 60-year Celebration of Jewish Crusade

Source: Fox News
April 14, 2008
Bush Says 60 Years of Israel Is Cause for Optimism

May 14, 2008
Explaining the Relationship Between Grateful Jews and Christian Zionists With a Twilight Zone Story

The media-Scribes have been patting themselves on the back all week for the 60-year-old Crusade of Jews taking control of the Holy Lands from the Muslims.

Our very own "Judeo-Protestant" President even flew over to join in the celebrations of their successful coup 60-years-ago and is said to have cried when thanked for his support of Israel.

Meanwhile, the media-Scribes have the gall to complain about Judeo-Protestant backers of both President Bush and Israel, like John Hagee, whose brainwashed minions are absolutely critical for the very survival of Israel right now.

Judeo-Protestants are compared to aliens from another world who say they are here as friends, but really are here only to "eat them". Wow! Isn't that gratitude for you! Let's bite the hand that feeds us won't we! --No sorry, they are biting our hand!!

As a Catholic, I just wished the media-Scribes would stop rubbing Catholic noses in the fact that the Catholics also took control of the Holy Lands for a few years a thousand-years-ago, same as they are doing today.

Jews are not the only ones who can feel persecuted you know. Christians in the eleventh century were not paranoid fanatics. Muslims really were gunning for them.

Muslims had already taken the Holy Lands shortly after the death of Mohammad. Working clockwise around the Mediterranean, Muslims had captured and forced conversion to Islam on Christians in all of the southern part of the Mediterranean, had taken Spain and had made an attempt to take France until stopped by Charles Martel. Working counter-clockwise around the Mediterranean, Asia-Minor and the entire Persian Empire fell to Muslims, with only Constantinople standing in their way.

The goal of the Islamic Crusades were to destroy Christian states by the sword, establish Islamic states in their stead, and then "tolerate" Christians on onerous terms.

The Koran expresses the anti-Christian outlook of Islam in these words:
    They (the Christians) take their priests and their anchorites to be their lords beside Allah. And [they take as their lords] Christ the son of Mary; yet they were commanded to worship but One God; there is no God but He (9:31)
And how exactly does the Judaic religion differ here? This similarity goes a long way of explaining why Jews like to describe the 800-year occupation of Spain by Muslims as their "Golden Era".

In fact, I make a well founded claim in my book, The Christan Solution that the Jews created Mohammad's religion, as a counter-weight to the Christians controlling the Holy Lands. I, on the other hand, believe that Christianity is the fulfillment of Judaism. The Pharisee love to point out that Jesus too was a Jew. But I retort, "Jesus was the Son of God, prophesied by Isaiah". Why then do the Pharisees continue to deny Christ?

Twenty-four years prior to Mohammad, the Jewish Exilarch (Patriarch in Exile) residing in the Persian empire was successful in wrestling control of the Holy Lands from the Christians, with the Jews already living there enthusiastically joining in the rebellion against Christianity. But this was to last only a few short years as both the Christians and Persians exhausted themselves over the affair. Tasting victory within reach, the Pharisees third army, Mohammad's followers, proved to be the key to destroying already weakened Christian control of the Holy Lands for good.

For the next 800-years, Islam would become the Pharisee's "Big Brother" to fight off the "evil" Christians who worshipped that man Jesus and not the one God. Only the Christian Crusades interfered with this "Golden Era" as an Israeli ambassador to America is quoted as saying.

If that sounds like a reversal to today's situation where Christians are in the role of "Big Brother" protecting the Pharisees from the "evil" Muslims, that is because it is meant to sound that way. That is the way they operate.

The Pharisees know they are weaker in number and have always latched onto bigger stronger societies. The Babylonians, the Persians, the Romans, the Muslims and now the Christians. This is documented in The Four Diasporas; although, Muslims who give this much thought, may insist that I call this The Five Diasporas. They may agree that the Pharisees destroyed their beloved Muslim Caliphate as well.

Having lost all that land to Islam, the Holy Lands were still a bone of contention. Christians loved to make pilgrimages to the Holy Land and many who went there were devout Christians who would never lift a sword in self-defense. They were sitting ducks to radical Muslims. Even before the especially intolerant Seljuk Turks arrived on the scene just prior to the first Crusade, there was a report of 7,000 German Christian pilgrims traveling to the Holy Lands having to defend themselves. Only 2,000 of these devout Christians returned safely home. (Catholic History: from the Catacombs to the Reformation - by Diane Moczar)

Many agree that the Christians had no choice in the matter. The Seljuk Turks were threatening the very survival of Constantinople (It fell anyway in 1453) and sent an urgent plea for help to the Pope. The Pope had to help. These critics only complain of the slaughter of Muslims at the hands of the higher morality Christians.

These Christian Crusaders, half starved and at the limits of their endurance, knew why they were there and why they had to take Jerusalem. It did not help the Muslim cause that:
    "the defenders of Jerusalem engaged in systematic mockery of Christianity. When the Crusaders went in procession around the walls of the city, the Muslims accompanied them along the walls, taunting them and carrying crosses which they defiled and insulted." (Catholic History: from the Catacombs to the Reformation - by Diane Moczar)"
Perhaps, Christian Crusaders would have been appalled that a Protestant country could have slaughtered hundreds of thousands of civilians in Hiroshima and Nagasaki without warning, without immediate provocation, and without any military resistance on their part. After all, these knights were chivalrous.

Perhaps, the Crusaders would have been appalled that a Protestant country could slaughter 50-million of their own Christian babies. Catholics have never approved of such evil.

Perhaps, you are offended by the Christian Crusades because the medi-Scribes told you you were supposed to be offended and you are not offended by abortion and mass-nuclear destruction because the media-Scribes told you there are good reasons for having done so; not having "unwanted" babies in the first case and protecting the lives of many more innocent Japanese civilians in continued firebombings of Japanese cities in the second case.

Perhaps, it is time for all Christians to start thinking for themselves.

The REAL Jewish Crusade

The Jewish Crusade to re-take the Holy Lands does not begin 60-years-ago, in 1948. It begins with the Roman destruction of the Second Temple after the Kitos Wars and the second Diaspora of Jews across the Roman Empire.

The Pharisee re-establish themselves within the first 60-years after the Diaspora. And, then start undermining the Roman Empire from within.

The Pharisees first chance to re-gain control of the Holy Lands occur with the Judeo-Persian conquest of the Holy Lands with the son of the Jewish Exilarch in command of Judeo-Persian troops, over the now severely weakend and now Christian Roman Empire. In this first re-taking, there are well documented cases of thousands of Christians being slaughtered, with extra care being taken to slaughter the Christian priests, nuns and bishops.

Short lived, a second re-taking occurred just 24-years later with Mohammad's Judeo-Muslim hordes overtaking Jerusalem. More blood baths occurred for any Christian who would not reject Jesus Christ.

Worried about Christians regrouping and retaking Jerusalem, the Judeo-Muslims pushed on with their Judeo-Muslim Crusade across the Christian world, backing Christianity up against the wall in Europe where Charles "the Hammer" Martel stopped them in their tracks. Their aim was the complete destruction of Christianity, exactly as they completely destroyed the religion of Zoroaster in the completely conquered Persian Empire.

The Christians did eventually re-group and re-took the Holy Lands in 1099 for a short 100 years, before Suleiman recaptured Jerusalem

Judeo-Muslim Crusades continued with the Vatican itself under siege and Constantinople destroyed in 1453.

The only manly Christians who were able to push back Muslims proved to be the Spanish who had their Reconquesta of Spain in this same time frame.

Still the Judeo-Muslim Crusade pushed ahead and soon Budapest fell with Vienna Austria under siege from Judeo-Muslim armies.

It was the strength of the Spanish that was to prove the downfall of the Judeo-Muslims. The Pharisees jumped off this dying Judeo-Muslim dog and joined with Christians.

It was the Judeo-Christians who were finally able to give the Pharisees complete control of the Holy Lands.

The Jewish Crusade is now complete. --Or is it?

The United Nations who created the state of Israel 60-years-ago, will now become the "Big Brother" of Israel and its protector. Pitting Judeo-Protestants against Catholics against Judeo-Muslims for time eternal.
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