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May 11, 2008

A Catholic Fights Back!

Source: You-Tube
April 11, 2008    (4/11)
Bill Maher's Hate Speech against the Catholic Church

Source: You-Tube
April 19, 2008
Bill Maher's Non-Apology --He takes another stab at the Church

Source: Fox News
April 19, 2008
Bill Maher Refuses To Apologize

Source: The Tampa Tribune
May 8, 2008
Bill Maher Finds Religion

        OH NO HE DIDN'T!!!

                    HE DID NOT SAY THAT !!!

                                      TELL ME IT ISN'T SO!!!
  • "If you have a few hundred followers and you let some of them molest children, they call you a cult leader," he said.

    "If you have a billion, they call you 'pope.'"
I have never heard such hate in all my life.
  • "If the pope was the CEO of a chain of nationwide day care centers, and had helped cover up that thousands of his employees had been caught molesting children, he would be in jail."

The following week Bill Maher, host of Time Warner's "Real Time with Bill Maher" offered "a correction, not an apology" when he said he would never make a "the pope is a Nazi" joke again. Then, he called the entire religion of Catholicism:
  • "a child-abusing religious cult . . . the Bear Stearns of organized pedophilia"
These are "Yelling fire in a theater" words!

These are "Breakdown of civilization" words!

These are "Suicidal to the Constitution" words!

These are "fighting" words!

These are "There is about to be another civil war" words!

In sum, there can be no First Amendment protections here.

This was not just an attack on the Pope, per say; this was calling 65 million Americans cultists, with the Pope as their cultist leader.

Today marks one month, 30 days exactly, and Time Warner has not yet fired Bill Maher!!!

Indeed, Catholics should be alarmed about the abuse

Frankly, Bill Maher and the others get the abuse all wrong. It is bad enough that the Catholic Church has priests who are repeat offenders sinning against under-aged teenage boys. I have defended the right of the Catholic Church to "give a home" to any man or woman who cannot, in all honesty, commit to an honest marriage between "one man and one woman". But a condition of that acceptance is total celibacy. And, like any normal Americans, we demand that our priests be especially celibate toward innocent children. Some of these priests were not celibate, thus violating the sacred trust given to them by God and the Church. We do expect more from our priests.

But the real concern for me as a devout Catholic is,
  1. In giving in to this deviant sin, one can only assume these priests were trolling for even more homosexuals like themselves to enter the priesthood.
  2. By not showing celibacy, they would be signalling to any prospective young man and future priest, homosexual or not, that the Catholic Church condones homosexuality.
  3. By the Catholic authorities not treating sinning priests with the same higher expectations we would expect of a nurse in a nursery to not drop a baby, then the Catholic Church allows the practice to continue.
  4. The net result in the end being that the Catholic Church becoming completely infiltrated by unrepentant sinners.
The Catholic Church really needs to clean their own house, but as that implies, this is ONLY a concern for Catholics to fix. It is certainly NOT a concern for God-hating, media-Scribe sinners like Bill Maher. Their agenda is the agenda of Satan -- the destruction of religion. Their goal is NOT to help, but to seduce the religious to give up their religion.

It is not the job of Government to fix any legitimate Religion

Bill Maher media-Scribe types, with their extreme devotion to religion (sic), believe that it is the job of governments to fix religions, as they have done in:
  • The Siege at Waco of an entire Protestant religious group, just because they had guns. (This was a two-fer: Government violating the first two Constitutional Amendments at once.)
  • The Siege of El Dorado of another entire Protestant religious group because they had children who grew up to marry. (This violated pretty much every one of the Ten Amendments.)
  • The Siege of the entire Catholic Church with bankrupting lawsuits so that the Catholic Church cannot continue any charitable works or educational activities, nor pay on existing Church mortgages, nor build any new churches. (Again, in violation of the First Amendment)

It is not the job of the media_Scribes to fix religion

Bill Maher has stepped over the line.

On 4/11, Bill Maher maliciously and falsely accused the Pope of telling Bishops and Cardinals to remain silent about sexual abuse until after the expiration of the statute of limitations. This is pure anti-Catholic propaganda.

First off, I am not willing to give this dimwit even the benefit of not understanding American Constitutional law. It is not the job of the accused to incriminate themselves. In fact, they are protected, by law, from self-incrimination.

While the "right to remain silent" free speech is not a defense to sin, does Maher give the Catholic Church the same benefit of Constitutional protections that he expects to have for himself in his Constitutionally-protected "free speech" right to say slanderous lies about 65 million Americans in his job as a media-Scribe?

Again, this is not a defense, but I want to know if the rules have changed. Can our government now torture religious members of, say the Jewish religion, to obtain confessions implicating them of committing crimes against the state? A little water-boarding of your local Rabbi perhaps?

Secondly, and in greater defense of the Pope, with Maher having a Catholic father, I am not willing to concede that he exhibits ignorance on a very sacred Roman Catholic principle -- the confidentiality of the confessional.

I promise you that anything the Bishops and Cardinals knew was learned through the confessional. It is the job of religious leaders in the Catholic Church to forgive the truly repentant. If liberal homosexual priests sin and then when caught, slip in and lie in the confessional about their sins just to save their fanny, making his confession look to be made in earnest, then it is not the job of the Bishop to do anything but to forgive one whom he truly believes is repentant.

Priests hearing confessionals are expected to keep the confessional private under pain of torture. Many a priest have died under dictatorships for not revealing what they know. No Catholic would expect a priest or a bishop to run out in the street yelling to all that Jack is sleeping with Jill. And, Time Warner Pit Bull Maher knows that a priest or a bishop will not also go running down to the local police station either.

No -- Bill Maher has knowingly committed blatant slander against the Pope, bishops and all Catholics!

The confessional is a legally and religiously protected priest-layman privilege

The confessional has always been legally regarded with the same confidentiality as attorney-client and doctor-patient privileges.

Doctors need their patients to tell them everything medically so they can heal their patients. No one wants a doctor to tell your gossipy little town that you have syphilis, just because a judge orders a doctor to reveal this private information. This legal principle is not to protect the privacy of an adulterer catching a venereal disease; it is to protect the best interests of medicine for everyone.

Lawyers also cannot be required in a court of law to incriminate their own clients from what he has learned from the client in helping him with his defense. Most of you understand that your defense lawyer becomes a legal part of you that cannot be forced to reveal any information about the case. Again, many of you know this legal principle is to protect, not the guilty, but to protect all of us from being tortured by our own government because our government suspects us of having committed a crime and cannot obtain the necessary information without resorting to torture.

And in like fashion, no one would confess to a priest of having committed the sin of child molestation or any other sin, that also happened to be a crime, if he or she knew that a judge could force a priest to "tell all" from what was learned in a confessional. Again, this is not to protect the guilty, this is to protect the famous "Separation of Church and State" many love to bandy about ONLY when when it suits their agenda of keeping the Church out of anything in our society.

I notice that Time-Warner's pit bull, Bill Maher, never attacks protected American Medical Association speech and never attacks protected Lawyers Association speech. He only attacks the First Amendment "Separation of Church and State" protected religious speech of Catholics. But then, Time Warner Pit Bull Maher only believes in non-religious media-Scribe free speech, and its corollary right to NOT SPEAK.

Time Warner Pit Bull Maher does not believe in Church anyway, so in his eyes, how can there be a "Separation of 'Nothing' and State".

How can Time-Warner's pit bull even follow our Constitution? After all, our Constitution recognizes religion; whereas, he does not.

Yelp, Catholics are in dire need of Time Warner and their pit bull as their spokesmen - NOT.

Time Warner Pharisees attack wrong target

Fact is, Time-Warner, through their pit bull Maher, have completely targeted the wrong authority. If they believe that the Pope should be arrested, if they really want the Pope arrested and thrown in jail for the rest of his life, and the Pope is not thereafter arrested, then who should the Pharisees be targeting the pit bull's "wit" against? Shouldn't the media-Scribe Sadducee's insist that it is the President of the United States who should be arrested for "not doing his job" by arresting the "law-breaking" Pope?

Isn't it the job of the police and prosecutors to bring criminals to justice? Why does Time-Warner's pit bull let them totally off the hook?

As for letting criminals off the hook, isn't it the watch-dog job of the pack of pit bull dogs employed by Time-Warner to insure that we know of every criminal case of child molestation? (This article will address the media-Scribe's hypocrisy in ignoring public school and Rabbi molestations Time Warner never tells you about later.)

Of course, Time-Warner loves to abuse with impunity the 1 billion peaceful Catholics in this world, but after being fired for a political comment on 9/11, where he called Americans cowards, Maher at least seems to be more politically correct now, even while becoming less religiously correct.

Catholics counter-attack the wrong target

Just as Time Warner Cable and their pit bull Bill Maher had the wrong target in his sights, so too in retaliation, do Catholics like Bill Donohue have the wrong target.

Bill Maher is just a lowly "sinning rabbi" in the unholy media-Scribe empire. (Yes his father was a Catholic, but with a Jewish mother, Bill Maher is legally Jewish.)

Time Warner, as the "Rabbi Pope", along with their subsidiary "Bishops", Time Warner Cable and HBO, are the "rabbi forgivers" of the crimes of Bill Maher.

Bill Maher attacks the Bishops, Cardinals and the Pope to whom the sinning priests report. So too should Catholics target the media-Scribes, Pharisees and Sadducees to whom Bill Maher reports.

The real crimes against Catholics and their Pope are being done by the "rabbi forgivers", are they not? The "Pharisees" and "Sadducee's", owners of the unholy media-Scribe empire, who are responsible for putting filthy "rabbi" employees like Bill Maher into a hundred-million American living rooms, are the real target Catholics and Protestants should jointly attack.

Yes, Bill Maher is a known repeat "rabbi sinner" against Christianity and was unrepentant in both his initial 4/11 rant and his so-called apology a week later, but this only makes the Pharisees and Sadducees of the unholy media-Scribe empire known "rabbi forgivers" who are allowing the "rabbi sin" against Christianity to continue.

Their "Pope", Time Warner needs to be given the death penalty; that is, Time Warner needs to be put out of business.

The fact that a month has now passed without the firing of "rabbi sinner" Maher seals their guilt. The real evil, the media-Scribe "rabbi forgivers" in the Board of Directors and CEO position of Time-Warner are the broadcasting Sadducees who continue to push these abusive "rabbis sinners" into our living rooms regardless of how offensive they are to Christians and how many times they have offended.

The media-Scribe "rabbi forgivers" cannot blame the legal authorities for not persecuting their own "rabbi sinners", as the First Amendment protects their continued abuse of their media freedoms. Nope, they cannot let themselves off the hook that easily. The Pharisees and Sadducees media-Scribes have UNLIMITED "free speech" power and authority to say whatever they want to say. And they have consciously made the decision to continue offending Christians, by keeping Bill Maher, their pit bull "rabbi sinner", in our living rooms, tearing into our Christian flesh.


Actually, this is totally liberating. No longer can TIME-WARNER utilize its access to Three Hundred million Americans to declare anyone anti-Semitic, when Time Warner has proven itself so anti-Christian. (Notice I did not say anti-Catholic, for the Pharisees have long ago declared war against all Christians. They just appear to Protestants to be anti-Catholic, as they pit Protestants against Catholics.)

The media-Scribes can't figure out Martin Luther

The media-Scribes called Martin Luther a hero for being anti-Catholic in his day and continue to do so today, yet, he is now being called a villain for being anti-Semitic in his later years. (Of course, by then, he had realized what a fool he had been played by the Pharisees as his beloved Germany lay in ruin from the Christian Civil Wars between Protestants and Catholics, with the Pharisees laughing at the sidelines.)

So Martin Luther is a hero from being anti-Catholic but a villain for being anti-Semitic? Does that prove who runs our media and whose side they are one? -- They are on their own side. anti-Protestant and anti-Catholic, or as I would say, just anti-Christian.

The media-Scribes can't figure out Science

While we are on Martin Luther, and logic that does not add up, isn't it interesting that devout Catholic Copernicus was laying down his principles of a sun-centered solar system, at the exact same time Martin Luther first came on the scene.

Luther denounced the Catholic Church because it allowed Copernicus to propose a theory of the universe where the Earth was not Biblically "firm and unmovable". An Earth revolving around itself and then around the sun would not be "unmovable"; hence un-Biblical, not unlike our religious discussions of Darwin's' evolution vs Biblical Adam and Eve today.

Clearly the media-Scribes of Luther's day convinced many a Catholic that the Catholic Church was committing blasphemy in not strictly adhering to the exact words of the Bible and they left the Catholic Church in troves.

(By the way, yes the media-Scribes of the day were also Pharisees and Sadducees. This is a complicated analysis made in my book, The Christian Solution.)

Strangely, with the Exodus of so many good Catholics, came the Catholic Counter-Reformation with the Catholic Church becoming overly cautious before agreeing to scientific theories that appeared to contradict the Bible.

When Catholic Galileo came along 75 years later, he confirmed many of Catholic Copernicus's findings with his newly invented telescope by showing sunspots as they rotated around the sun and the mini-solar system in the moons of Jupiter. But he could only explain one lunar tide, in a 24-hour day, not the observed two a day; hence, the Catholic Church told him to hold off on his convictions and thus the Catholic Church got an undeserved reputation of being anti-science.
  • Fact is, it was the Catholics who were wrongly labeled as being ignorant about science.
  • Fact is, it was the Protestants who were anti-science, if they perceived anything did not match their "pre-conceived" notion of what was said in the Bible.
  • Fact is, even though the young Protestant rebels of 1517 were flat out wrong about the faith of their parents, grand-parents and great-grand-parents, the Protestant Reformation took hold and spread.
  • Fact is, that the Pharisees and Sadducees were successful in driving a wedge between Christians, that they could thereafter manipulate.
  • Fact is, that the media-Scribes of today know all of this, but continue their Satanic lies.
The media-Scribes have figured out how to protect Israel

The Time-Warner media-Scribes have talked the Evangelical Christians into putting the full muscle of America behind defending Israel because "Jews are God's Chosen People". Only problem is that Old Testament Jew Moses is up in heaven right now as you read this talking to Jesus Christ and agreeing that the only way to heaven is through him. Sort of makes the people who call themselves Jews today into fakes and frauds. The Jews of today who reject Jesus cannot still be God's chosen people.

There is a new covenant and God "chose" Mary to give birth to Jesus and then God, through his son Jesus, "chose" the 12 Apostles to lead his new Christian Church, with Peter as the first among firsts.

Isn't it interesting that evangelical Protestants have been brainwashed into believing that the religion in place before Jesus came is the true religion of God to this day, while the religion that formed after Jesus came, Catholicism, that replaced Judaism, is led by a Pope many of them like to call the anti-Christ. Only Satan could devise such a devious scheme to corrupt men's minds.

Playing the anti-Semite card, by being anti-Catholic

Media-Scribe Time-Warner pit bull Bill Maher accuses the current Catholic Pope of being a Nazi; hence, a defacto anti-Semite.

In the same breath, other media-Scribes have accused Nazi Hitler of being a "Catholic"; again this is clearly anti-Catholic on the part of the media-Scribes as they are well aware that Hitler could not have been a devout Catholic Christian to have done the evils he is accused of doing.

Still other media-Scribes say that the Pope of 1939 could have saved many Jews; therefore, the Pope of 1939 was anti-Semitic.

Poor Jews! According to them, "Everyone loathes them except God". Problem is that Catholics believe that the only way to heaven is through Jesus and since the Jews of the New Testament soundly reject Jesus, then perhaps even God loathes them

Still, facts keep getting in the way of these false accusations.

  • The Holocaust did not happen in Catholic Italy where the Pope lives and has influence.
  • The Holocaust did not happen in Catholic Spain where 10,000 innocent priests and nuns were slaughtered by Judeo-communists fighting Franco in the just-concluded Spanish Civil War.
  • The Holocaust did not happen in Catholic France where the Catholics there promised to fight Hitler if he invaded Catholic Poland.
  • Fact is that the Holocaust happened in Protestant Germany where Lutherans outnumber Catholics.
Are we to believe that anti-Catholic Lutherans who say "the Pope does not speak for me" are all of a sudden going to jump on the Nazi bandwagon just because Hitler said, "Hey, I'm a Roman Catholic, come follow me!" I don't think so. Non-Catholic Lutherans voted Hitler into power and it was certainly not because Hitler was advertising the fact that he had been raised Catholic.

As far as the current Pope is concerned, Ratzinger's past childhood in Germany is well known, being well vetted to the world, and the unanimous vote of confidence by the College of Cardinals to have Ratzinger become the next Pope is all the proof I need to know that this Pope is appointed by God and all the proof I need to know that Time Warner is rabidly anti-Catholic.

One thing seems clear, Time-Warner is not interested in pushing the Protestant angle on the Holocaust. Nope, the Holocaust was not the fault of the German Protestants who voted Hitler into power and then supported him afterwards. Nope, according to the media-Scribes, Protestant Germany was so evil because of an evil Catholic Pope in another country cast an evil spell on them.

This is almost as much of a "conspiracy theory" on the part of the Pharisee media-Scribes as the ones the Lutheran Germans themselves told each other about the Jews being responsible for
  • the horrendous hyper-inflation of the Wiemar Republic as the Wiemar Republic tried to pay back the loans Sadducees made to the government of England to fight WW1 against them, punishing innocent German women and children with death by starvation.
  • the destruction of Germany's industrial base after WW1, so Germany could not compete with the Sadducee British holdings and their new "Roaring 20's" American holdings, again causing German citizens to starve.
  • the imposition of foreign troops after WW1 to harass their citizens and keep them subjugated.
  • the Sadducee-owned media-Scribe presses having no sympathy for the 2 million Armenian Christians slaughtered by Turkish Muslims after WW1.
  • the Sadducee-owned media-Scribe presses having no sympathy for the 40-million Christians that Pharisee-created communist Russia were slaying after WW1 who resisted their "atheist" government. (Marx, Lenin and Trotsky were Jewish, but their communism would require Christians to give up their religion)
  • the stolen German lands given to Poland, France and Checkoslovakia, and lastly.
  • the Judeo-communist inspired "Spartacus Uprising" led by a Jewish immigrant Polish woman that captured their capital Berlin for a while, until Hitler and his Brown Shirt calvary came to their rescue. (Poland sends a subversive who successfully takes the capital of Germany, and communist Russia invades Poland the same day as Hitler invades Poland, but Hitler is the only "bad guy" in all of this.)
The above are all conspiracy ranting. Everyone knows that Hitler was indeed far worst than Attila the Hun was on a good day, and had no reason whatsoever to attack poor defenseless Jews.

Everyone knows that Sadducees and Pharisees would never destroy the industrial base of a country, by causing production to shift overseas.

Public School molestations ignored by media-Scribe Time Warner

Then there are the scandals with sexual abuse in public Schools.

I see Time-Warner covering priest abuse cases brought by a handful of former alter-boys who were not so traumatized as to wait 30-years to bring charges against an even smaller handful of sinning priests. But, there is deaf silence in the massive quantities of abuse cases brought every year against teachers that rival the last 50 years of combined priest abuse. At least the priest scandals were back in the decades past when child molestation was a "psychological problem" that could be "fixed" by a Jewish psychologist; unlike the child abuse of today, which is the worst sin possible.

Why does Bill Maher not call authorities to lock up school principles and the chairmen of the school boards who were supposed to have properly screened teachers for sexual deviants before even hiring them to watch over our kids 6 hours a day, 5 days a week?

Media-Scribe Time Warner is America's WORST Child Molester

Media-Scribe Pit Bulls like Bill Maher are hypocrites calling their religious enemies hypocrites.

The facts are that they do not believe there is anything wrong with homosexuality at all, other than when a Catholic priest partakes. They are counting on you to be so offended that you will either hate Catholics all the more, if you are Protestant. or if you are Catholic, you will drop out of the Catholic Church. Seems to be working!

Of course, the media-Scribe angle is that "regular" homosexuals only engage with other adult homosexuals; whereas, "abnormal" priest homosexuals engage with underage children who are not even homosexual.

Sorry, but this seems to be more of a problem with homosexuals, than a problem with the Catholic religion.

But, a very good point nevertheless, that is, until they let the facts trip them up once again.

The Sadducees and Pharisees of Time-Warner media-Scribe types are constantly pushing, not only homosexuality, but also, child pornography into our faces.
  • Jodie Foster was 12-years-old and playing the part of a prostitute in "Taxi Driver". (She is a celebrated media-Scribe lesbian homosexual by the way. Will the double standards never cease. At least the priests try to hide their scandals, knowing they are sinning.)
  • Brook Shields played an under-aged New Orleans brothel worker in the 1978 movie "Pretty Baby". Before that, she was an under-aged actress taking off all her clothes in "Blue Lagoon" for the perverts to watch at the movies.
  • Dakota Fanning was in a simulated rape scenes are the age of 12-years-old in the movie "Hound-dog"
  • Just hitting the media-Scribe presses, 15-year-old Miley Cyrus of Hannah Montana fame was seduced into removing all her clothes by lesbian homosexual media-Scribe and Jewish media-Scribe Photographer Annie Lieberwitz.
  • AND, let's not forget that not a bit of the x-rated industry is Catholic or Protestant. It is all owned and operated by the Sadducees and Pharisees.
Why has Time Warner pit bull Bill Maher not called for lesbian media-Scribe Annie Lieberwitz to be arrested for homosexual perversion with a minor?

Why has the Pharisee's pit bull not called for the other Pharisees and Sadducees in their own broadcasting community to be arrested for contributing to the delinquency of a minor in the cases of under-aged Jodie Foster, Brook Shields, Dakota Fanning and Miley Cyrus?

When unashamedly broadcast to 300-million Americans, do not the Time Warner conglomerate, owned by wealthy Sadducees, contribute to the delinquency of every American child in America when they push the homosexual lifestyle?

Why is Time Warner not put out of business?

I'll tell you why -- Because Sadducee-owned corporations like Time Warner own and control the cameras that show us which speck is in whose eyes! The media-Scribe producers and directors ALWAYS point the cameras away from THEM. -- That is why.

It is easier for them to attack a group of Protestants living in El Dorado, Texas who call themselves Fundamentalist Mormons, whose main sin does not appear to be abuse of their own daughters, for that is a mere smoke screen. What the media-Scribes believe is the REAL SIN was the Fundamentalist Mormons creating a monastery community, totally isolated and immune from their corrupting anti-Christian propaganda.

If these media-Scribes at Time-Warner and other mega-corporations led by the Sadducees really cared about children, then they would stop exploiting under-aged children to get all the other under-aged children to buy into their perversion!

If these mega media-Scribe corporations really cared about children, they would stop supporting the murder of more than 50 million aborted babies!

All they care about is their own unlimited First Amendment power and influence over all of America, while they get filthy rich doing so.

All of Christianity is a cult

Now, I want to discuss the matter of Time-Warner's pit bull describing the Catholic Church as a cult. This is indeed not surprising as the Pharisees have for two thousand years considered all Christians to be members of a cult.
  • That is why the first Herodian, King Herod tried to kill the baby Jesus is it not
    -- to prevent the start of the Christian "cult".
  • That is why the Pharisees had Pontius Pilate crucify Jesus is it not
    -- to prevent Jesus establishing the Christian "cult".
  • That is why the Pharisees had Nero persecute the Christians is it not
    -- to prevent the pledging Christian "cult" from spreading.
(If you were paying attention, the Jews were never persecuted for their faith by the Romans. Indeed, their temple was destroyed and they were dispersed throughout the Roman Empire in the world's second Diaspora, but that was due to a second open Jewish revolt against Roman Rule.

Christians ALWAYS gave to Caesar what was Caesars. Christians never gave any Caesar any trouble nor did Christians ever give any Caesar any cause to persecute them. The Caesars had to be manipulated and talked into persecuting Christians, as in the example of Nero, who converted to Judaism and severely persecuted Christians.

Sadducee Nero was so cruel that he would dose in tar and light up Christians as torches for his chariot parades.)

Is the Jewish religion a cult?

If the Catholic Religion is a cult, per the spokesman for Time Warner, Bill Maher, then what of the Jewish religion?

  • If cult isolates itself from the rest of society, then Judaism is the world's greatest cult. For two thousand years, Jews have failed to ever assimilate into any Christian society.

  • If a cult has a burning desire to separate itself from the rest of society and live in a "compound" isolated from the rest of society, then the Jews have done so, having created the massive "compound" they call Israel. They arm their military compound with the latest jets from America and they even have weapons of mass destruction, such as, chemical weapons, biological weapons and 300 nuclear bombs. David Koresh should have been so armed, when the rabid anti-Second Amendment and anti-Christian Bill Clinton raided his home.

  • If a cult is characterized by weird behavior then the Jews are indeed a cult. Past history does not count unless you are like the Jews and continue to read and believe in what was done in the past, as in the Jewish strict following of the Torah.

      And so, for weird Torah behavior, Jews continue to worship animal sacrifices, such as spending the time and energy to unearth the palace of Sheba and noting that animal sacrifices were performed there. Now that is weird!

      The cult of the Jews worship the ancient kings of Israel like David and Solomon who all had concubines. The fundamentalist Mormons at least have full pledged wives. The ancient Kings of Israel that the Jews of today worship had women who were half wife / half prostitute, besides having their own regular wife. Now that is immoral, perverted and weird!

      We do not have to go into the past to note weird. What about those beanie caps they all wear. That too is strange and weird!

      What about the continued religious practice of not eating pork in this day and age of well cooked meat. Now that is irrational and weird!

      What about the entire "kosher" thing. Weird!
    Let's face it. The Jews are America's greatest cult. We need to have child protective services go into their homes and drag out every single one of their children, so these children can be raised in a nice Christian home. Or at least raised by the atheistic polygamist Uncle Sam.

    Don't believe that the New Testament Jews are a cult? Read the following report from The Awareness Center .

      A Rabbi is arrested MULTIPLE TIMES for molesting as young as 1st grade

      December 7, 2006
      Rabbi Yehuda Kolko was arrested in New York City following a long-term investigation, police said. He was charged with four counts of sexual abuse, including two felony counts, and endangering the welfare of a child. The alleged victim was in the first grade during the 2002-03 school year.
      May 5, 2006
      Rabbi Yudi Kolko and Yeshiva Torah Temimah were hit with a $20 million civil lawsuit accusing him of molesting two students more than 25 years ago.One of the alleged victims said Rabbi Yehuda Kolko, 60, sexually assaulted him when he was a seventh-grade student.
      September 12, 2007
      Rabbi Yehuda Kolko was re-arrested on new charges for allegedly molesting another boy at at Yeshiva Torah Temimah. Rabbi Kolko's wife was able to raise the bail to $50,000 bond, $25,000 cash within the hour and he was released in time to pray at evening Rosh Hashanah services.
      April 2, 2008
      Another civil suit is filed against Rabbi Yehuda Kolko and Yeshiva Torah Temimah. The latest case involves the alleged sexual abuse of a minor, identified as John Doe No. 6, was enrolled at the school when they were between the ages of 11 and 13.
    OK, that was not necessarily cult activity, that was just one example of many, many cases of Rabbi sexual abuse having occurred over and over again in the last several years that the Sadducee media-Scribes keeps totally hidden from you, while at the same time, they report every allegation, report every suspicion, report every grand jury convening, report every subpoena, report every trial deliberation and report every sentencing of a priest charged with molesting a child 30-years-ago. Vicki Polin gets no coverage of her valiant efforts to root out sexual perverts from the ranks of the Jewish Rabbis happening today. The only sin our media-Scribes can see are the sins of a handful of Catholic priests.

    Hear is the real cult activity that Jews participate in.

    Evidently, the Haredi Sect is too cultist for even a regular Jewish cult member, but not for others. Wonder why?

      Haredi Judaic Cult and Rabbi savagely beats child with hammer

      Rabbi Elior Chen , 29, and his followers are suspected of severely abusing two children, aged 3 and 4, who were savagely and systematically beaten with hammers, knives and other instruments for months until the former lost consciousness in March.

      The 3-year-old suffered permanent brain damage as a result of the systematic and brutal abuse he suffered at the hands of his mother and her companions, according to an indictment filed against his mother and her companion last Sunday in a Jerusalem court.

      He is expected to remain in a vegetative state for the rest of his life.

      The men, who allegedly carried out the abuse with the mother, received instruction from Chen on how to "fix" the children's behavior, and "cleanse" them of their Satanic possession, the indictment says.

      The charge sheet in the case recounts that the mother allegedly forced her children to eat feces, locked them in a suitcase for three days - letting them out only for brief periods of time - repeatedly beat, whipped, and shook them, burned their hands with a lighter and a heater, and gave them freezing showers.

      The abusive mother and 'educators' are also suspected of pouring salt on the burn wounds of the child, stuffing his mouth with a skullcap and sealing his mouth with masking tape, and giving the children alcoholic drinks until they vomited.

      Chen, who served as a spiritual mentor to the abusive mother and who provided explicit written instruction how to abuse the children, fled to Canada to avoid arrest last month after the case came to light, police said. The Jerusalem Post April 11, 2008
    One would hope that beating 3-year-olds and 4-year-olds with a hammer until they are put into a vegetative state would be a pretty indefensible practice.

    But, here is a mainstream Rabbi defending the indefensible. We are told to not judge all Haredi members of such atrocities. We are told to not "politicize" such a tragedy. It would be nice if Catholics got the same kit gloves treatment at the hands of the Time-Warner media-Scribes.

      Another Rabbi asking Jews to "not politicize" the Haredi Judaic Cult

      "The perpetrators in this case need to be brought to justice and feel the full weight of the law. It is, however, mistaken and in horribly bad taste to use this heartbreaking and horrific case, as some have, to attack and stigmatize an entire community of good and decent people, the overwhelming majority of whom manage to bring up their children in an enviable manner." -- Rabbi Levi Brackman, speaking of the Haredi cult sect of Judaism.

    This is a case being talked about in the exact same week Bill Maher could only find evil in the religious faith of Catholicism? This case was a "normal" Jewish Rabbi in Israel, Rabbi Levi Brackman. Rabbi Brackman is defending his own Judaic faith when he continues:

      "The person who inspired and advised this abuse called himself a rabbi (sic -- No, he was indeed a Rabbi). Elior Chen, together with some of his students, is suspected of beating two children aged three and four with hammers and knives and other instruments over many months. The three-year-old finally fell into a coma last month, and is not expected to recover." -- Rabbi Levi Brackman. "Donít politicize child abuse case" dated: 4/13. Published just two days after Bill Maher's 4/11 comments.
    The Pharisees and Sadducee media-Scribe corporation ABC gave Bill Maher a microphone to host the talk show, "Politically Correct". The 9/11 World Trade Center destruction was the excuse needed for the American "big brother" of Israel to invade Afghanistan, Iraq and soon Iran, disabling any real threats to the Jewish cult compound called Israel. For getting in the way of Israel's protection racket, ABC fired Bill Maher.

    The officially politically correct reason for firing Maher would be for declaring 300 million ABC CUSTOMERS to be cowards. For a comment he made on 4/11 unfairly, untruthfully and cruelly demeaning the most important man to Catholics worldwide, the Pope, as well as declaring 65 million Time Warner CUSTOMERS to be cultists, Time Warner's pit bull Bill Maher would hold his job.

    Try to see if you get to keep your job for pointing out that a "woman" is not performing her job, by being out on maternity leave for months at a time every year or so, and thereafter taking off early each day to pick up her baby at day-care, while still taking off several times a month for sick babies.

    See if you get to keep your job for pointing out that the affirmative action hired employee can't handle the work load, is overpaid for the performance and has a serious attitude problem to boot.

    But insist that the Pope be arrested for a crime he did not commit, calling 1 billion Catholics cult members, and you have great job security. Bill Maher evidently has learned his lesson well. He would never call the Jewish religion a cult.

    Americans have got to re-examine the entire concept of the First Amendment protections of free speech. It is no longer working in the best interests of Americans.

    "Freedom" of the Press is no longer working for America's "freedom"

    The Founding Fathers never envisioned electronic broadcasting systems that would be able to reach into every home in America thus reaching every American at once and then hold their attention for hours at a time. The American broadcasting system amounts to a tyranny and monopoly of propaganda in America that the Founding Fathers would have found abhorrent to a free society.

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