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May 8, 2008

Whose your Daddy? -- Could it be Uncle Sam?

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Supreme Court Justice Scalia wondered how polygamy would not be a constitutional right, if homosexuality were declared to be a constitutional right. One can never figure out a government who tries its best to create and then protect homosexual marriage, yet also creates an anti-family strong-arm of the government, whose job, on its face, is to break up families.

Of course, child protective services does not break up all families; it only breaks up politically incorrect families. Up to the point in time of the government engaging in the mass kidnappings of the children of the Fundamentalist Mormons in El Dorado, Texas, the common belief of most Americans was that the only politically incorrect families child protective services would break up were the ones where the family members themselves were fighting, or those rare occasions where a child was actually being hurt.

Now we know their real agenda.

Uncle Sam has transfigured himself into a polygamous mafia don. And the mafia does not like competition.

Rick Perry, the handpicked successor of George Bush as Governor of Texas, is now presiding over this travesty in El Dorado. Rick Perry is loyally implementing Uncle Sam's plan.

Truth is, "Uncle Sam is history's greatest polygamist!"

Uncle Sam has a harem of millions of wives. No Mormon in history has ever come close to having that many.

Uncle Sam provides "food stamps" to feed his many wives and tens of millions of step-children. He houses his wives in his "public housing" or "rent assisted" housing. He treats them all as trophy wives, by lionizing their status as "single mom", when in reality they are well provided for and protected by their rich husband. When they get pregnant, the delivery is also paid for by their husband in "public hospitals". Uncle Sam has promised to remain faithful to his harem until "death due them part" in the form of "Social Security" payments and "Medicaid health payments". Uncle Sam treats his millions of wives to some shopping money when he gives his wives an allowance called "earned income credit".

But Uncle Sam is a jealous man and is constantly looking to increase the size of his harem, thus making Uncle Sam also the world's greatest home wrecker. By making laws like "No-Fault Divorce" and creating "Family Courts" and "Child Protective Services", Uncle Sam has been quite successful in stealing away the wives of many a poor man. These women know a good provider and protector of the home when they see one; they are certainly no fools.

Uncle Sam has his problems though. He is not above allowing and even paying for the abortions of his 12-year-old step-daughters who have found themselves pregnant, by some other man. While Uncle Sam is over 200-years-old, this geezer is not unlike that Austrian guy who impregnated his own under-aged daughter. Uncle Sam has married his own daughters for generations now in multi-generational incest. Uncle Sam has not only committed incest with his daughters, but now with his granddaughters, who are raising his great-granddaughters. The sons of Uncle Sam are thrown in the streets, only rarely to have a wife themselves, until the time greedy Uncle Sam decides he wants his next wife.

The Christian Solution preaches in the wilderness that God intended for there to be one flesh, composed of one man and one woman. Government was to keep as much money and power in the hands of that one man as possible, so that that man could provide for his wife and children. That man would be looked upon by his family and all others as being the one responsible for providing for his own family.

The Christian Solution preaches that, in "the vast majority of cases", there is no one who will love a child better than his own mother and father. And America was founded upon "the vast majority of cases", was it not? This concept most incorrectly call Democracy, was what our Founders called a Republic. America was not founded upon one sick case of a father in some other state, who is not providing the best he could for his own family. We are to pray for that family. We are not however, to imagine that all families are like that. In fact, our country was founded on the moral beliefs that the vast majority of people will do what is right and just, if just given the chance and left alone.

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