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April 24, 2008

Heresy and Government Heresy

Source: Salt Lake Tribune
April 16, 2008
Polygamous mystery: Does allegedly abused teen bride 'Sarah' exist?

Source: Associated Press
April 17, 2008
State judge holding custody hearing for polygamist' kids

Source: The Guardian
April 14, 2008
The lost boys, thrown out of US sect so that older men can marry more wives

Source: Chuck Baldwin editorial
April 18, 2008
There Must Never Be Another Waco!

    Who will speak for the 416 children who have just been kidnapped from their mothers?

    Who will speak for the innocent children who have been abducted, from their own homes, by their own government?

    For a long time now, our society has allowed government to steal children way from fathers through child protective services.

    For a long time now, our society has allowed government to steal wives away from husbands through no-fault divorce.

    For a long time now, our society has bankrolled the financially independent "single-mother" welfare role-model to the tune of $1 trillion dollars.

    For a long time now, it was government who were criminalizing fathers as "dead beat" and fathers as "abusers".

    But, until now, our government stealing children away from their mothers has been strict taboo.

    What more horrendous crime can there be in our society today? We never tolerate a father ever taking his own children, how can we tolerate government separating mother from child?

    Many say that the Fundamentalist Mormons have violated the laws of this country. Yes, mostly likely for a long, long time.

    I may even agree with a Christian who states that Mormons have tacked on a cult Book of Mormon to the teachings of Christ, making them blasphemous toward Christianity.

    I will even vehemently agree that one cannot be forced to marry against their "god-given free will" in this country.

    Furthermore, young children cannot give their consent to underage marriage even if they wanted to.

    Parents have to give consent for things like medical treatment and such. but we have always trusted parents to have the best interest of their own child in mind, even if nowadays, that trust only extends to mothers.

    But let's make one thing perfectly clear, Who has seen any proof whatsoever of the serious allegations the government has accused the Fundamentalist Mormons of doing?

    In actuality, the only one I see violating the laws of this country is the government.

    How does government first get past the First Amendment "Law of the Land" that tells government that government cannot interfere in church matters. Families are 'What God has joined together'. Families are a sacrament and fundamental to a religious life. We cannot raise our children Christian if child protective services takes them away from us. These children were taken exactly because of the religious beliefs of their parents.

    OK, you falsely believe, -- the principle of Separation of Church and State only limits church activity, it never limits government activity. Fine! Have it your way. However....

    What about the "Law of the Land" that requires government to have probable cause on the part of the executive branch, before the judicial branch grants a search and seizure warrant? One anonymous phone call has never been enough proof of probable cause. Otherwise, the entire child protective services will be arresting each other, as I make one phony call after another.

    What about the "Law of the Land" allowing you to face your accuser? No accuser, no one to press charges, no crime. Where exactly is that girl who made the anonymous call, after all?

    What about the "Law of the Land" which states you actually had to break the law to be accused of breaking a law. All 139 of those mothers were not marrying off their children at a young age this last week. Many of the children were still in diapers. And, wasn't it an older man actually accused of violating the law?

    What about the "Law of the Land" that states one is innocent until proven guilty? Not with the IRS and not with child protective services! Since government believes you, the mother, may possibly marry your child to an old man when she turns 13, then government says you, the mother, lose your child forever now at the age of 3. Single mothers are raising future juvenile delinquents, future rapists, future murderers -- can we take their children from them now?

    What about the "Law of the Land" that states there shall be no cruel and unusual punishment? For a simple threat of seeing her daughter getting "unlawfully" married 10-years later, losing a mother's 3-year-old forever, is cruel and unusual punishment. Abortion is not cruel and unusual punishment for other mothers practicing unsafe sex, so my argument may not hold water with the non-Christian sect of America.

    What about the "Law of the Land" that states you shall receive a trial by a jury of your peers? You can actually demand and get a jury trial for a speeding ticket, but to have a jury decide whether you get to keep your own baby, forget it in our totalitarian society!

    What about the "Law of the Land" that states our government officials are to enforce the "Laws of the Land"? If there was a crime committed yesterday, then there were crimes committed 416 babies back when the 139 mothers were being married. Why are their babies being made to suffer now? This sect of Mormons are older than any American alive today. They were founded in 1890. Anyone ever heard of "grandfather clause?" And, by the way, where was our caring government when the 139 mothers were being married at a young age?

    The Governor of Texas, Rick Perry, is a protege of our 'Judeo-Christian' President Bush, and isn't it creepy that a second Christian church in Texas has now been attacked by our government, again in a commando-style invasion of their home?

    In the land of "Remember the Alamo" and "Remember Waco", Texans are sound asleep on this latest Stalinist purge of Christians.
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