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April 12, 2008

Irreconcilable Differences
with Jews

The Christian Solution is dead set against divorce, but perhaps we need to ask ourselves if Christians should divorce themselves from the Assembly of Satan (Revelations 2:9, 3:9) --Should Christians serve legal papers on the Great Sanhedrin?

In an Arab response to Fitna (see Irreconcilable Difference -- with Muslims), all "nut-case" Biblical quotes given are out of the Old Testament, the only part the NT Jews follow. None of the "nut-case" quotes are from the New Testament, the part of particular interest to Christians.

In fact, the very first quote in the Arab response to Fitna should be of particularly strong importance to Christians, because, in the NT Jewish produced movie, One Night with the King, the NT Jewish producers make a significant point about the historic enemies of the Jews -- the Amalekites. Who exactly do the Amalekites represent today in the eyes of the Pharisees?

The Christian Solution abhors the inexcusable treatment of the captured Muslims being photographed while in the hands of American troops. Especially noxious is the obvious relish the photographer takes in the beatings. Not known is whether the sadistic photographer is shameful Christian or a NT Jewish photographer of the media-Scribes.

As for the war-lustful lady, "She may be a lady, but she ain't no Christian!"

What should be inexcusable in the eyes of Christians are the Sanhedrin-controlled, Sadducee-owned, Pharisee-produced and media-Scribe reported mass media brainwashing of Christians that has pushed this global tolerance and equality of intolerance and inequality.

When Muslims were pouring into America and Europe over the last decades, the media-Scribes were deadly silent. "Why?", you should ask yourself.

The same media-Scribes who would report every possible sighting of one Christian white man in hiding from a federal manhunt, accused of bombing baby killing clinics, trying his best to prevent more murders of babies; the same media-Scribes who could never claim ignorance about Muslim teachings of death and rape and mayhem, after reporting every breath taken in Israel, since its founding in 1948; were the exact same media-Scribes who taught Christians to open our doors wide to allow 9/11 terrorists into our country.

Are Christians looked upon as Amalekites in the eyes of the Pharisees?

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