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April 9, 2008

Get off Oprah's back, for God's sake!

Church of Oprah

Christian Idolatry, by Chuck Baldwin April 8, 2008

America idolizes Oprah!

But, does America worship Oprah as an idol?

Strangely, Oprah has become the whipping post for Christian Reactionaries. Why? Sure, she has great influence, as millions of women tune into her show each day. Is Oprah a perfect Christian? No! (Are you?) Is she even a Christian at all? (Perhaps not from this video!)

It may indeed be argued that these women are guilty of worshipping materialism, as they all try to get onto her show for the generous free gifts she is known to give away; however, does anyone seriously think your wives, mothers, daughters and sisters are tuning into Oprah to get a dose of Pagan Sunday School?

Church of Oprah! No way!

Chuck Baldwin does however make a marvelous case for pointing out how misguided Christians are becoming. The Republican "Church" these days commands Christ-like devotion even though it does not follow either the Constitution or Christ. How could a Christian patriot vote for a First-Amendment-hating, Christian-hating McCain, Baldwin would ask. And, he is right to ask.

Demonizing Oprah though will only drive away potential Christians who only see in Oprah a smiling, lovable, caring, but fallable human being who makes them feel better with their day. Chuck Baldin make a good case pointing out the reverse case -- by Christians NOT demonizing President Bush, Christians are giving Christianity a bad name.

For Christians to survive, we must dig deeper to find our demons.

    I know the slander of those who claim to be Jews and are not, but rather are members of the Assembly of Satan -- Revelation 2:9
    Behold, I will make those of the Assembly of Satan who claims to be Jews and are not, but are lying, behold I will make them come and fall prostrate at your feet, and they will realize that I love you -- Revelation 3:9
We must dig deeper than the superficial demons presented to us.

Oprah is only the spokesman for the Mass Broadcasting Sadducees behind the scenes. Ophrah is not even nearly as sinful as the "always above the fray" Jerry Springer or "always in the fray" Howard Stern; both NT Jews themselves. Oprah is presented to us each day on television across the country by their media-Scribes. She is just the very visible tip of a very massive iceberg. She is a Herodian. Is she conscious of that fact? -Probably not! Does it matter? -No! What matters is that her face and her personality is the soft-spoken face of the Assembly of Satan, we call the Great Sanhedrin, used to misguide Christians. And so-called Christians are misdirecting other Christians by attacking Oprah for misguiding Christians.

So, get off Oprah's back, for God's sake, and place the blame for Christian demise squarely where it belongs. -- with the Assembly of Satan. The ones responsible for all the Christian Idolatry. Place the blame squarely on the head of the Sanhedrin, who are the ones responsible for broadcasting Oprah and Springer and Stern into our homes, with our kids.
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