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April 20, 2008 (original March 15, 2008)

Was that Christian Genocide or Muslim Genocide in Kosovo?

Source: Associated Press
March 16, 2008
Pope: Enough with Slaughters in Iraq

Source: Reuters
March 17, 2008
NATO holds line in tense north Kosovo after riots

    "There are indications genocide is unfolding in Kosovo!", said State Department spokesman (and Pharisee) James Rubin.
    "fight for justice over genocide", said U.S. Secretary of Defense, (and Pharisee) William Cohen
    "Kosovo is not war in the traditional sense. Imagine what would happen if we and our allies instead decided just to look the other way as these people were massacred on NATO's doorstep", said President of the United States (and chief Herodian) Bill Clinton

    Gee! Most Christians feel that it is they who are the targets of Genocide at the hands of Muslims. Thanks to the Israeli Lobby for straightening Christians out on this delicate subject! (sic!) Christians would not want to falsely accuse Muslims of hurtful intentions. (sic!)
Sadly, based on a bald-faced pack of lies, the United States bombed Serbian "Christians" to protect Kosovo "Muslims" under our Herodian President Bill Clinton and now, under our Herodian President Bush, America takes the next step of recognizing the Kosovo "Muslims" as independent of Serbian "Christians". All endorsed by an assortment of other American "Pharisees and Herodians".

The Serbs (and Russians) are justifiably upset with our shortsighted statesmanship.

Aside from the obvious knowledge that we are playing with fire messing around in the region that started World War I, what are we trying to achieve here? The protection and recognition of Kosovo Muslims from Serb Christians, by American Christians, serves no sensible rationalization.

    Armenian Christians were not given Independence from Turkey in 1917, even after Muslim Turkey slaughtered over 2 million Armenian Christians.
    Neither Christian Greece nor Christian America today, 25-years-later, recognizes the Muslim northern area of Cyprus as independent, even after Muslim Turkey invaded Cyprus on July 20, 1974, with our acquiescence, to establish Independence of Cypriot Muslims from Christian control.
    President Bush will not even give Muslim Kurds, descendants of New Testament Jews (NT Jew) from the Judeo-Persian Empire days but now practicing the Judeo-Muslim religion, their Independence from Iraq. President Bush has recently even allowed Muslim Turkey to invade Iraq to kill Muslim Kurds.

While you ponder all the Bush pandering to Judeo-Muslims, one has to wonder why we are still propping up a Muslim country five years after its invasion, especially in light of slain Roman Catholic archbishop Paulos Faraj Rahho this week. Can there be any better definition of satanism than such a barbaric act? What was it that Ann Coulter suggested? -- The only sensible thing to do is to convert Judeo-Muslims to a more peaceful religion.

To paraphrase the Bush Administration strategy, "we are fighting them over there, so we don't have to fight them here." Well, that may work better if we stopped letting them come here. How long will it be before America has a Kosovo region or a Cyprus region of our own?

Aside from the treason President Bush is inflicting upon America, who are his enablers and accomplishes? -- They are in fact "the mass media". The propagandists, whom I like to call the media-Scribes, had silent microphones and resting pencils when Iranian Muslim students were allowed to enter United States Universities, by the tens of thousands, at the same time that Turkish Muslims were invading the Greek Island of Cyprus, Israel was engaging in its 1973 war against the Muslims, and Pharisee Kissinger was managing all of America's state of affairs. Why the deathly silence? Why no apocalyptic warnings about the Judeo-Muslims and their butchery? Why no warnings about Sharia Law? Why only condemnations of Protestant Christian mistreatment in Germany and Catholic Christian Crusaders and Inquisitioners?

Perhaps the media-Scribes were actively involved in greasing the skids of Muslims allowed into America, so that America could "feel Israel's pain" and become much more supportive of their cause in the Middle East. Well, we had 9/11 and guess what -- IT WORKED!
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