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March 15, 2008

Obama and McCain -- "Natural-Born citizens"?

Source: CBS
March 12, 2008, 11:22 AM
McCain "Natural Born" Question Going Before Judge

Questions are now being raised about McCain being born in Panama and what implications that forebodes for his meeting the "natural born citizen" requirement of the Constitution in order to be qualified to be President.

Being that McCain was born of United States citizens serving in the military of the United States in the Panama Canal, one would hope such questions are placed for decision in our courts.

The courts most likely will hold that McCain is a "natural born citizen" in the long tradition of the common law which consistently holds that one in the service of his country takes his domicile with him wherever he travels.

Black's Law Dictionary backs up the common law:
    Natural born citizen. Persons who are born within the jurisdiction of a national government, i.e., in its territorial limits, or those born of citizens temporarily residing abroad. - Black's Law Dictionary, Sixth Edition.

Surely, McCain was born of United States citizens temporarily residing abroad, even of parents serving the United States government.

The larger question is not if Obama is a U.S. "Citizen", but whether or not B. Hussein Obama is a "natural born citizen" in the meaning of the legal definition as a "person born within the jurisdiction of a national government", since his father was not a citizen of the United States. Perhaps the 14th Amendment settled these issues. Perhaps not. The legal definition of "natural born citizen" encompasses the nationality of one's parents as well as the jurisdiction the government has over non-citizens. In regards to the pre-existing "natural born citizen" as written for eligibility for President as written in the Constitution, the 14th Amendment may not be applicable here. In other words, Osama is a common "citizen" in regards to the 14th Amendment, but is he a "natural born citizen" in regards to eligibility for the Presidency?

In a read of the Constitution, the Supreme Court has long held that the Founding Father's intent is the guide to interpreting the Constitution. It does not take long to conjure up an example as a test of the Founder's intent.

First off, let's all agree that the Founder's intent was not to disqualify any citizen who was born of Cesarean Section, since they were not born of a "natural" birth. One may laugh at such "literal" interpretations and say that no one would argue such a silly interpretation. And, in fact, the law has never been based strictly on the literal "letter of the law"; however much some of us would like the law settled closer to that standard.

In our thought experiment, let us examine a child 1) "born in the United States" of 2) "United States citizens" and 3) "raised in the United States". Politics aside, there would be no arguments from anyone that this person would be perfectly qualified to be President of the United States, so long as he or she was over the age of 35.

Yet what of this opposite example? Another child was "born in the United States of America", but the mother and father were both illegal aliens, having just arrived in the United States the day before the birth of their child. Furthermore, the parents decide to leave America the very next day after the child was born. For the next 70-years, this child
    - is taught only the non-English language of his parents,
    - goes only to schools in the foreign country of his parents,
    - goes to college in that country,
    - serves in that country's military,
    - marries a woman from that country,
    - has children and raises them in that country,
    - works his entire life in that country,
    - pays taxes only for that country,
    - only has friends and relatives in that country, and
    - finally retires in that country
Now, suppose that this 70-year-old man arrives back in America the day before the filing deadline for application for President of the United States. Will the Supreme Court rule that he meets "the intent" of the Founding Fathers, by saying that one only has to be in this country for the first second of his life in order to qualify to be the leader of 300-million American citizens? Or, will the Supreme Court rule that "natural-born citizen" requires one to be born, "and raised" in the United States, "of United States citizen parents", since that is the strongest test of a dedication and loyalty toward the nation of the United States?

Hopefully, a sensible Supreme Court would favor the latter argument rather than the former argument.

If so, then Barack Hussein Obama has serious defects in qualifying to run as President of the United States. While Osama was "born in the United States" in accordance with the 14th Amendment and is nevertheless a "citizen of the United States", he was not born of a United States citizen father. Furthermore, he was not raised in the United States. For several of his formative years, Osama was attending school surrounded by Muslim peers and following the dictates of Muslim teachers in the foreign Muslim country of Indonesia. A country much more hostile toward the United States than is France today, I may add. Does this background make "citizen" Osama into "natural born citizen" Obama, thus meeting the stringent requirements for the office of the Presidency?

After Don Imus made a statement about "nappy headed hos", Obama said "There’s nobody on my staff who would still be working for me if they made a comment like that about anybody of any ethnic group". However, when referencing Obama's personal minister of 20-years, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, who was saying things like, "the government caused HIV to kill blacks, has cast our country as institutionally racist, and has said God (should) damn America", Osama is much more forgiving on his side of the fence.

Actually Osama's Reverend Wright is mostly anti-Christian, while at all times calling himself a Christian. Instead of living in abject poverty as many blacks were in those days, Reverend Wright was privledged. He had the opportunity to attend the racially mixed Germantown High School at 40 E. High Street, in the neighborhood of Germantown in Philadelphia. That is, he could have attended school with a mix of blacks and white Lutheran Christians. Instead, he chose to attend the elite Central High School at 1700 W. Olney Ave, graduating in 1959. Central High School was 75% NT Jewish and by all accounts, the Reverend Wright was happy as a lark surrounded by NT Jews. It is only when he talks about 'white' Christians that his venom shows.

Before that, Osama's wife is proud of America for the first time in her life. "Behind every successful man is an American-hating wife" is not the phrase we were looking for. With questions being raised about the patriotism of Barack Obama's wife and close personal minister, questions will also need to be raised about Osama' own patriotism toward the United States, having lived outside the United States, under a foreign father and a foreign fatherland.

While it is B. Hussein Obama who should be scrutinized as the real Manchurian Candidate, the media-Scribes of our country will be sure to only focus all of their questions on the child of US military parents. This is preposterous! Even though McCain trashes the Constitution, especially the First and Second Amendments, he is indeed a "natural born citizen" in accordance with the Constitution.

This is an evil diversionary tactic by evil media-Scribes, insured to take attention off Osama during the campaign season.

Which begs the question:
By solely focusing on McCain's qualifications and not that of Obama's disqualifications to become President, can it not be conclusively proven in a court of law, that it is the media-Scribes who do NOT have a concern for the safety and security of the United States, in this post 9/11 world?
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